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Exploring the World of Energy

Perhaps you were drawn to the power of light as a healing modality, following in the footsteps of our ancestors since time immemorial. But color light work is much more than the resolution of physical and emotional symptoms. We can also address the genesis of various symptoms by opening to a completely different vision of the universal whole. To do so, we use intent, intuition and imagination, and wash away old belief systems. This is a radical departure from conventional three-dimensional belief systems.

Color Harmonics Energywork

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienI think of color harmonics as a vessel for physical, emotional and spiritual exploration, much like the sailing ships of old that carried explorers who discovered new continents, or the spacecrafts that took people to the moon. Since our energy expressions are the reflection of, and a pre-determining factor in, our anatomical, spiritual and emotional history and future, and are also depicted in living color; those who can see the potential of rearranging energy patterns through advanced color harmonics work have the potential to beneficially alter future health, happiness and longevity.

Over five centuries ago, our worldview began changing dramatically as the underpinnings of the “flat-earth” theory were progressively overturned, and it has never stopped changing. A century from now, our worldview will be profoundly altered again by a deepening awareness of the principles of light energy. Our universe will be redefined as a multiverse: layers of energy consciousness, unconscious reflections and simultaneous human existences that we are free to explore in all of their magnificence and subtleties.

Color harmonics, as you will soon discover, is an advanced approach to color light therapy with sacred geometry combined in its application. Working with Lumalight can be a lifelong journey.

Excerpt from: Golden Light A Journey with Advanced Colorworks

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