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Light in time – a journey through the rainbow

saturn space sceneSunlight awakens nature, brilliantly bringing it to life. Have you wondered why flora and fauna display certain colors in their species’ patterns? Who isn’t dazzled by the brilliant iridescence of a peacock feather or a butterfly’s shimmering wings? Their microscopic crystal structures selectively filter and reflect light. Everything in nature has specific colors for reasons science continues to unravel.

I’ll let you in on a secret… this so-called language of light, with the vast role of color in nature and our lives, continually surprises and delights me! While there’s a lot to learn, let’s take this rainbow journey together. Beginning in January, a newsletter series will paint a picture of nature’s insights for each of the seven spectral colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Indigo Blue, and Violet.

Life’s a colorful reality

As we approach a new year, I reflect back to 1996 when I began my journey into understanding this nonverbal language. A life-changing vision inspired me to seek out everything and everybody that knew anything about color light therapy. I yearned to learn about the essence and effects of color with refracted light, transmitted light, and internal light, through the works of experts throughout the ages.

Working with Lumalight helped me expand my imagination further of light’s potential.

I realized these are the ABCs of the cosmos.

color nature fieldAncient Egyptians used sunlight with prisms to heal people. The Greeks used heliotherapy, the act of curing sickness by sun exposure. Color light has been used in therapy throughout the ages.

Today’s trained practitioners using this modality receive many glowing testimonials from clients although formal recognition as an alternative therapy remains a future goal.

It’s always on time

Light and time have been connected throughout human history. Sundials mark the passage of hours. Daytime reds, oranges, yellows, and greens energize us while evening’s cool dark violets and blues soothe us. Civilizations, each with their unique calendars, have always marked days, months, and

Blue orange clock in space

years in concert with the movement of the moon and the sun in the starry skies that astrologers can foretell the future by.

Whether we monitor celestial patterns and time’s passage by a compass and the sun or with today’s technology, we gain an earthly sense of security that we’re hopefully on the right track. We believe we’re on a time schedule as each year passes and experience time’s momentum from our own perspective, but “out there” time has its own agenda.

Colors change by the moment with the seasons.

Let’s explore further the secrets of color light inspired by nature.

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