The Spectrahue Method of light therapy

Our approach to light therapy is truly unique. It’s based on spiritual principles that combine color light with geometrical shapes in its theory and use. This is the basis of all our related color therapy products and services which consists of original Lumalight sets and its accessories, educational materials, nationally accredited courses and public awareness initiatives.

This one-of-a-kind modality was the inspiration of Julianne Bien who now wears many hats in every color. She is regarded as a pioneer in the field of light and color therapies – a true color light visionary.

Based on the rich heritage of Chinese medicine, esoteric sciences and color psychology, this gentle, non-touch approach for inner peace and balance also rests on over twenty years of exploration by its developer. The tools and protocols she developed over the years blend tradition and innovation in a unique way.

chromotherapy-education-lumalightFor anyone interested in the holistic lifestyle, spiritual development, and self-discovery: The Spectrahue Method is a natural way.

Julianne Bien, Founder

Her journey began in 1996

Julianne was guided to explore the mysteries and understanding of the language of light – and its use in practical ways. She has traveled far and wide to study this subject. She realized the need for a gentle and versatile handheld color delivery system, and soon developed the first Lumalight set, which has grown over the years into an all-inclusive modality.

julianne bien spectrahueShe continues to share her knowledge with users at her own trainings and other events and through interviews in the media. She is now widely recognized as an authority in esoteric knowledge and the language of color light and its uses in spiritual and self-awareness pursuits.

Lumalights now benefit a professional and home user client base around the globe.

Read Julianne’s articles on her Blog to find out more.


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Global Mission

“I developed these tools to help me forge my way into a new way of being. I hope my lifelong mission encourages spiritual growth and a new awareness of light’s untapped potential in you as well. Join us at a workshop and let’s look at the true meaning of color together.” – Julianne

About Spectrahue

Spectrahue Light & Sound Inc. Canada founded in the nineties, is the leading provider of color light therapy products, services and education. Spectrahue products are used in acupuncture clinics and wellness centers, as well as in spa facilities and for spiritual home work across North America and beyond. The company also acts as publisher for her books and is the exclusive producer of the Lumalight System series.

The Spectrahue Method is an all-inclusive modality with two parts:

lumalight-color-geometry-system-store1) Lumalight System

This wholly original chromotherapy product is made in Canada by Spectrahue. The Lumalight System series are ergonomically designed penlight sets with signature detailing and superior finish. With over sixty mix and match color and geometry clip-on pieces, the possible combinations are limitless.

Discover the theory behind this fascinating system of lights

2) Spectrahue Education

Spectrahue’s educational programs for Lumalight continue to evolve to this day. Julianne has written manuals, articles and books and produced a 5-part instructional DVD series as the first step in Lumalight learning.

Visit our educational section to learn more about her training materials

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