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Julianne Bien, Highlights

Natural Awakenings Magazine
Beauty, Wellness and Color Therapy
- Northern Virginia

Washington, DC, December 2014

Natural Awakenings Magazine
Color Light Acupuncture
Sarasota, FL, September 2014

Vitality Magazine
Healthy Product News:
Colour Light Illuminates My Inner World
Toronto, Canada, May 2014

Natural Awakenings Magazine
Color Light Illuminates My Inner World
Miami, FL, April 2014

Massage Magazine
Color Light Therapy Overview
United States, July 2013

Natural Awakenings Magazine LV
The Light of Touch: Every Color for Everybody
Las Vegas, NV, June 2013

Animal Wellness Magazine
Seeing the Light - Feature Article
Canada/United States, April 2013

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine
Spa Beauty Spectrum - Feature Article
United States, March 2013

Common Ground Magazine
Cast the Grey Away with a Sweep of Color
San Francisco, CA, Holiday Issue 2013

Spa Canada Magazine
The Winter Looks Brighter with Colour light Therapeutics
Montreal, Quebec, November/ December 2012

Natural Awakenings Magazine
Birmingham, Alabama, December 2012

New Life Magazine
Awaken Tomorrow Today in Living Color
Manhattan, New York, December 2012

Candice Batista on Pet Central with Julianne Bien
Color Therapy for Animals and Maxi the Bichon
The Pet network TV, Canada, October 2010

The Dr. Pat Show with Julianne Bien
The Ocean of Light and Limitless Possibilities
Seattle, Washington, Coast-to-Coast, MP3 Audio 1 hr, Sept 2010

The Dr. Pat Show with Julianne Bien
Enhance your Pet's Well Being & Elevate Consciousness with Color
Seattle, Washington, Coast-to-Coast, MP3 Audio 1 hr, August 2010

The Whole Dog Journal
Color us Well
CJ Poutinen, Review, Norwalk, CT,
February 2008

Holistic Discoveries
Our Body Listens to the Whisper of Color
Julianne Bien, Article, Columbus, OH
February 2008

National Post

The Grey Parade - Take the saddest time of the year - and run with it!
Vanessa Farquharson, Toronto, Canada
March 2007

Whole Living Journal
Color: A full spectrum approach to wellness and beauty

Julianne Bien, feature article, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2007

The Globe & Mail Newspaper
Feeling Blue? Try the Orange Light
Cecily Ross, Style Section, Toronto, Canada, January 2007

The Varsity Newspaper - University of Toronto
Let Loose the Light!
Susan Bustos , Toronto, Canada, Winter 2006

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Trade Publication
Colour Light Esthetics
– a non invasive approach to beauty & wellness
Julianne Bien, Quebec, Canada, Winter 2005

The Forum, AOM Alliance Quarterly
Acupuncture with Beams of Light: A Gentle approach to Wellness
Julianne Bien, Washington, Winter 2004/5

Acupuncture Today: Trade Publication
Color Light Therapy and Acupuncture
Julianne Bien, California, October 2003

Dynamic Chiropractic: Trade Publication
Color Therapy and Chiropractic
Julianne Bien, California, September 2003

The Toronto Star:
'Psyched on Color - interview', Toronto, Canada, 2003

Canadian Health & Fitness Magazine
Feature article, Vancouver, Canada, June 2002

Progressive Choices Magazine
Profile: Julianne Bien, Atlantic Canada, May 2003

Canada Export Publication:
Going Global, World Markets for Women Entrepreneurs
Julianne Bien, worldwide, 2002

Eye for the Future Magazine
A Beam of Hope
Julianne Bien, Toronto, Canada, March 2002

Skin Inc, Esthetics Magazine
The Inner Rainbow feature article
Julianne Bien, California, December 2001

Spa Management Magazine
The quest for the Ideal Beauty and Wellness Tool
Julianne Bien, Canada, October 2001

Dermascope Magazine
The Power of Light feature article
Julianne Bien, Texas, April 2001

Canadian Journal of Iridology
The Power of Light: Color Light Therapy
Julianne Bien, Toronto, Canada, 2001

Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine:
Feature article, Ontario, Canada, September 2001

Consumer Health Newsletter
'Color Light Applications in Treatments of Migraines and Bronchitis' Toronto, Canada, February 2001

Awareness Magazine
Color Dream Therapy
Julianne Bien, California, January 2000

The Toronto Star
'The colors of your Dreams' feature article
Julianne Bien, September 1999


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