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Color Light Reflexology

violet flowers and butterflyThe universe is in a rhythmic flow, continuously pulsating as if it’s the beat of a heart. Ever expanding, it weaves a holographic world with our own environment to sustains us on Earth. Its hard to imagine but everything around us and everybody is, at some level, energy-in-motion. We are not static beings. We have dynamic, ever changing lives with every particle in motion right from birth.

Geometric in design, crystalline in structure, we are fueled with solar energy. In a sense, our whole world is a shimmering hologram and blossoms into living color around us, orchestrated by the sun. We respond to its light through acupuncture points and reflex zones mapped throughout the body. Now let’s start with the source to spotlight that colossal sphere in the sky: The Sun.

Every split second its takes a light photon less than ten minutes to journey 93 million miles from the surface of the sun to the center of each of every cell of our body with “information.” Within that small packet-of-energy, a percentage of its radiation is our visible spectrum of rainbow colors.

Color is a type of energy and is basic to all life as we absorb, process and distribute its nutrients throughout our body.

Color Energy Action

Blue orange clock in spaceIt is the impact of light on earth that illuminates everything around us, creating our perception of nature as well as our sense of wellbeing. Color is also a sensation, and it playfully stimulates our senses. The feet, hand and face have been zoned and researched as entry points for color light the energy pathways descried as meridians. When color beams are applied by way of a penlight illuminator, it can stir up a myriad of thoughts, fire up action and spark inspiration during day-to-day routines, for example.

Color light has been used to support healing practices since the beginning of time. It is the essence of who we are. In ancient Egypt, sunlight was shone through the roof of healing rooms and refracted through a prism into colors of the spectrum which were then directed onto patients. In ancient Greece, Heliopolis was a center of heliotherapy — a method of curing the ill by exposing them to the sun.

We nowadays routinely substitute daylight with various types of artificial illumination —incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes and LEDs clusters. Our lives offer minimal exposure to sunlight. When we do venture outside, we continue to shield ourselves from the sole source of life in the universe — sunlight. Research has shown that light is an essential ingredient of the metabolic processes in all living creatures on earth.

Lumalight Use

color handprint spectrahueMost colors in Lumalight sets can be used on reflex zones, to raise, calm, clear and balance energies. There are the magnetic colors that move stagnant energy for example, such as shades of red, orange and yellow, and then there are those colors that cool and calm “chaotic” energies, to relax an individual for example, such as hues of blues and violets can ease tension after a long day.

The color green is the great equalizer, to support harmony.

Once the zones on the hands and feet are gentle stimulated, they then welcome the energy that colors offers them. Color light applications after a reflexology session can take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. If it is a standalone color therapy session, you may want to consider a 45 minute to an hour session.

Color light therapy during a reflexology or massage session––on the face, hands and feet––is more than an ideal approach to increase vitality and relaxation, as it has a wonderful influence on many levels. All reflexology zones reflect various systems and organs in the body, there are many mapping systems you can research online.

As for colors applied, naturally the rainbow spectrum is used.

We’re Full-Spectrum Beings

Also pink, peach, lemon, gold, magenta and turquoise can be explored to support certain zones that you believe may benefit from its vibration, or applied as an overall layer of color light bathed on the bottom of the foot with focus on the tip of the toes, for example.

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