Lumalight Advanced Studies

Enhance or establish your practice with The Spectrahue Method. Our content-rich teachings are designed to raise you to a new level of awareness. We’ve created original virtual classes to strengthen your perception of dimensional realities and your self.

Ready to take your metaphysical practice to a new level?

  • Exercise extrasensory perception
  • Experience guided journeying
    – meridians, chakras, grids
  • Access faculty of imagination
    – where creative change resides
  • In-depth study (color/geometry pairings)
    – over 60 mix/match clip-on filters
    – explore original uses & tips
  • Learn the art of: Spectrahue Universal Deck
    – a powerful, intuitive tool during session


Join us for an introductory virtual class

chakra journeying

Live classes are postponed until further notice


Chakra Journeying & Consciousness

The self-discovery event will appeal to spiritually-attuned individuals.

Use Lumalight to practice along during demonstrations.

Overview of color and geometry meanings.

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It’s time to deepen your understanding of the metaphysical aspects of light.

Interested in virtual Lumalight training?

These classes have limited space and are not listed online.

Reach out for more information and requirements.

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.