Lumalight Chromatic Essentials


Lumalight Chromatic Essentials

“Lumalight Chromatic Essentials” is the third book in the five-part Golden Light series. Each book is designed as a module to engage the higher senses. Energywork that includes sunlight hues can provide a mystical and uplifting experience for spiritual makeovers.

Lumalight is embraced worldwide in the wellness, spa, and natural therapies sectors.

Our signature energy moves are uplifting and rejuvenating in every season.

Explore the fifth book: Light, sound and vibrational energy.

Let’s delve into this light-filled topic.


Lumalight chromotherapy practice.

lumalight color healing experience session

Lumalight stands out in the wellness, spa, and natural therapies sectors with its one-of-a-kind color energy techniques.

In a trained hand, it can offer a unique and uplifting experience.

Use Lumalight approaches to create a spa experience that may also include sound and aroma therapies, massage, and bodywork methods.

To advance your practice, consider virtual training.


Lumalight Chromatic Essentials training.

This book set’s concepts and suggested uses in all variations are easy to learn and provide endless possibilities.

  • color facial lumalightInstructional guidebook
    • theories, observations, protocols
  • Lumalight Radiance Facial (chart)
    • supports spa sessions
    • addresses zones (face)
  • Lumalight SpineGlow Beauty (chart)
    • supports mind/body sessions
    • addresses zones (back)

Overall, Lumalight primarily focuses on working naturally and gently with the living energies of auras.

Spectrahue’s Energetically Correct DVD series is an exploration and a practical guide of this modality.


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