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How I’ve Redefined Success

Success means different things to different people. Still, here is my MVP – a minimal viable proposition:

  • Do what you love. (Check.)
  • Be self-sustainable. (Check.)
  • Don’t deplete or pollute the environment. (Check.)
  • Build a unique brand over time and/or leave a mark. (Check.)
  • Help people. (Check.)

The reason I didn’t put helping people first is the fact that, for me, that came much later.

Like most urbanites in their early thirties, I lived a busy life. Dressed for success, I figured I’d work hard until I made it. But if success ever did find me, I would have been dog-tired, jaded and void.

A harsh back pain stopped all that. I couldn’t move for days. My good life as a marketing & sales agent, my cozy lifestyle, my whole identity was challenged. This was a rebellion of the body, a time out I didn’t deserve.

A change was in order

I wanted something bright and colorful. I sensed strolls in the city would do me good. So I chose a white Bichon Frisé (color white containing all the colors). An adorable, playful puppy flew in one evening, from a different time zone.

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienIt must have been another universe. Within a week, in my dream, a puppy was hovering above me, with a collar of bells. The next day – oddly – I entered a used book store and – oddly – a book just fell from a shelf.

I opened it and leafed through it. It was about color meditation. I suddenly understood my strange dream. A new light shone on things. It was a spiritual awakening.

I had began the work of self-exploration. Emotional trauma becomes physical pain. Dreams and sensations returned until I understood them. I learned to process the deepest emotions and the energy imprints imposed on me.

Now that I knew why my health suffered, I needed to restore it. Guidance for this didn’t come in a tutorial. I read a lot. I experimented. I studied light as it enters our bodies and incites our energy, or slows it to a halt.

Now I had insights, but no proper tools. So I made one – a hand-held device akin to a flash light – and defined the protocols for its use. My handy color illuminator used light energy to awaken the self-healing powers we all have.

Everywhere I went, like-minded strangers wanted to know how they too can use it. I shared my ideas via lectures and workshops. Notes I kept became articles, then a video series and then many books. This knowledge is now independent of me and will outlive me.

Many professionals have used my methods and products to help others regain their wellbeing and sense of spirituality. This happens in holistic and wellness centers, spas and vet clinics across North America. And well beyond.

When my companion dog passed, I wrote a children’s book in his honor. In it, he flies across Space – forever the miraculous, mighty, benevolent hero that for me he always was.

My four-legged friend inspired me to build a bold new career. By seeking to heal myself, I helped many more people support the healing of countless others.

I don’t measure success in earnings or valuable things I can buy. What matters to me is the collective human and animal well-being I was fortunate to inspire.

How do you define success?

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