Spa rejuvenation


Lifestyles that capture inner beauty.

In a practice offering spa and aesthetic services, professionals understand that true beauty extends beyond skin deep. A Lumalight experience is for individuals seeking a more meaningful approach during their session.

We all possess timeless beauty; a mind/body session can nurture the soul.

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Here are a few tips to get you started.


#1. Introduce chromotherapy at your spa.


Light’s magical secrets include a natural phenomenon that animates all living things. Furthermore, light gives us a radiant glow, a beauty that emanates from within.

But the question lies with how to introduce it into your practice. The answer is simple: one step at a time.

Our multi-level programs can guide you from introductory to advanced theory and applications. You’ll explore practical and mystical approaches to working with the aura and chakra energy systems.

Ultimately, the goal is to nurture your clients’ Qi vital energy.

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#2. Color can enlighten your clientele.


It’s meaningful to make every session a memorable experience. A glowing look serves as a clear indicator of a great experience.

Consider offering holiday or seasonal specials to your clients, such as packages of three sessions. These specials provide a unique experience and demonstrate your commitment to their well-being. Remember, a session can range from a few minutes to an hour, and you can work on the aura while the facial mask is on.

It’s important to occasionally revisit the original protocols that come with your light set as you might discover a technique or color light tip you had overlooked previously. 

Light and color sessions entice relaxation and rejuvenation.

Treat yourself to a color light facial at home.

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Important: Lumalight is a Canadian-made artisan product. It is a non-medical, non-touch, non-LED laser, making it an ideal choice for spiritual and holistic practices.

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.