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Exploring the Higher Worlds of Light Energy

Perhaps you were drawn to the power of light as a healing modality, following in the footsteps of our ancestors since time immemorial. But lightwork is much more than the resolution of physical and emotional symptoms. By deepening your awareness of the genesis of symptoms, a higher understanding of the universal whole unfolds.

To do so, we rely on: intent, intuition, imagination.

Universal principles influenced The Spectrahue Method.

Such as Hermetic axiom: “As above so below; as below so above.”

I hope this true story inspires you on your path.



My Golden Light Series

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienDecades ago, the inspiration for writing the first book in a series was the result of a discussion ending with: “OK! I can do it!”

More importantly, it sparked the big “I” (Inner Eye!) that oversees the feelings and emotions in “me.” Now, this concept of “I and me” is another one of the Hermetic principles that governs the laws of the universe.

And all this took place just after I launched my Lumalight training series called: Energetically Correct. Moreover, this DVD series is an incredible story on its own which I’ll explain in another article.

Timing is everything right? Well, this whirlwind of creative energy reeved me up as I embarked on a journey into light mysteries and healing. And at the time, I had no clue that this text would bring me incredible purpose in life.

Above all, I remember brightly the heartfelt sensation of creating: Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks. But as each chapter started to come into focus, my understanding of a bigger vision began declaring itself in my dream visions.

This Golden Light Series book was written  for Lumalight alchemists.

Explore this website for fascinating topics in light language.

Looking back here’s how this story goes…



Like Tesla, I was Driven by a Life Mission

Tesla-light-bulbAlbeit, the thirst for unravelling universal mysteries is innate in all of us. But first it needs to be alchemically stirred up. For example with creative thoughts and curiosity about life mysteries.

But for me I also had to carefully observe symbolic dream messages and waking clues along the way.

And, one thing I knew for sure was that for this mission, I had to stay in the hotel room where inventor Nicola Tesla (pictured) had lived during his last ten years.

But the good news is Tesla wasn’t alone after most people shunned him for his genius, while putting others high on lofty pedestals for his achievements.

Wholeheartedly, he befriended Manhattan’s central park pigeons that perched on his windowsill, while continuing to advance technology for humankind.

In short, one bird had revealed its soul to him as living light….



I was a 21st Century Aspirant of the Mystical

new-yorker-hotel-signSo miraculously, I was able to reserve the same corner room for my own writing adventure. As well, incredible insights came to me in the lobby restaurants and other areas of the hotel.

Meanwhile, it’s important to mention that at the turn of the last century, around the early 2000s, The New Yorker Hotel (Manhattan) was filled with glorious crystal chandeliers.

Its prismatic lights stirred up memories of time past, while its casted light beams that mingled with the mystical from the new age expos held in its elegant ballrooms.

Inventor Nicola Tesla created the prototype for florescent tube lighting.

No wonder The New Yorker’s rooftop signage lit up Manhattan for years.

Note: this backlit signage (pictured) was taken from my hotel suite’s huge balcony during another stay at my home away from home writing muse.

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The hotel’s “Great Memory or Akashic Records” contains my experiences too, but there’s more to this story…



Yes! It’s that Iconic New Yorker Hotel

Nikola Tesla Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Nikola Tesla Portrait

Needless to say, Manhattan is a powerful hub for mysticism. This city is adorned with Freemason, Rosicrucian, mystical and alchemical symbolism built into its beauty. Everywhere. Above and below. Concealed and revealed if you are looking closely..

And, Manhattan is a place where “The Great Memory” carries the mystical voices of the past to those who listen intuitively with their higher senses.

Now, with an underground tunnel and art deco architecture built almost a century ago, this hotel’s fast–moving elevator whisked me up to Room #3327.

Now, you’re probably wondering why Tesla choose this specific room, right?

Oh, I’m glad you have a great inquisitive mind!

So, here’s why: The number three and its multiples are powerful forces as mathematically and probably astrologically etc., it’s what makes up the universe and everything in it.

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So, here’s what happened next…



The Room: A Turnkey for Creative Thoughts

symbol-keyUpon turning the door key round and with a little jolt of the handle, the mystical ambiance in this small room ushered me in. A chilly breeze swept through the cracked open window as the furnishings from time past stirred my senses. Or memory?

Anyway, elated with a supply of pens and paper in my suitcase, I was all set for my Tesla meditations and writing process to get underway.



My Light Discovery Hideaway Place

aura-glowReflecting back to 2003, this room’s rickety metal framed bed set and desk fit snugly next to a checkered tile bathroom. At first glance, it felt surreal; right out of the thirties from the Roaring Twenties into the Great Depression era.

And, it came as no surprise that the morning sunrises were breathtakingly awesome.

All in all, this book is filled with alchemical insights, protocols and the wisdom of light language.

Lumalight user tips include:

  • Colors, Patterns, UR, IR, Blocker protocols
  • Releasing the birthing process
  • Holographic navel techniques
  • Addressing over charged emotions
  • Accessing chakra energy wisdom
  • balancing, clearing, attuning uses

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Ancestral memories dust the shores of consciousness with its swift light moves.



Exploring the Ocean of Energy Consciousness

Jumping up to the lightOver five centuries ago, our worldview began changing dramatically as the underpinnings of the “flat-earth” theory were progressively overturned, and it has never stopped changing.

So, it’s not far fetched to think that a century from now, our worldview will be profoundly altered again. All in all, I believe that our universe will be redefined as a living multiverse.

For instance, imagine layers of energy consciousness, unconscious reflections and simultaneous human existences that we are free to explore in all of their magnificence and subtleties.

In fact, I see the universe like a huge telecommunication system linking up our cells to the stars. It’s as if we are navigating through an ocean of energy located within what we call consciousness.

And, this information exchange occurs with each fleeting idea ever thought.

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In short, with all have a special friend on our quest, mine was Lumalight!



Lumalight: The Chemistry of Light Alchemy

lumalight color therapy equipmentIn conclusion, think of this concept of light alchemy as a vessel surfing the tides of the universe. The journey’s map guides you along your physical, emotional and spiritual exploration.

It’s much like the sailing ships of old that carried explorers who discovered new continents, or the spacecrafts that took people to the moon. And even with modern technology, we’ve only just begun a higher understanding of the power and alchemy of the mind.

The Spectrahue Method is about discovering universal wisdom and spiritual awakenings. Note, Golden Light books are part of the training materials for Lumalight alchemists and energyworkers.

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