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The Spectrahue Method of light therapy

Professional Lumalight Studies

lumalight color healing experience session

The world is evolving, and so is self discovery into who we are. In-person trainings have been postponed until further notice.

We’re creating a virtual series, on the metaphysical uses of Lumalight, and how to tap into ‘luminous consciousness’ for the advancement of humanity.

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Who uses color light therapy?

Check out who benefits from this modality

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Read Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks




chakra journeying

Chakra Journeying & Consciousness

Date: 2021 (TBA)

Where: Toronto, ON Canada

Lumalight not required to attend this class.



Lumalight Live Studies


color facial lumalight1. Lumalight Color & Geometry Course

Master class, Live

Discover the power carried in light, with sacred geometry.

Certificate of Participation given upon completion


2. Color Therapy for Animals

lumalight-color-therapy-for-animals-bowsellMaster Course

Your furry and feathered friends will love the light experience.

Certificate of Participation given upon completion

Suggested Reading: Color Therapy for Animals




Spectrahue Certification Program


Lumalight: The Art of Color Harmonics

The Spectrahue Method Certification

This program which requires hands-on training may resume in 2023



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