The Spectrahue Method of Light Therapy

Our approach to light therapy is truly unique. It’s based on spiritual principles that combine color light with geometrical shapes in its theory and use. This is the basis of all our related color therapy products and services which consists of Lumalight sets and its accessories, educational materials, and public awareness initiatives.

“I developed these tools to help me forge my way into a new way of being. I hope my lifelong mission encourages spiritual growth and a new awareness of light’s untapped potential.” – Julianne

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Spiritual Light Therapy

This one-of-a-kind modality was the inspiration of Julianne Bien. She is regarded as a pioneer in the field of light and color therapies – a true color light visionary.

Based on the rich heritage and mystical practices of ancient cultures, esoteric sciences and color psychology, this gentle, non-touch approach for inner peace and balance also rests on over thirty years of exploration by its developer.

The tools and protocols she developed over the years blend tradition and innovation in a unique way. For anyone interested in the holistic lifestyle, spiritual development, and self-discovery: The Spectrahue Method is a natural way.

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Julianne Bien, Founder


Her journey began in 1996

Julianne was guided to explore the mysteries and understanding of light as a language. After her Near–Death Experience a decade earlier, she traveled far and wide to study this obscure subject along an unknown path.

Intrigued by her own discoveries, she realized the need for a gentle and versatile handheld color delivery system.  Unfamiliar with manufacturing, she miraculously developed the first Lumalight penlight set (1999), while her original educational materials flowed onto paper.


A Lifelong Quest

julianne bien spectrahueIt wasn’t easy but as her knowledge of light expanded, Lumalight users accelerated their own potential by exploring universal mysteries at her live classes.

Today, Julianne is a lifelong student and author of the esoteric (hidden) wisdom of light, and the use of its visible spectrum with sacred geometry. Her recent teachings focus on pattern-forming shapes or thought–forms in the aura.

And thankfully, Lumalight benefits both a professional and home user client base.

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The Spectrahue Method:

lumalight-color-geometry-system-store1) Lumalight system

Wholly original chromotherapy product:

– penlight sets with signature detailing
– 70+ color & geometry interchangeable pieces
– hand-crafted artisan carrying case

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2) Dynamic learning

Spectrahue’s self-paced study programs for Lumalight use continues to evolve. Julianne has written many books, manuals and articles on The Spectrahue Method. She had produced an instructional DVD series as the first step in Lumalight mastery, and now offers classes on the mysticism of color and consciousness.

Register for a virtual class: The Spectrahue Academy of Higher Learning

Lumalight packages are a limited edition, Canadian product

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.