The Spectrahue Method of Light Therapy

The Spectrahue Method is the foundation for all our chromotherapy products, including Lumalight sets, accessories, and educational materials. For decades, we have explored the mystical properties of light.

By creating these tools, my eyes opened to the mystery of light.

The results are fascinating insights into Nature. – Julianne

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An inspired idea becomes a reality.


Captivated by the mystery of light, Julianne Bien created The Spectrahue Method in Canada during the 1990s.

Intuitively guided, she recognized the need for a versatile color delivery system, which led her to develop the first Lumalight set. Simultaneously, she started putting her training materials on paper for her Energetically Correct and Golden Light series.

This unique modality of tools and training offers a distinct approach to color light therapy. It unites the mystical aspects of sacred geometry, creating an aura of spiritual rejuvenation.

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Creativity inspires and transforms.


The Spectrahue Method and Lumalight tools are rooted in ancient cultures, color psychology, and spiritual sciences. This blend of wisdom and innovative techniques offers a gentle yet profound path to self-discovery and life’s mysteries.

More recently, Julianne’s journey has taken a new artistic form. Her hand-drawn portraits bring to life her mystical history through the lens of philosophers, composers, artists, and other inspiring minds.

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Lumalight is a guiding light.

Lumalight is a penlight set with clip-on attachments presented in a handcrafted case. The Spectrahue Method offers Lumalight packages that include self-paced study programs, materials, and virtual classes.

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