Color Light Acupuncture


Color Light Acupuncture

For over half a century, and more recently in the last few decades, non-laser color light emitters have been welcomed into acupuncture, wellness and spiritual practices. Lumalight systems are color light acupuncture sets that can assist in neutralizing emotional blocks of an energetic nature. The intent is to encourage a natural energy flow (Qi) for overall harmony and calm.

lumalight-color-light-facial-homeAnd, we’ve made it easy for you to get started.

The Spectrahue Method™of light therapy was created to enhance your acupuncture treatments. This approach to supporting our innate ability to self heal is based on the theory of strengthening our energy system.

Simply shine penlight above needle placement. Color light beams can also be shone above the points, without needles, 1-12 inches away.

There are many people who are needle-shy, but would love a series of color light acupuncture sessions.


The beauty of this system is also its intuitive approach to influencing the meridian system.

Why use color light on points?

Color light is a frequency, vibration, and type of energy. It delivers information and support to our energy system. And we all know, to live a balanced lifestyle, we need to increase our energy level through exercise, fresh air, the food we eat and drink and from the energy of the sun. Light carries and gives us the necessary color nutrients. For example, fruits and vegetables all contain elements of this vital energy.

Each color has its own qualities acting as a life-giving source we need in our lives.

Easy-to-learn steps

First, select a protocol and color filter, which emits a frequency of light.

Clip filter onto chromotherapy torch––Lumalight penlight––and guide beam towards:

  • acupuncture points (with or without needles)
  • reflex zones
  • meridian pathways

Intuitive timing, before you switch to next filter.


Lumalight training

We also offer nationally accredited Lumalight courses as well as home study programs for the novice to advanced practitioner of holistic therapies. (NCCAOM, NCBTMB Provider)

2018 course schedule

chromotherapy-penlightThe beauty of this modality is that the penlight does not touch the skin, as you are only addressing energy patterns in the aura.

Lumalight by Spectrahue™ tools are also non-medical and non-diagnostic, which makes it an ideal color light delivery system to use in any practice and for home use.

Lumalight Color Light Acupuncture NEW

2018 Release

color-light-acupuncture-bookThis is the sixth book in the Golden Light Series of training for Lumalight mastery.

It is a unique reference guide created for those in an acupuncture practice who may only have time for a one-two step technique at the beginning or end of a treatment. It will also benefit holistic centers that embrace aromatherapy, field energy work, vibration and sound therapies.

The color and geometry components are paired together, and then shone above one or two acupuncture point locations. The suggested uses are based on observations from Lumalight users around the globe.

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