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Ancient Symbols and their Mystical Allure

Ancient symbols are messages with deep and mystical powers. Known as ideograms (pictures), their abstract qualities speak of an idea or concept. Emblems, insignias, and geometries have symbolic clout too. They subliminally tempt our curiosity. We seek hidden truths and the meaning of human evolution through them. Whether the discovery of shiny, godlike coinage on…

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Creating Conscious Change is a Process

Maestro, please… A thunderous echo rippled far and wide as the sun burst in. Living colors splashed everywhere. By nature, entire civilizations with their own complex history, made their presence known through architecture, art, and storytelling. This symphony of light and sound had always captivated human imagination. Every generation studied and dramatized the classics. Light-filled…

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Exploring the Secret World of Light Energy

Perhaps you were drawn to the power of light as a healing modality, following in the footsteps of our ancestors since time immemorial. But lightwork is much more than the resolution of physical and emotional symptoms. By deepening your awareness of the genesis of symptoms, a higher understanding of the universal whole unfolds. To do…

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The Ancient Art of Color Reflexology Today

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict regular hand and foot care. This honorable practice may have been a precursor to modern reflexology. In the same era, the ancient greek philosopher Hermes–Thoth brought the awareness of how color light was intrinsic to healing and restoring balance of the vital energies in a person. In hermetic traditions, sun healing…


Color Light Acupuncture for the Spiritual

In the pursuit of holistic programs designed for achieving better emotional outcomes as well, the use of pairing acupuncture sequences with light energy is one approach. These combined modalities, that trace their origins to ancient alchemists and healers, is also described as color light acupuncture. All energywork accesses entry points on meridian pathways. Explore this…

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