Light worlds of sound and vibrational energy

I’ll never forget the feeling of stumbling over a large iron metal ring with leggy skeleton keys. Although it may seem like a minor childhood memory, it was a pivotal moment in my journey toward understanding light, sound, and vibrational energy.

The keyring was on the floor in a small picket fence house entryway.

As I walked past the peculiar scene, I couldn’t shake the feeling that each key held a forgotten purpose. The mingling smell of simmering soup and sour mothballs distracted me.

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It was a speedy-memory replay.

universal-records-filmI looked up with my six-year-old eyes and met the gaze of my great-grandfather, who was sitting on a kitchen chair. He was a skilled worker who welded decorative metalwork on buildings in old Toronto.

Then again, that was in the 1960s. Let’s fast-forward to the present day and ask ourselves: What if there was a unique key that, when turned, unlocks a realm of imagination?

In other words, imagine what could happen if you discover a hidden ‘pass-key’ within this article. It could lead to clarity and inspiration you never saw coming.

It’s a multi-level world with universal resources;

offering wisdom, spiritual regeneration, and possibilities.

Keep your eyes open for that delightful A-HA moment.

Is this an ever-evolving life quest?

universal-stairs-imageFrom the very first breath we take, a path begins to unfold. This journey can lead us to a dream, a destiny, or a different path altogether.

Moreover, the formula for this journey is a mystery, with reasons and purpose hidden in a puzzle that we must solve as we go.

Life is a process like a ladder, with each of us climbing the rungs in a unique sequence and encountering unexpected twists and turns. Similar to a hero’s journey, it’s a quest that mirrors the intricate paths of the Tree of Life’s branches and stems.

In simpler terms, it’s like a roadmap for our personal growth and self-discovery. It is no coincidence that this theme echoes the human energy system with its meridian pathways.

For the most part, my quest to uncover the mysteries of light and sound has been truly transformative. It has encouraged me to trust my instincts, filled with universal insights like yours.

I took the reins of my life on a spiritual quest,

as a memory moved out of the shadow into the shine.

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Sound and vibrational energy tips.

universal-key-2Recently, I focused on the word ‘sound’ in my company name. It brought back a vivid memory of that 1960s keyring. Then, my mind zoomed in on a specific skeleton key. I was recalling a timely piece of my life puzzle.

Indeed, this flashback unlocked what I will share for the first time. If I had only written one article about a childhood recollection, it would be this one, as it’s about sound in a chromotherapy practice.

Numerous sound and vibrational tools, such as gongs, tuning forks, and singing bowls, can orchestrate a healing-vibe atmosphere today.

Light and sound can encourage peace and self-regeneration.

Important note: This article only refers to non-touch, non plugin tools.

Vibrational therapies transcend aura boundaries.

Johann Sebastian Bach Portrait by author Bien
Musican Bach Portrait

Equally important is classical music, which encompasses various genres. Throughout history, composers have delighted us with their music.

The greats, such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, reached the same mystical level on their journey.

More notably, these musicians composed harmonious pieces that elevate the spirit and calm the soul.

All in all, the blending of notes creates a heavenly resonance for a good reason: it radiates the healing energy of music to the listener.

In reality, the music of the spheres simulates purpose and action. Now, imagine the wonder of being a part of this cosmic symphony.

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Memorable music scores tune into higher realms.

Ludwig van Beethoven Portrait by author Bien
Musican Beethoven Portrait

After all, the unearthly sounds of cosmos activity, captured onto sheet music, were the music of the spheres (moving cosmic objects). In Beethoven’s later life, he wrote music only audible to his clairaudient ear, as he had lost hearing.

Today, we still yearn for his celestial note-taking; its precise octaves entice the spirit of the aura into natural healing rhythms.

This article draws on insights from Lumalight and Sound Therapy (2016), a trusted resource and the fifth installment in the esteemed Golden Light series.

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A universal light symphony.

lumalight-componentsIn addition to universal radiation, which refers to the energy that permeates the entire universe, sunlight’s color rays and sound are also vibrational frequencies that carry information.

These suble energies, which a trained individual focuses on, can play a pivotal role in raising, calming, clearing, and balancing the aura.

While the aura’s energy field may appear ethereal, it is a captivating symphony of light and sound, where the power of thought conducts your personal harmony.

Aspiring dreams are generously laden with stardust.

Capture its healing energy with breathwork in a session.

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OM is a forever-traveling solar vibration.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Portrait by author Bien
Musican Mozart Portrait

I have a secret about planetary and musical scale tools useful in metaphysical practice. My favorite tuning fork is OM, a sacred sound in many traditions. Unsurprisingly, OM and Ascension Ladder geometries are in Lumalight sets.

In fact, you can read more about the geometries in Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life, the second Golden Light book that spotlights 24 Lumalight geometries.

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Mythology is about inner life.

Next, let’s step into the realm of ancient deities whose powers were brought to life by the celestial layout of the constellations.

I would love to share my take on an ancient myth. Although this belief dates back a long time, it is still relevant today.

In the past, people used mythological deities to represent the invisible forces of Nature, such as Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and atmospheric conditions.

All in all, they were also personified as symbols to help people understand and remember universal laws and principles.

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‘Hu’ popularized an earthly communication model.

vibration-thought-bookOne such deity, Hu, from the Egyptian pantheon, held a unique role. Hu embodied the power of spoken language. In doing so, Hu’s quest was to hu–manize verbal speech.

Under Hu’s watchful eye, thousands of alphabets formed, each fulfilling a purpose and contributing to the profound impact of spoken language on human consciousness.

Moreover, think of Hu’s influence on Nature. See Hu as a mystical power or a distilled celestial substance necessary for life.

Breath expresses the life force and reinforces the power of speech.

Without a doubt, this process has a transforming, evolving effect on us.

Christopher Columbus sails the rainbow hues.

Christopher Columbus Portrait by author Bien
Christopher Columbus Portrait

Symbolic storytelling has a unique power to uncover our inner myths and reveal hidden qualities within ourselves. However, it takes an intuitive mind to recognize our gifts, just like the courageous adventurer described below.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer who set sail on daring voyages, even during uncertain times.

In the same way, we embark on personal journeys by navigating the seven chakra colors of the rainbow.

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But isn’t Hu about the color hues, too?

spectrahue-inc-logoThe answer is indeed yes. The world of colors, symbolized by the rainbow, is a captivating realm that draws in those who dare to explore. Sunlight carries a call to action in its shades, hues, and frequencies.

They engage in a musical dance with other cosmic emanations, creating a spectacle symphony in the atmosphere.

Unsurprisingly, my company name, “Spectra-hue,” was conceived decades ago as a name for all-seeing spectacles. This two-syllable word alludes to the mystical properties of light, color, and sound.

In light language, there is so much play on words, including who’s Hu.

With this in mind, this logo is my take on the “as above, so below” theory of light and geometry reflecting upon the aura.

Nature abides by sacred geometry rules.

dream-chromotherapyIn any event, sound gives rise to patterns. At the same time, the universe creates structures and shapes based on the vibrations it receives.

In fact, the study of geometry has revealed that it can communicate the universal energy that shapes it. Crystals and gemstones, for example, possess geometrical structures. They are natural treasures used in spiritual practices.

Each shape is unique, for example:

  • The circle represents unity and infinity.
  • The triangle symbolizes balance and harmony.
  • The spiral represents movement and evolution.

During exploration, you can use Lumalight and Qi energy hand movements over acupuncture points and reflex zones. By tracing invisible shapes on the aura, you can engage your inner feelings (intuition) for guidance.

Let there be light, eh? Hu, Hue, or Who says?

For example, these configurations may be intuitive flashes reflected from the Akashic Records above.

What is this universal recording device?

In brief, according to ancient writings, astral light compiles and distributes a vast library where knowledge and wisdom are stored. This collection is known as The Akashic Records or The Great Memory.

Like light, it is a mystery in the starry sky. Indeed, this data collection might have Hu’s sound mission: An ongoing vocal sensation.

Introducing light, sound, and vibrational modalities in our practice may also fine-tune our ‘Hu,’ or inner voice, as we evolve with technology. I wonder if we did in the past, too.

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Plunge into that intuitively rewarding zone.

Without question, deep down, we all desire to reach the Alpha-Theta zone of the mind, regardless of our profession or objective. This state of mind characterizes an increased level of intuitive awareness.

Individuals working in creative fields often experience this state to enhance their ideas.

Here are a few closing tips:

  • Sound is light
  • Not all light is sound
  • Sound is a “shaper” for light to express itself
  • Sound is pattern-generating

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A never-ending search for the marvelous.

To conclude, I now realize (real eyes!) that my relative’s keyring in the 1960s wasn’t an ordinary object, nor was stumbling upon it by chance. Little did I know then that it held the key to a world of understanding.

In other words, this writing experience taught me that childhood memories may hold greater meaning later in life. Sooner or later, everything fits together like a puzzle with no missing pieces or mistakes.

In sincerity, I hope my work inspires you.

If my writing ignites a spark within you, please share this with others.

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