Color Light Acupuncture


Color Light Acupuncture

Color psychology research examines color’s influence on human behaviour. Chromotherapy takes this further by incorporating color light into wellness programs. Both of these intriguing fields are gaining popularity globally. There’s an intuitive curiosity and acceptance of colorful and non-invasive proactive lifestyle modalities.

The buzz on light therapy

spectrahue-color-light-acupuncture-7Lumalight is different from the various light instruments used in therapies such as Low Level Laser therapy and LED light therapy. Unlike traditional tools it utilizes unique clip-on color filters and geometric shapes to create a specific effect with the emitted light. This system can easily be learnt and used in acupuncture and acupressure clinics, as well as other holistic practices.

Introduce color light during an acupuncture treatment as a gentle means of balancing the energy (Qi) while enhancing needling sequences. It’s also used on its own for needle-shy people of all ages.

Simply shine color light over the points

The holistic world describes Lumalight equipment as color light acupuncture sets. The intent is to encourage a natural energy flow for overall harmony and calm. Think of color as working behind the scenes in the aura. Lumalight tools were created to support this process.

How will it help me in my practice?

chromotherapy-penlightThe use of color and light therapies is increasing in popularity. By offering color light acupuncture in your practice, you’re expanding your services available to clients. And it’s a wonderful modality to use on yourself as well at the start or end of a busy day.

How do I choose a color?

See color not just for its beauty around us, but also for its potential power to stimulate and sedate energy flow via acupuncture points. The desired action depends on the color hue shone over the point. While you focus light on an area with a penlight, acknowledge that color is a universal form of energy delivered from source. And that it also carries in its beam information to support us on many levels.

lumalight-chromotherapy-handsThe beauty of this system is also its intuitive approach in selecting the color filters and geometries for use.

Each situation is as unique as the individual receiving the session.

Learn more about rainbow colors and their meanings

Strengthen your intuition with color and geometry dowsing charts

And, we’ve made it easy for you to get started.

If you’re an acupuncturist you already know this theory, and if this concept is new to you we’ve created original Lumalight training materials to support you each step of the way.

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