Adventures of Maximojo: A Warp in Time

Embark on a journey with two space heroes, Maximojo, a dog, and Glitta, a fairy, as they set out to install a universal timekeeper. This awe-inspiring story is for all ages and will motivate and inspire you.

“Inspired by a dream, this story is for my Bichon Frisé friend.”

A grandfather reads this story to young Claire in a cabin during a snowstorm.

Learn more about author ‘s interest in light and the universe.



This heroic journey rouses universal curiosity.

A Warp in Time Novel by Bien

Somewhere beyond the moon, the idea of time buckled during a rare triple eclipse, a young and vulnerable puppy, Maximojo, is abruptly separated from his mother. Lost in a distant galaxy, he discovers an incredible companion in a glowing solar flare that transforms into a sparkling space fairy named Glitta.

Together, they form the Cosmic Duo, a name that echoes across the universe. They are known for their bravery and courageous exploits, which have saved countless worlds from danger.

This story revolves around a new cosmic clock, Kalapsis, moving in to take over timekeeping duties in the universe. Somewhere in the universe, a Galactic Council has asked the duo to smooth the transition on Planet Zalturn during the switchover.

As their adventure unfolds, a trio of stellar companions—Woofster the dog, Meowlen the cat, and Whinniston, the horse—join Maximojo and Glitta, forming the Mojo team. Yet, they are soon confronted with the difficulty that their mission is not just a simple task of transitioning timekeeping duties, but a risky journey filled with dangerous obstacles.

Enter Master McFee, a cosmic pirate determined to take over the Kingdom of Kavalon, ruled by Captain Daltoid Swaggelot. His underworld gang, led by a rat named Rutty, lures the animals to McFee’s dungeon.

Soon, they learn that two groups of enslaved miners, the Treptalonians and Mammolians, are trapped deep within this remote planet.



Maximojo A warp in time - Planet Zalturn

About the Novel

Paperback: 5.25” x 8”. 220 pages

Audiobook: 5.50 hour listening time

Print: ISBN 978-1-987956-03-0

Illustrations by Gary Wein

© (2012)  2017 Julianne Bien  All rights reserved. Spectrahue Light & Sound Inc., Canada

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