Autumn Brings Beauty

Everything around us is beautifully brought into awareness by our planetary’s lighting system. Sunlight is much more than just an aide for visual perception; studies have shown that these illuminating particles are an essential ingredient to a healthy metabolism in all of us.

Natural light therapy

Lumalight colour therapy for horsesWe are naturally influenced by color in our lives and need to be nourished by it in all ways, such “a breath of fresh air,” and fruits and vegetables are packed full of energy from every color under the sun.

Color light therapies have many benefits, and have evolved throughout history as a proven approach to wellness and beauty. The ancient Egyptians used light and prisms to heal people. Heliotherapy, the act of curing sickness by sun exposure, was born in ancient Greece. Color light therapy helps to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Within all living organisms, information is communicated through broadcasts of faint light energy. All of us emit these broadcasts beneath our skin, which help maintain our natural and active state of rhythm.

Modern use for people and animals

Today, color light applications combine with acupuncture continues to help the healing process. In the past half century, color light therapy, like acupuncture, has “crossed over” from the ancient natural arts to be embraced by more and more conventional and alternative practitioners.

For example, acupuncturists, massage therapists, bodyworkers, aromatherapists, and sound therapists who incorporate energy-based modalities are at the forefront of guiding people into a state of self-healing, rejuvenation, and anti-aging programs by a multitude of disciplines. On the leading edge of current color therapy methods include color harmonics, which utilizes color light penlights that enables energy carried in light to nudge the body’s own healing potential into action.

When used in an energy-based practice, color harmonics can have a significant effect on the recipient by sending messages throughout the body as a “call to action.”

Color light acupuncture

While acupuncture points and reflex zones are being addressed, color can help release old memories that are trapped in the body tissue. It can be a win-win experience for both practitioner and recipient!

Registered nurse, licensed acupuncturist and color light specialist, Julie Rose Ruby of Burke/Springfield, Virginia, has been using color lights simultaneously with her treatments for several years now. She also has recently begun to offer color light sessions separately to her clients and finds it has been an exciting addition to her practice.

chromotherapy-penlight“Using color applications in my treatments has proved a faster reduction in pain level, as they appear to create a deeper level of healing, by reducing stress and anxiety,” Julie says. Doing so prior to her acupuncture treatments has been of great success as well. “I have also used color application to the chakras as a means of balancing the body’s life forces. This can be combined with acupuncture or as a stand-alone session,” she adds. “It’s easy to apply. Just introduce light and color with a chromotherapy penlight on acupuncture points ––these are the entry points into the meridian system. It’s ideal for animals too.

Her clients have stated that their pain levels have significantly decreased for periods of up to three weeks, after just one session. Some have even stated they sleep better, have less stress symptoms, and have improved mental clarity.

lumalight-chromotherapy-handsIn Julie’s experience, everyone has reported feeling an improvement in some aspect of his or her life. It is said that we need a full spectrum of color to realize our full health potential. By identifying the color that is missing and supplying that color, our health will improve.

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Lumalight Use

Color light is an amazing tool. It can be applied over the spine as a facial enhancement, as chakra applications, or over a specific area of the body that is of concern. There are many ways to use the applications.

Pursuing healthy lifestyle choices and employing color light therapy to rebalance the inner life force can help us keep us physically and emotionally in balance in our lifelong pursuit of longevity.

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