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The Spectrahue Method’s transformational classes.

Experience in-depth teachings on chromotherapy and sacred geometry in this original chakra series. Our next level focuses on enhancing your intuitive abilities through ancient wisdom for Lumalight and energywork practices.

Are you interested in:

  • elevating your Lumalight practice
  • exploring color, light, geometry
  • accessing psyche intuition
  • attuning Qi/Prana, chakras, dimensions
  • spotlighting energy-tapping sequences
  • fortifying aura energywork moves

You’ll experience exercises while learning valuable techniques and tips.

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#1. What the Chakras?! series

The Great Transformation

atom-spiral-formThis class builds upon the material covered in the previous three levels. It will focus on ancient light codes and their impact on your spiritual practice.

We will explore the role of chakras in karma and the mind/body connection. Like a diamond, there are multiple facets to explore and experience.

Date: Autumn 2024 (Two-day workshop) Toronto, Canada
– Interactive, live, recorded
– Group size limited, reach out early

Unable to attend? Order recording of this self-paced program.
– link available a few days after class



#2. Previous classes in this series

spectrahue-universal-card-deck-storeThese recorded classes offer eye-opening content, enhancing your perception skills to foster advanced learning.

  1. Chakra Reality: Accessing higher powers
  2. Universal Tarot: Strengthening intuition
  3. Great Spiritual Reset: Advanced training

The above programs include handouts and support.

Reach out to access pre-recorded classes: Fee applies



#3. Can I register without a Lumalight?

lumalight-color-therapy-store-imageInteractive classes are unique in their originality with easy-to-follow recorded versions. However, it’s best to qualify first to ensure this is the right fit for you.

  1. Reach out by email (without attachments):
    a) your area of spiritual/holistic studies
    b) what drew you to this work

Important mentions:

  • Attend class without a Lumalight
  • Fee excludes travel/hotel/expenses, etc.
  • Payment method Visa/MC, E-Transfers more

During virtually-live classes:

  • Update your browser and Zoom app
  • With technology, glitches can happen:
    – unfortunately, we’re unable to troubleshoot technical issues
    – for review, recording access is available for a limited time



#4. More self-paced recorded programs

1) Spectrahue Universal Tarot

2) Forever Diamond Geometry

3) Consciousness of the Atom

We encourage you to reach out for more information.


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