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The Spectrahue Method of light therapy

Professional Lumalight Studies

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The world is evolving, and so is self discovery into who we are. In-person trainings and our certification program have been postponed until further notice.

But there’s good news! Our virtual training series on the metaphysical uses of Lumalight, will be offered in the new year to Lumalight users, who benefit from this work on many levels.

Learn how to tap into ‘luminous consciousness’ for the advancement of humanity.

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Advanced Lumalight training series Schedule



The following ‘in-person’ classes are postponed until further notice.


Lumalight Color & Geometry Course


Advance your chromotherapy practice with sacred geometry amplifiers.

This class will take your awareness to a whole new level, after you’ve explored Spectrahue’s training materials (Books/DVDs/Cards).

This two-day experience will give you original techniques of the limitless potential of using color light and sacred geometry, in a non-touch energy healing way.

Workshops held in Canada



Lumalight in a Holistic-Spiritual Practice

color facial lumalight

Metaphysical Class

This original class will appeal to a wide range of practitioners who use energy-based modalities in this practice.

Lumalight offers over sixty clip-on components; during this class you’ll have the opportunity to experience many of them.

Learn incredible easy uses and tips, while using other holistic modalities.

Get ready to stir up your imagination and creativity in your life.

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Workshops held in Canada



lumalight-color-therapy-for-animals-bowsellColor Therapy for Animals

Introductory Class

Your furry and feathered friends will love the light experience that you’ll share with them.

You’ll feel like a Lumalight pro after completion of this hands-on workshop.

Read more about using color light on companions.

Workshops held in Canada




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