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Never Stop Chasing Rainbows on your Journey

Sunlight awakens nature, brilliantly bringing it to life. Have you wondered why flora and fauna display certain colors in their species’ patterns? Who isn’t dazzled by the brilliant iridescence of a peacock feather or a butterfly’s shimmering wings? Their microscopic crystal structures selectively filter and reflect light. Everything in nature has specific colors for reasons science continues to unravel.

Rainbow hues ceaselessly surprise, inspire, transform.

Awe sparkles in our Eye (I) as the Key (Qi) for transformation.

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Join me on a rainbow journey through nine blog articles.



#1. The Mysterious Arc

Luminous sunriseIn ancient cultures a rainbow symbolized hope and a message from beyond. It was glorified and revered as it was believed all our answers lie in the hidden side of its circle, which we are only privy to through our higher mind. Simply put gain access using imagination; this is a place where all creative forces vibrate.

Surely it’s natural to assume light and consciousness is the essence of an energywork practice (emotional, physical, spiritual). And, what we call higher access to this “all knowing ingenuity” can only be tapped into in certain wavelengths of brainwave activity, of which there are five.

That is to say, the Alpha Theta state, as described in Spectrahue’s educational materials. Basically these brainwaves rhythms have a meditative quality. In your spiritual practice, this dreamy state is your bridge over the rainbow into higher aspects of yourself, which is also mirrored into your aura.

Ask yourself: Are all memories of the past, present and future stored here in light?

We’re light in time as our journey through the rainbow has now begun.

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#3. An Inspiring Influence on Humanity

aura-glowAside from it’s life-giving aspects to all of nature, rainbow hues are an ever-expanding universal mystery. Its appearance exhibits millions of shades that are a form of vibrational frequencies. This is what we call: light language. And, its luminous voice is silent, expressive and extremely influential in this world as its rays touch the core of our being.

However, the visible spectrum of seven colors is only a small fraction of the sun’s emission. But, this slice of life that makes a visible appearance after a spring shower, has a crucial role throughout nature which we are part of.

In addition, these light hues are photons; packets of living energy that contribute to all the nutrients necessary for the millions of species around the globe.

While there’s a lot to explore on this rainbow journey together as nature’s seasonal colors constantly surprise and delight me.

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#4. We’re Forever Chasing Rainbows

Blue orange clock in spaceNeedless to say, light influences perceived time throughout human history. As a result, sundials still mark the passage of hours in modern cultures. Luckily, we managed to keep up with its evolutionary cycles and lightning speed technology that delivers light-generated data in a timely manner.

Civilizations, each with their unique calendars, have always marked days, months, and years in concert with the movement of the moon and the sun in the starry skies that astrologers can foretell the future by.

Whether we monitor celestial patterns and time’s passage by a compass and the sun or with today’s technology, we gain an earthly sense of security that we’re hopefully on the right track. For example, we believe we’re on a time schedule as each year passes and experience time’s momentum from our own perspective, but “out there” time has its own agenda.

We are light beings with the sun’s guidance…

In short, its language of light is innate in us that resides in every cell of our body. And today’s trained practitioners using color light modalities receive many glowing testimonials from clients although formal recognition as an alternative therapy remains a future goal.

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#4. The Spectral Clock of Eternity

lumalight-componentsFor instance, the daytime reds, oranges, yellows stimulate and energize us while green shades have a harmonizing effect, while the evening’s cool dark violets and blues soothe and us. As well, volumes have been written on their therapeutic, psychological, and spiritual benefits.

Enjoy these informative articles listed in the Rainbow Journey Tab. They’ll begin to paint a picture of the power of each of the seven spectral colors. As well, through sunlight beams, we’re showered with living stardust. Now, that’s it’s stuff dreams are made of.

Here’s the rainbow journey quick links: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Indigo Blue, Violet, Pink/Magenta

Welcome to The Spectrahue Method of light therapy

Let’s explore further the secrets of color light inspired by nature.

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