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ancient reflexology

Luminous Color Reflexology

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict regular hand and foot care. This honorable practice may have been a precursor to modern reflexology. In the same era health care practitioners mastered chromotherapy, the healing art that uses colored light. Early Greeks and Romans built solariums to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. We don’t question the sun’s role in…


Color Light Rejuvenation

The moonlit midnight skies fade away when the sun rises on the horizon and our world becomes drenched in color. The beauty of nature radiates in rich colorful hues that stimulate our senses and peaks our curiosity. Throughout the ages, scientists and scholars have studied the psychological effects and therapeutic aspects of color and light…


Color Light and Acupuncture

In the pursuit of wellness programs designed for achieving better long-term outcomes, the pairing of acupuncture and color light therapy is offering significant benefits by a trained professional. These two modalities that trace their origins to ancient Chinese and Greek healers, complement each other so much that it is often called color light acupuncture. Perfecting…

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