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On the Verge with Violet

Like a whispered secret, violet is on the verge of two worlds. Between the deep blue indigo of the visible spectrum and the invisible-to-humans ultraviolet, it’s rarely seen in nature. From the deepest purples to the softest lavenders and mauves, the violet ray invokes appreciation for earth’s unconventional surprises. Striking and exotic, it also hints…

color green meaning - spectrahue

The Transformative Magic of Green

A verdant sprout emerges through thawing earth and nature’s magic show begins. Spring’s surprises lift our spirits and fill us with optimism. The word green originates from ones that meant grass, grow, or spring. Green is transformation: fertility, life, freshness, youth, rebirth, renewal, and immortality. Osiris, the Egyptian god of rebirth and regeneration was depicted…


Color Light Rejuvenation

The moonlit midnight skies fade away when the sun rises on the horizon and our world becomes drenched in color! The beauty of nature radiates in rich colorful hues that stimulate our senses and peaks our curiosity. Throughout the ages, scientists and scholars have studied the psychological effects and therapeutic aspects of color and light…

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