Color Light and Acupuncture

chromotherapy-faceIn the pursuit of wellness programs designed for achieving better long-term outcomes, the pairing of acupuncture and color light therapy is offering significant benefits by a trained professional.

These two modalities that trace their origins to ancient Chinese and Greek healers, complement each other so much that it is often called color light acupuncture.

Perfecting harmony

Color light therapy, as an energy-based modality is slowly being embraced into mainstream thinking as a holistic approach to lifestyles and wellness regimes, just as acupuncture “crossed over” from traditional Chinese medicine over a generation ago. Imagine each color is a frequency of light, and each has a unique energy vibration pattern that can be applied for different uses.

For example, think of blue as a cooling color; its an evening shade.  A trained therapist would apply cool colors to reduce inflammation and warm colors to encourage flow in the meridians, such as shades of red, orange and yellow; day colors.

A generation ago, Dr Valerie Hunt of UCLA demonstrated how the body’s energetic emissions display chaotic changes before pathological conditions develop in the tissue. This led to the main postulate of color light therapy: Ailments begin as energetic imbalances, which, if detected in time, can be dispersed using external, non-invasive color light energy treatments.

Light journey wellness

lumalight color healing experience session

Today, the use of color light as an energy based modality is proving beneficial for jetlag and mood disorders. Color therapy is being explored for its potential to help people with non-seasonal depression, insomnia and difficulties adapting to shift work.

And this is just scratching the surface of what we are likely to learn through color energy work as its usage becomes more widespread and the science behind it better understood.

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