Lumalight Spectral System


This Lumalight system is presently unavailable

Ready to get learn about The Spectrahue Method?

Lumalight Premium System is now our entry level light set, with 15 magnificent filters and more



Let’s Get Started

Discover The Spectrahue Method of light therapy

Begin your journey into the world of color harmonics with our rainbow set

Package Includes

  • Penlight Torch (1)
  • Color Filters (7)
  • Bulbs (10)
  • Carrying Case
  • Educational Program

Spectral Color Filters (7)

Spectral Colors

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Indigo Blue, Violet

Educational Program

Energetically Correct: A Journey in Color Harmonics

  1. 3-Disc DVD Set
  2. Blue Reference / Maintenance Manual
    *Provides fundamental training of all filters in this system

Golden Light Series

  1. Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks
    *This is the first book in a 5-part series


  1. Lumalight Color & Geometry Wall Charts
  2. Customer Support (3 months)

Spectrahue Advantage

We believe education is key to mastering your Lumalight potential. As a bonus, we’ve included the first step in our home study program.

Workshop Opportunity

Join us at a nationally accredited course for hands-on training.

Next Step

Ready to explore our 8 spiritual color filters? It is easy to upgrade your light set to the Lumalight Premium System or any package. Just send us an email — and we can make it happen.

Lumalight systems are only available on our website.

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