lumalight uses in massage therapy and bodywork

Lumalight Massage and Bodywork

The moon orbits the earth which is spinning on its axis as it revolves around the sun bringing days and seasons filled with light and warmth, dark and cold. All in a systematic and timely fashion. As these light and temperature levels change our bodies also undergo emotional and physical changes.

Color my world

spectrahue-nature-beautyEuropean studies suggest that sunlight charges the core of our essence as our skin absorbs, processes, and distributes the information contained in the light now within us. This so-called internal lighting system helps regulate our bodily functions. Our skin acts as a two-way antenna as well as a protective shield against the environment. It enables our body to store light photons allowing us to function properly and have energy during low light seasons such as winter. And we all know that when we don’t get enough sunlight we may feel depressed, sad, withdrawn, or be more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu. We’ve all heard of the winter blues, which really means our light reserve is running low in the northern hemisphere. By the time spring arrives, we’re ready to charge up in sunshine and take in brilliant natural colors all around us.

While you might expect the energy of late spring and the summer sun to be beneficial for our wellbeing, we still routinely avoid and substitute daylight with artificial illumination, even during these brighter months. Hundreds of years ago, humans spent ninety per cent of their waking time outdoors. Now when we venture outside, we shield ourselves from sunlight by wearing hats, applying sunscreen, and staying in the shade as much as possible. It’s OK to take off your hat once in a while.

Color illuminates

The world around us is constantly illuminated by the sun. It’s what enables us to see and perceive our lively and fascinating world the way we do. Sunlight gives us our color spectrum ranging from red to violet. And these colors appear in many shades and hues, which is an essential energy basic to life. Color is a true and honest sensation that playfully stimulates our senses and affects our psychological and physical state of being. Studies have shown that light is an essential ingredient to a healthy metabolism in all creatures. The more we study color the more we understand its true beauty and power as its frequency, vibration, and wavelength deliver information we need for nourishment and survival.

spectrahue-chromotherapy-beginningColor light therapy has evolved throughout history—from the ancient Egyptians using light and prisms to heal people to ancient Greece, where heliotherapy, or curing sickness by sun exposure, was born. It is also described as chromotherapy, spectrachrome, and color harmonics, which utilizes a color-light torch called Lumalight. This illuminating tool enables energy carried in light to support the body’s healing potential efficiently. Color and light continue to help the healing process in many ways.

Light and the body

On a physical and emotional level we’re affected by many types of artificial light. The meridian system moves subtle energy throughout the body and supports bodily movement. Unnatural light sources can impede its energy flow which impacts our circulation. Massage therapists and bodyworkers are at the forefront of guiding people into a place for self-healing and rejuvenation through a multitude of disciplines. When you begin to understand the benefits of energy-based modalities such as Reiki and color light therapy you understand the cascading piezoelectric effect when the body receives vital information only color can offer.

lumalight color healing experience sessionWhen used in a massage session including acupressure, color light applications can have a significant effect on the recipient by sending call-to-action messages throughout the body’s networking system. While reflex zones are being worked on, color can help release old memories trapped, on an energetic level, in body tissue. Although there may be serious underlying causes of a person’s pain, their pain may be the last link in a reverberating chain of events. It may only be a signal of, and not necessarily a source of trauma, which of course should be ruled out first.

Another reason to use color to enhance these healing methods is the physical space it can give to a seasoned massage therapist. Because the penlight doesn’t directly touch the recipient your hands and fingers, your most important tools, can take a bit of a break while the light takes charge. Although there isn’t an array of clinical scientific studies of the complete spectrum of light’s benefits, the truth is that the sun will always be a necessary part of our lives as are water, food, and air, life’s basic ingredients for a well-balanced existence.

Acupuncturists and massage therapists have used color light methods to enhance results in their practices as it encourages self-healing and releasing painful memories of past traumas as it works on the subtle energies in the aura––the so called non-physical “untouchables”– and hopefully gives the “pain” the space to dissipate and clear away. As a noninvasive, non-touch modality this is a powerful tool. And it’s simple to use. You just select a color filter, clip it to the penlight, and shine light two or more inches away from the body.

Color has meaning in our lives

There have been many books written on the psychological and therapeutic uses of various colors. The following guidelines will help you match intent to the selection of the appropriate color filter in your penlight set.

lumalight color chakra systemSelect spectral colors such as:

Red to nourish and stimulate

orange to encourage and vitalize

yellow to warm and purify

green to calm and balance

sky blue to cool and relax

indigo blue for its peaceful and calming quality

violet for inflammation and anxiety

magenta for balance and support

There spiritual colors such as crimson to clear emotional blockages; gold for circulation; turquoise for relaxation and rejuvenation; and light green to harmonize energy systems. And, as in most cases, you’ll intuit the timing of shining the light. Remember, less is always more, as time is needed for the information carried in light to integrate into the energy system.

Color light use supports the body, mind, and soul matrix in a beneficial way. When used in combination with acupuncture, massage therapy and bodywork, gentle emissions of colored light, as it is with low-level laser therapy, can be an effective pain-soothing tool. Lumalight creator Julianne Bien is an approved continuing education provider for The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

The original version of this article appeared in Massage Magazine (2013)

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