Lumalight Chromatic Essentials


All is vibration in one form or another. Everything in the universe is evolving in vibratory rhythm. Naturally, this theory applies to us from the outside–in as well as from the inside–out. Energy vibrations personify us: emotionally, physically, spiritually. Lumalight focuses on working with these living vibrations in a natural and gentle way.

Lumalight is embraced in the wellness, spa and natural therapies sectors worldwide.

Our signature holographic techniques are uplifting and rejuvenating in every season.

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Professional Chromotherapy

lumalight-courses-homeThis third book in the Golden Light Series works with the higher senses for a mystical and transforming experience. The theories, observations and protocols described support physical and spiritual makeovers.

This home study program was created to make a difference in people’s lives. Ultimately, personal growth and awareness can be achieved in the right light.

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Luminous Energywork

Chromotherapy is an aspect of energywork that complements most skin and body care lines in a spa and holistic setting. And by using non-touch non-LED light emitters, a session is truly a gentle holographic experience.

Book set includes:

Lumalight color therapy meaning and uses

  • Instructional guidebook
    • theories, observations, protocols
  • Lumalight Radiance Facial (chart)
    • supports spa sessions
    • addresses zones (face)
  • Lumalight SpineGlow Beauty (chart)
    • supports mind/body sessions
    • addresses zones (back)

Note: It is recommended to first watch the Energetically Correct Series prior to exploring these techniques. This DVD program sets the foundation of The Spectrahue Method.

You’ll learn powerful energy moving techniques. For example: Using Lumalight, learn how to raise, calm, clear and balances energy in the aura, as well as a myriad of specific uses.

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Lumalight Education

lumalight color healing experience sessionThis original instruction program was created to advance your studies in The Spectrahue Method. In addition, all suggested techniques have a spiritual quality to them, as you shine color lights and geometry shapes over acupressure points and reflex zone.

You’ll also work intuitively with color energy in the aura. Ultimately, your goal is to encourage a state of harmony and vitality within that expressed outward in the world.

Lastly, the suggested uses and all variations are easy to learn and provide for endless possibilities. You may also consider our virtual class series to advance your practice.

Use in combination with acupressure, vibrational, sound and aroma therapies, healthy lifestyle regimes as well as massage and bodywork methods.

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Lumalight is a limited edition Canadian made product

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.