Color Light Acupuncture

Professional Chromotherapy

Lumalight Color Light Acupuncture Kits

Lumalight Acupuncture

For over 40 years, and more recently in the last decade, light and color therapies have been used in acupuncture, wellness and anti-aging practices with positive benefits.

This approach to supporting a person’s own ability to strengthen their system can enhance needling sequences by shining penlight over point locations.

Lumalight tools can also be used intuitively to assist in neutralizing the underlying emotional blocks, described as memory of an energetic nature. This stagnation may impede meridian flow and overall harmony.

This method of non-laser, non-LED color light techniques supports most modalities used in a clinic.

Lumalight’s protocols and techniques are easy to learn.

Introduce this revitalizing nutrient into the energy field, meridians, zones and acupoints.

To live a balanced lifestyle, we need to increase our energy level through exercise, fresh air, the food we eat and drink and from the energy of the sun. Light delivers our color nutrients to us daily, as each color has its own qualities acting as a life-giving source we need in our lives. For example, fruits and vegetables all contain elements of this color energy, also described as frequencies and vibrations.

Lumalight Color & Geometry System Options

Lumalight Steps

First, select protocol and color (frequency) filter selection.

Clip filter onto penlight torch, and guide light towards;

  • acupuncture points (with or without needles)
  • reflex zones
  • meridian pathways

Intuitive timing, before you switch to next filter.

Lumalight Use

Lumalight Color Light AcupunctureThis modality is ideal for everyone who loves acupuncture but are shy of needles. Even the elderly and children may prefer a needle-less treatment.

Lumalight Training

Lumalight Color Light AcupunctureSpectrahue Color Harmonics System offers nationally accredited Lumalight courses as well as home study programs for the novice to advanced practitioner of holistic therapies.

Lumalight Advantage

This quality penlight kit uses incandescent light bulbs to provide a gentle flow of light that can safely be shone anywhere. The beauty of this modality is that the penlight does not touch the skin, as you are only addressing energy patterns in the aura.

Lumalight by Spectrahue tools are also non-medical and non-diagnostic, which makes it an ideal color light delivery system to use in any practice and for home use.

Continuing Education

Lumalight courses are eligible for PDA / CE credits for many wellness professionals.

NCCAOM and NCBTMB Approved Provider.

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