Color Light Rejuvenation

The moonlit midnight skies fade away when the sun rises on the horizon and our world becomes drenched in color. The beauty of nature radiates in rich colorful hues that stimulate our senses and peaks our curiosity.

Throughout the ages, scientists and spectrahue-nature-beautyscholars have studied the psychological effects and therapeutic aspects of color and light therapies. It stirs the emotions and penetrates all the energetic layers of the body. The use of color light therapy then, can be a rejuvenating experience. It is quite possibly, a universal language that penetrates into the depths of internal communication.

This is the beauty of ‘light language’

Replenish your Life with Color

Our ancestors spent most of their life outdoors. In modern times, both adults and children live and work in climate controlled, artificial environments. They are bombarded with neon lights, and breath in stale air. The lack of natural light and fresh air is further compromised by electronic emissions from computers and cell phones. Lack of sunlight may also affect our mood, energy levels, and productivity.

Light is a critical form of energy emitted by the sun. Without it, life on Earth would cease to exist. Our skin, which is the largest organ in the body, is an interface between our inner and outer worlds. It absorbs, processes and distributes the information that is carried by light rays. It also acts as a shield. It’s our first line of defense against an ever-changing environment.

lumalight-spa-light-therapyOur modern lifestyle of time poverty, pollutants, and climate change, leaves little time for rejuvenating rest and outdoor activities. That’s why color light therapy facials can be so beneficial for you and your clientele. The process is non-evasive, painless, and can be done anywhere. Plus, a Lumalight Radiance Facial addresses the reflexology zones and acupuncture points that benefit the entire body.

Ready to take a journey through the rainbow?

Energy-based modalities are globally recognized for their proactive influence on vitality and wellness. While sessions can be performed almost anywhere, the wellness-spa environment is an ideal destination.

Today’ society wants to enjoy a long, active life. They want to look and feel younger than the previous generation. Advances in medicine have contributed to our longevity, but there is no substitute for being your own health advocate. That means that everyone should arm themselves with education and self care.

Color light therapy is a powerful tool but its more than a substitute for a lack of sunlight. Used on a regular basis, it can be used as a four-season approach to support a sense of wellness and graceful aging during all stages of life. We truly have an eternal relationship with living colors in every breath we take.

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