Lumalight Training Schedule 2019/2020

Enhance or establish your professional and personal practice with The Spectrahue Method™ of light therapy. Our content-rich courses are designed to raise you to a new level of awareness with the Lumalight System.

Discover the art of color harmonics and its importance in our lives.

Become part of a global network of Lumalight users.

Ready to expand your integrative holistic and spiritual practice?

Live Learning Classes

  • chromotherapy-education-lumalight-Continuing education offered for many professionals
    NCCAOM, NCBTMB Approved Provider
  • Certified Instructor-led courses
  • Do not book travel until your place is confirmed
  • Lumalight System required to attend most classes
  • Lumalight rentals available for course participants
  • Course Fees: United States – USD | Canada – CAD
  • Course Registration | Cancellation Policy

Recommended Reading

Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks




Upcoming Event 2019

chakra journeying

Lumalight in Action

Chakra and Aura Balancing

Date: Sunday July 14 (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

Where: Toronto, ON Canada

Fee: $95 CAD (Plus HST) Special Event

Limited space. Reserve your place early.




Lumalight in an Energy Medicine Practice

energy-medicineSpecialty Course NEW

This original class will appeal to EM practitioners around the globe.

It’s an incredible learning experience to advance your practice.

Contact us to see if you qualify to attend this course.

Seeking course sponsors Canada/United States.

(416) 340 0882 email



Lumalight: The Power of Light

lumalight-spectra-therapy-spectrahueMaster Class

Advance your practice with color therapy and sacred geometry.

NCCAOM Approved Provider (15 PDA)

Toronto, Canada – September 14-15, 2019 NEW

Course fee includes manual and certificate of participation.

(416) 340 0882 email




Lumalight Subtle Anatomy

lumalight and subtle anatomyMaster Course

This workshop is an advanced study into color harmonics.

NCCAOM, NCBTMB Approved Provider

Toronto, Canada – August 17-18, 2019

Course fee includes manual and certificate of participation.

(416) 340 0882 email




Lumalight Color & Geometry Course

Color Harmonics: Frequency, Geometry and Form

Master Course

lumalight-spa-light-therapyLearn the theory and practical applications of The Spectrahue Method

NCCAOM, NCBTMB Approved Provider

New York, NY – TBA

Course fee includes manual and certificate of participation.

Course Details  |  (416) 340 0882 email




Lumalight: The Art of Color Harmonics

lumalight-color-therapy-courseCertification Program

This original series will take you to a new level of learning.

NCCAOM Approved Provider for Complete Program (PDA)

2020 Schedule online soon




The Art of Color Harmonics

The Spectrahue Method of Light Therapy
NCCAOM Approved Provider (3 PDA)

3-Hour Event – Canada | United States

Seeing is believing.
 Learn about the theory of color light,
 get answers to fundamental questions, 
and become familiar with Lumalight uses.

Ideal for all alternative and holistic
 practitioners and spiritual seekers interested in discovering how sacred geometry 
and color light therapy work together.



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