Lumalight Benefits

lumalight benefits
Discover your Lumalight Potentlal

Users of Lumalight are in a class of their own. Independent spirits, introspective, serene. Treating their penlight sets like prize possessions, they often return to the source, to explore more, learn more, practice more. Each Lumalight is an attachment for life, with unique benefits built into the system.

There are benefits to using our system that goes beyond just a color therapy light set.

The benefit of knowledge

sacred-geometry-spectrahueLumalight developer, Julianne Bien, studied color light, geometry and sound extensively. She has created and published manuals, a DVD series and various books and training aides for Lumalight users.

She shares her knowledge at workshops, conferences and events and via the media. Her training programs include live courses that are certified by two national accreditation boards for continuing education.

The benefit of relevance

In a trained hand, Lumalight penlights draw fine light figures in space-time, interacting with live energy fields in unrepeatable, unique patterns. Each is a singular instant message, suited to individual needs at a particular time, deciphered and fine-tuned through interaction. Just as no two situations are ever exactly alike, each Lumalight experience is always unique in the moment.

The benefit of time


Ancient peoples worldwide have used light to restore wellbeing. Colors had meaning for them on many levels. Their discoveries survive and are an integral part of our beliefs and practices.

True to that ancient wisdom, Lumalight wands focus light on traditional acupuncture points along the meridian system. This gentle approach has withstood the test of time.

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.