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"Emotions are instinctual in nature, whereas feelings are an intuitive/response of nature. Feelings are like an integrative field of light whereas emotions are a specific energy force."

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Lumalight Color and Geometry Light Sets

Lumalight Color & Geometry Systems
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Lumalight Chromatic™ light sets
Precision illuminators, ergonomic design, Canadian made
Superior finish for use in specialty practices
40 crystalline color and pattern filters
24 geometry insert amplifiers
Incandescent light source for purity of color
Durable red oak carrying cases
Energetically Correct: A Journey into Color Harmonics DVDs
Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorwork
s book
Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life book set
Color Therapy for Animals handbook
Laminated color and geometry reference chart
Professional customer support and updates

OPTION: Lumalight Certificate Courses Worldwide

NEW: Lumalight Color & Geometry Reference Charts

Lumalight Color and Geometry System Options

Vibration and Thought Blueprints of Life set

Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life
Sacred Geometry Explorations


Spectrahue Youtube Spectrahue Twitter Spectrahue Facebook Spectrahue Linkedin Spectrahue Offical Blog

Spectrahue Color Harmonics Education Books by Julianne Bien
Available in Paperback Online. E books on Amazon, Kobo - Worldwide

Color Harmonics Educational Book for Color Therapists


Color Awakening the Child Within Fantasy Novel of Creation


Color Therapy for Animals Practical Applications for Everyone


Maximojo and the Wand of Light


Lumalight and Essential Oils

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