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The ancient art of color light and reflexology

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict regular hand and foot care. This honorable practice may have been a precursor to modern reflexology. In the same era, the ancient Greek philosopher Hermes–Thoth brought the awareness of how color light was intrinsic to healing and restoring the balance of the vital energies in a person.

In hermetic traditions, sun healing was called chromotherapy.

This captures vital energy for revitalizing and spiritual purposes.

Combining both of these skills is described as color-light reflexology.

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Now, let’s take an in-depth look at this topic.



A natural healing approach empowers us.

Lumalight Technique 2

The ancient Greeks and Romans were alchemical geniuses who knew the spiritual and intuitive arts well. They were innovators of the solarium, which means a sunroom or sun porch, and the sundial.

With such a long tradition of these practices, it’s natural that the two modalities of reflexology and chromotherapy have evolved into a combined practice called color light reflexology.

Introduce colors upon the face, hands, and feet over reflex zones.

Light baths were used to promote physical and emotional well-being.

It was also a place to gather for a meeting of the minds.

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Light wisdom is an eternal solar gift.


Firstly, who questions the sun’s role in the photosynthesis of plant nutrients? It’s one of those things we take for granted. For instance, we intuitively know it’s as essential to human survival and internal processes as air, food, and water.

But it’s so much more than that, as light plays a role in everything around here. All life forms in nature are finely tuned to light like an instrument, and the sun delivers a full-spectrum apothecary.

Color light therapy enters the mainstream.

Chromotherapy is generally known for having certain psychological and therapeutic benefits. So, there must be truth to its use, as it has stood the test of recorded time. In addition, the use of photon energy, meaning colors of light, has piqued the interest of researchers worldwide, as the value of full-spectrum light is common knowledge.

Above all, we have only begun to explore the many branches of light therapies, including low-level laser and red and blue light therapy.

Visible light works like a sundial:

It has opposing forces exhibited by its day and night colors.

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Visible light has a polarity, like the Yin/Yang theory.

Yin Yang WorldAs with the yin-yang concept in ancient philosophies, using opposite forces can balance our Qi (universal energy) for wellness. This principle is the foundation for all modes of energy work.

This theory naturally applies to the visible spectrum. Color light photons are energy, frequency, and vibration. In an energy healing practice, they are described as either magnetic or electric. It’s important to note that light’s visible hues have profound psychological and therapeutic attributes.

As a result, color light influences the physical through the Qi energy in the meridians, chakras, and aura. Thi’s theory applies to all living beings, including eluding plants and trees. Sunlight’s subtle energies instill a balancing, clearing, calming, and raising effect. Now, there are countless books and research studies on this subject, but here are the basics:

Day and night sun energies:

  1. Daytime colors of red, orange, and yellow have warming and stimulating effects.
  2. The evening hues of violets and blues can be calming and cooling.
  3. Green in the middle is the great equalizer for harmony and balancing energy.

There are many colors and shades to choose from;

just as there are situations you’ll encounter in practice.

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The aura is an energy shield of information.

Lumalight Therapy 1

We reside in a complex energy field called the aura, and our skin is a sensory organ that responds to external stimuli.

The skin, made up of cells, can also mirror internal imbalances. For example, this may be expressed outward as a visual appearance of a rash or a blemish.

In addition, the aura and the skin constantly communicate through telepathy and thought forms.

Both are sensory fields, and they share many functions, including self-preservation. For example, touch therapies and guided color beams stimulate skin and aura.

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The auric field has human mapping systems.

Foot reflexology chart

Acupuncture or acupressure points are access spots into your energy system along the body’s meridians (energy pathways). Reflex zones intersect with them. These identified areas include locations on hands, feet, and face. These are known as reflexology zones.

Throughout the ages, ancient and modern healers and therapists created maps of these three areas based on their knowledge and experience in the healing arts. The maps were guidance charts. They depicted the body’s internal systems’ reflex (reflection) zones.

Ancient mapping systems vary, so it’s essential to trust your intuition when selecting your reference charts. Overall, this is a supportive modality on your healing journey, as we are, first and foremost, beings of light.

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Holistic and spiritual users introduce color energy.

Lumalight Technique 3

Licensed reflexologists may work alongside wellness professionals to support vitality, maintenance, and recovery programs. A wide range of holistic therapists integrate this modality into their profession.

The technique is generally easy to learn. Once the area is stimulated with touch therapy, a handheld color light emitter is introduced to inspire a self-healing or regulating reaction. Color light reflexology is relaxing and comforting for most people.

It stands to reason why the spa industry’s anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments include reflexology techniques and color therapies to tone and clarify the skin. Above all, many holistic practitioners and therapists know this is an intuitive science and a mystical art.

It’s innate in all of us and part of our self-discovery process.

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Color psychology is part of energywork.

Luminous sunrise

A few final words on this vital subject: It stands to reason that the appearance of this world is dependent on sunlight. For example, the impact of color light upon anything in nature makes it visible to the human eye. Light makes all of nature, including all living beings, visually apparent to us.

In addition, an object’s coloration also influences our perception and affects our moods, whether subliminally or consciously. Now, innumerable (invisible) hues silently impart messages around us.

The art of color psychology can make branding a product or image successful. Color psychology research and findings have found their way into marketing, branding, décor, and the fashion industry.

Color also affects our perception and behavior.

It’s the driving force behind the creation of art and innovation.

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The Spectrahue Method of light therapy.

lumalight-universal-system-gTo conclude, we all know that the colors in nature, art, and cuisine move, tempt, and touch us profoundly. Color always nourishes us with sun-rich nutrients from nature’s bounty, including vitamins and minerals. Life-sustaining colors guide us on our journey.

There’s more to light than meets the eye, so The Spectrahue Method using Lumalight is a four-season approach to self-discovery. This modality encourages spiritual growth while nourishing and harmonizing the energy system.

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Lumalight-in-action photos courtesy of Terry Leone, Voice of the Soul Healing, New York, United States



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