Lumalight Travel Case

This quality case holds all Lumalight components.

It’s ideal for the energy worker on the go.

Custom order only.

Limit one per order.


Travel light anywhere

This travel case holds all Lumalight sets including the Universal System. Whether you pack it in your carry-on, or under your arm on the way to the barn, you’ll find this case meets your needs wherever your journey takes you.

We still love our beautiful artisan oak carrying cases but we all need a light weight travel case too!


  • Light weight (7″ W x 12″ L x 3.5″ H)
  • Slots for up to 42 Filters
  • Compartment for geometry inserts
  • Color index label
  • Water resistant ballistic black fabric
  • Quality zipper
  • Velvet pouch for batteries
  • Removable velcroed panel, for use to display geometry

Filters fit securely in slots when you lift up sides to close

Sleek design without handles for longevity and durability

Proudly made in Canada


  • this custom designed case is available for Lumalight users only
  • slight irregularities in foam does not constitute being a flaw

(Lumalight tools in picture, sold separately)


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