Zeetumah: Queen of the Rainbow Honeybees

A colorful adventure for an untold legend


Somewhere in the darkness is a honeycomb mansion, home of galactic honeybees, with a ruling Queen who oversees the flowering planets in this galaxy.

Sacred to these pollinators is an ancient amulet that holds the secret teachings of honeybees and Nature. This amulet, a rare sun diamond, is passed down to a daughter born with rainbow antennae. That beechild, Zeetumah, is destined to be the next Queen to carry on their legacy. Her beehood training prepares her for a dangerous journey.

With her new knowledge, brave Queen Zeetumah sets off across space to fulfill her destiny. She leads her courageous team on a mission to revive a planet back to its former glory. Honeybee folklore speaks of this place fated for her rainbow children. A place where Zeetumah passes on her gift so their legacy can carry on in a distant world.

Delightfully illustrated, this is a must-read story for children and honeybee lovers in our colorful world under the rainbow.


August 2018 Release

This original short story is a work of fiction. It was created in honor of honeybees for their sweet gifts and the beauty they give our world.

the rainbow honeybeez chronicles logoIdeal for honeybee lovers, libraries, schools, promotions, fundraising, and educational events too.

This is the first book in a series called: The Rainbow Honeybees Chronicles


Fantasy Fiction
5.25″ x 8″ paperback
48 pages
10 black/white illustrations
Reading Level ages 9 and up

ISBN 978-1-987956-06-1 (paperback)

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