Adventures of Maximojo: A Warp in Time

Space heroes Maximojo the dog and Glitta the fairy are joined by three animals for a dangerous mission: the installation of a universal timekeeper. But mysterious things happen when they’re lured underground by a nasty gang controlled by a sinister tyrant seeking to conquer Planet Zalturn and rule the cosmo.

Inspired by a dream vision, Lumalight developer wrote this story for her angelic four-legged friend.



A Tale of Adversity and Triumph

A Warp in Time Novel by BienDuring a warp in time caused by a triple eclipse, a puppy named Maximojo is separated from his mother. Drifting alone in another galaxy, he joins forces with a solar flare who transforms into a space fairy, Glitta. Together they form the Cosmic Duo, admired for their heroic and daring missions.

Now they’ve been asked by the Galactic Council to smooth the transition on Planet Zalturn while a new cosmic clock, Kalapsis, takes over timekeeping duties in the universe. Maximojo and Glitta are joined by a stellar backup trio, the Mojo team: Woofster the dog, Meowlen the cat, and Whinniston the horse. And they’ll need the help—this mission is much bigger than they imagined.

Enter Master McFee, a ruthless cosmic pirate determined to take over the Kingdom of Kavalon, ruled by Captain Daltoid Swaggelot. The animals are lured to McFee’s dungeon by his underworld gang, led by a nasty rat named Rutty.

Soon they learn that two groups of enslaved miners, the Treptalonians and Mammolians, are trapped deep within this hidden planet.

Will the Cosmic Duo and the Mojo team save the kingdom in time?

And can they set the miners free?

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The following is an excerpt from the story…




maximojo-glitta-storyIt was late winter in a cabin up in the mountains. Claire, almost eleven years old, was wrapped in a blanket, curled up on the couch beside the fire. In flannel pajamas, she sipped her mug of hot chocolate.

The snow and ice pelted down on the window. “Grandpa, I’m bored,” she said, gazing at the logs burn and crackle as the wind whistled. The aromas of her favorite dinner, lasagna and apple pie, lingered in the air. Golden flames lit up her face as she looked above the fireplace at a shelf.

“Well, Claire, let’s see what I have here,” said Grandpa, who wore a plaid shirt and a woolly sweater. He reached up and ran his fingers across a stack of games and books. “Look what I found! I forgot this one was here. This story changed my life when I was about your age, and it was written long before then. My grandfather read it to me in this very room.” He pulled it out and the other books tumbled into an old stuffed animal. His childhood friend wobbled and fell off the shelf.

“Oh Grandpa, who is this? This dog looks so real,” Claire said as she picked him up. Drawn by his inquisitive face and flashy goggles, she touched his crystal collar with her finger, and it sparked.

Maximojo A warp in time - Planet Zalturn“Just a little static electricity on a stormy night,” Grandpa said.

“But it’s as if he just came alive,” she said.

“Maybe so. That’s Maximojo—well, a replica of him, and this is one of his adventures,” Grandpa said, patting the book as he sat down beside her. “This story means a lot to me.”

She held Maximojo in her arms. “Please read it, Grandpa. Is it a fun story?”

“Fun? Hmm, let’s see. I believe it’s more than that, Claire. Maximojo is a space hero and has a friend called Glitta. She may look like a light wand, but she’s really a space fairy with special powers too.” He opened the cover and turned to the first page. “The only place to begin is at the beginning.”

Claire moved in close and he began.


Chapter One

Look way up in the midnight sky, beyond the twinkle of a star and deep into the darkness. There you will find many worlds with their own rainbows and their own dreams. In this universe of ours, among the planets and the stars, somewhere in outer space, lives a special dog and his friend.

This is how their story began….

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2017 Release

Paperback: 5.25” x 8”. 220 pages

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