Lumalight Chromatic Essentials


Professional Chromotherapy

Lumalight teachings have been embraced in the wellness, spa and natural therapies sectors around the globe. This is the third book in the Golden Light Series for the advancement of color and light therapy studies. The theory, observations and protocols shared in this home study program were created for spiritual makeovers and energetic up-do’s to encourage a state of harmony and vitality.

Ideal for the Spa Professional and Color Therapists

Our revolutionary techniques are designed for professionals who wish to make a difference in people’s lives by offering chromotherapy lights in their services. It is truly a holographic experience and complements most skin and body care lines in a spa setting.


Book set includes:

The main “how-to” instruction book as well as two beautiful laminated charts (13” x 19”) of our signature protocols created for Lumalight users.

  • lumalight-color-light-facialLumalight Radiance Facial™
    • enhance your facial treatments by introducing colored light and geometrical shapes
  • Lumalight SpineGlow Beauty™
    • support your mind/body treatments by addressing zones along the back with light

Find out who uses Lumalight in their practices

Lumalight training

lumalight-deluxe-system-aThis educational instruction program was created for you to advance your studies in The Spectrahue Method. All our techniques have a spiritual quality to them, as you shine color lights and geometry shapes over acupoints and reflex zone, or are intuitively guided to just fill the aura with colored light.

This concept is based on the author’s observations of the energy field, and her understanding of emotions as described in the five element theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The suggested uses and all variations are easy to learn and provide for endless possibilities. Use in combination with acupuncture, vibrational, sound and aroma therapies, healthy lifestyle regimes as well as massage and bodywork methods.

(06/2022) Product only available in Lumalight packages

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