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Canine Makeover with Lumalight Energies

Dogs are an integral part of human history. For centuries they have guarded our homes, comforted us, gone to war, given their lives to hunt for our food––and faced danger in search and rescue missions––all in the name of loyalty.

Somehow I knew I would be guided to make their dream come true too.

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Friend. Companion. Confidant.

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Canines role in society has evolved and certain breeds may find it hard to adapt, but they really try their best in difficult situations, and all have hearts that are forgiving. Whatever shape or size, breed or age; they win my love––paws down––every time.

I knew I had to make it my life’s work to help lost furry beings get ready for a new start.

The journey took me from the harsh realities as an animal control agent to my height of creativity as a show groomer. I worked in veterinary hospitals and I’ve studied many schools of behaviourism.

Each step along the way groomed me for my new start. I became an animal naturopath and energy worker. Naturopathy is defined as supporting the body with natural modalities such as nutrition, herbs, essential oils to encourage self-healing.

I soon discovered Lumalight for spiritual healing of all living things!

This was the answer to my prayers to make a difference in their lives.

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My Tyler’s Story

color therapy healing light for dogsFor many years, I’ve been devoted to fostering dogs that come from over crowded shelters. I volunteer for a local rescue group that must choose which dogs get a chance at a new home.

I know, it’s a heart-wrenching mission, but this is where I’ve been given the greatest gift to clear away their past pain and hardship and bring them back into loving companions.

Tyler is a Terrier mix that seemed perfectly fine, until you try to put a leash on him or get him out of a crate.

He turns into a crazy guy! Tyler no longer trusted anyone and for good reason. And I was about to change his mind about us. The word trust became my meditative mantra.

For two weeks, I sat next to his crate lovingly. One word of intention filled my mind “Trust”. Then, one day he stepped out of his hiding place and sat beside me. I’d just won him over.

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He’s Ready for Light

color therapy for animalsI started with the color green. I clipped the filter onto the penlight. I used the ‘Heart Gate’  technique found in the book: Color Therapy for Animals. I know emotions are heart-based and that nature’s shades help calm and nourish love in the heart chakra.

It’s a balancing energy for inner harmony; my aim was for his painful memory to self heal.

Now, here’s what I did …

  1. I started with his forelegs; left pad and ankle first.
  2. I circled the light ten inches away from the body, for a few minutes.
    – intuit timing as each living being is unique with different needs
  3. I guided the light from the outer energy fields first in towards the body.
  4. Soon I was able to sweep the light above his back with Rainbow light to complete the session.
  5. Just three weeks later, Tyler rolled over on his back, paws flung high in the air, as I took the Lumalight off the shelf.

I knew he just gave me the signal of trust and acceptance in his world.

“Now, you may think that Tyler is a lucky fellow. But really I’m the fortunate one. Not only do I have the tools to engage in nonverbal chit-chat with him but boy, he has a lot to teach me about real life.” – Carolyn.

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