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The Spectrahue Method of light therapy

Professional Lumalight Training

Whether your aim is to be certified in this modality or to just experience a workshop or two, our Lumalight Certification Program and master courses will meet your needs and objectives. Our curriculum will appeal to professionals in the healing arts as well as those who would like to explore Lumalight’s potential for spiritual use.

susan-stone-energy-medicineWho uses color light therapy?

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Read Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks

We offer continuing education credits

NCCAOM and NCBTMB Approved Provider

Course Fee includes Manual and Certificate of Participation


Introductory Evening


The Spectrahue Method of Light Therapy

3-Hour Event – Toronto, Canada

Seeing is believing.
 Join us at an introductory evening 
and discover first-hand the potential
 of color light therapy in practice,
 when combined with sacred geometry. Learn about the theory of color light,
 get answers to fundamental questions, 
and become familiar with Lumalight uses.

Ideal for all alternative and holistic
 practitioners and spiritual seekers interested in discovering how sacred geometry 
and color light therapy work together.

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Spectrahue Certification Program



Lumalight: The Art of Color Harmonics

Certification Program by Spectrahue

This 4-Level training program is for everyone who is ready to integrate Lumalight into a practice and for home use.

NCCAOM Approved Provider. 15 PDA/Level of two days each.

Certificate of Participation given upon completion of each Level.

Taught by: Julianne Bien, Lumalight Creator
Deborah Pantalena, RN, Certified Lumalight Instructor

Program Details | How to Become Certified

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Master classes, listed below, can be taken independently of this program.


Spectrahue Master Courses



Lumalight Color & Geometry Course

Master Course

Since 2005, this original course is also known as: Color Harmonics: Frequency, Geometry and Form.

Learn practical color harmonics theory and use.

CE Approved Provider: NCBTMB 15 CE | NCCAOM 15 PDA

Certificate of Participation given upon completion.

Taught by Julianne Bien, Lumalight Creator

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lumalight and subtle anatomy

Lumalight and Subtle Anatomy

Master Course

This workshop explores advanced concepts, theory and applications in The Spectrahue Method. Lumalight in action 
could alter your perceptions, broaden your perspectives, and
 enrich your professional practice.

CE Approved Provider: NCBTMB 15 CE | NCCAOM 15 PDA

Certificate of Participation given upon completion.

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Lumalight in an Energy Medicine Practice

Master Course

This certificate course can take your kinesiology and tapping skills to a new level. Participants will receive a training manual rich in techniques and applicable concepts that can be introduce into their practice right away.

Contact us for prerequisite requirements and details. email

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More Lumalight Workshops



• Lumalight Advanced Geometry Course

• Lumalight Color Light Reflexology

• Color Therapy for Animals (15 CE – 2 day course)

• Lumalight for Holistic Nurses



Lumalight Northern Nights, Mystical Nights

Iceland Guided Workshop – November 9-15, 2017

Join The Spectrahue Team on this amazing adventure of illumination and transformation. We’ll all stay at a 4-star hotel under the northern lights. If you have a Lumalight and have joined us at one of our classes, you have the opportunity to be part of this magical experience.

We have created a fabulous itinerary for you, which includes advanced color harmonics training. It is going to be a most colorful journey. Contact us for details. Deposit required to guarantee your place.


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