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Shining a bright light on universal secrets.

The Spectrahue Method’s educational programs continue to evolve. This learning platform will further explore universal energy, sacred geometry, ancient chakra wisdom, and the language of light, whether in person or virtually.

Light is mysteriously life-giving; we intuitively understand.

Lights & Lattes Corner is a resource for color therapy tips.

Learn more: Light worlds, sound, and vibrational energy.

Are you interested in classes with profound light tips?


#1. Advanced Lumalight studies.


Light in every season continuously shines, nurturing energy far and wide and fostering our hopes and dreams. This approach to energy work also teaches us to be inspired by ideas, which are true gifts.

Have you ever found yourself captivated by the sun? Beyond its role as the center of our solar system, the sun’s seven rays hold a profound influence over us, every moment of the day and night. But have you ever wondered, how and why exactly?

Can we, like the sun, access universal knowledge through the power of our inner light and consciousness? In the right light, of course.

There is much to discover with The Spectrahue Method.

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#2. Original transformational classes.

What the Chakras?! series

Yin Yang WorldInteractive workshop experiences are held in Toronto and through virtual learning. Our Zoom classes are given in 1–5 hour modules to fit into a fast-paced schedule. During class:

  • exercise perception
  • strengthen intuition
  • access imagination faculty
  • probe light mysteries
  • expand consciousness
  • increase creativity
  • improve self-awareness

More importantly, practice and experience Lumalight.

Lean more: Lumalight sets and their advantages.


golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bien#3. Prefer recordings?

  • After registration, enjoy an abridged recording for a limited time.

#4. Need support?

  • Book a private consultation after class. (Fee applies)

#5. Where’s a great place to start?

  1. Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks
  2. Spectrahue Universal Tarot

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