Lumalight Universal System

CAD $5,495.00

Our top model has everything you can dream of in color harmonics tools.

Features 66 interchangeable clip-on components.

Professional quality, ergonomic design, signature detailing, superior finish, training

Special Upgrade –  Switch up Oak Cases (pictured) to:

  1. Lumalight Travel Case (black only)

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Updated 06/2019


Lumalight Universal System

This ultimate light set provides for continual exploration of possibilities in energy work.

We are an extension of a higher source, a conduit for universal energy. Nikola Tesla, discoverer of alternating current, once said, “We need to rely on our intuition, imagination, and intent.”

To truly master our light tools, these are words to live by in a Lumalight practice.

Package Includes:

  1. Penlight Torches (2)
  2. Filters (40)
  3. Geometry Inserts  (24)
  4. Metatron’s Cube Set
  5. Oak Carrying Cases (2)
    – or upgrade to black carrying case (holds 42 filters) Recommended
  6. Plus Extras (see below)

Component Details

Filter Selection (22)


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Indigo Blue, Violet


Magenta, Crimson, Gold, Light Green, Turquoise, Blueberry, Lavender, Pink


Lemon, UV, IR, Blocker, Bubbles, Honeycomb (Y/G), Rainbow Weave

Additional Filters (18)

Universal Sky (Pearl), Ruby, Scarlet, Peach/Pink, Caramel, Slate Blue, Gold-Sun

Black, Sea Green, Purple, Gray, Portal, Spheres, Cubes

Form A & Form B (affixed with Moss Green filters)*, Gray, Silver, White, and bonus filter.

* Note: This package also includes another set of Form Inserts: A and B.

** Certain filters may be discontinued soon, based on availability.

Recommended: Upgrade to black travel light case upon checkout. It holds complete filter selection listed above, plus geometry inserts below.

Geometry Inserts (24 piece set)

Foundation Inserts

Fibonacci Spiral • Infinity • Infinity Reverse • Sphere

Platonic Shapes

Icosahedron • Octahedron • Star Tetrahedron • Cube • Dodecahedron

Cosmic Designs

Pyramid • 4-PT Star • 5-PT Star • 7-PT Star • 9-PT Star

Moon Phases, • Focus Point • Micro Cosmos • Ascension • Conception

Flower of Life • Form A and B* • OM of Universal Light • Expansion

Plus ..

Metatron’s Cube Set

This specialty geometry set  includes:

Light on Darkness (insert) • Darkness on Light (insert) • Clear Filter • How-To Chart

Educational Program

Energetically Correct: A Journey in Color Harmonics

  1. 3-Disc DVD Set
  2. Blue Reference / Maintenance Manual
    read more

Golden Light Series

  1. Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks
  2. Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life (book set)
  3. Lumalight Chromatic Essentials (book set)
  4. Lumalight and Essential Oils (book set)
  5. Golden Light: Lumalight and Sound Therapy (book set)

Plus Extras

  1. Light bulbs (20)
  2. Magnetic Case (holds geometry inserts)
  3. Color Therapy for Animals (book)
  4. Spectrahue Universal Deck
  5. Spectrahue Geocolor Playdeck
  6. Lumalight Protocol Chart (Laminated/Key Ring)
  7. Lumalight Battery Case Holder
  8. Lumalight Color & Geometry Charts
  9. Lumalight Radiance Chart
  10. Lumalight Dowsing Chart
  11. Customer Support (3 months)


Spectrahue Advantage

We believe education is key to mastering your Lumalight potential, so we’ve included the complete Lumalight home study program and customer support.

Workshop Opportunity

Join us at a nationally accredited course for hands-on training.

Lumalight Systems are only available on our website.

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