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Advanced Lumalight studies

color nature fieldLong ago, we had encountered information of immense potential to awaken consciousness into a higher state of self-realization. And, for decades, as our training materials evolved, Lumalight practices expanded beyond the holistic field, and into the mystical realms of higher worlds.

Our vision spiraled outward like ripples on a pond as earth clocked in around the sun. The world’s illuminated waters splashed its inspirational reflections into our own awareness, with its mirroring quality. We were struck with “a-ha” moments while unraveling life mysteries and our place within the big picture.

It’s all about creating conscious change, divinely guided with love.

A gift from a celestial wonder to live our life’s purpose!

If you are a holistic practitioner, therapist, spiritualist or life coach with diverse skills and expertise, with an interest in the supernatural that extends to the stars read on…

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Spectrahue’s transformational series

The Consciousness of the Atom
– A journey into light’s mysteries

atom-spiral-formWe’ve taken a quantum leap in our multi-dimensional world. Although live, accredited courses are now heart-warming memories—innovative remote trainings bloomed. Higher learning is now offered in “essential-must-know” compact modules, created to fit into a fast-paced world.

Join us one class at a time…

  1. Created for Lumalight users seeking beyond chromotherapy tips.
    ***pre-approved participants (without Lumalight) can benefit too!
  2. Discover ancient wisdom of light language and its use.
  3. Classes given by Julianne, Lumalight creator.

With your visionary capacity during practice:

  • exercise extrasensory perception
  • access imagination faculty
  • probe light mysteries
  • expand consciousness
  • increase creativity
  • improve self-awareness


Virtual class schedule

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Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks


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