Holistic Animal Care


Color Therapy for Animals

Color therapy has increased in popularity with animal lovers worldwide. The Spectrahue Method is a gentle modality that now has its place in holistic animal care practices. As we all know colored light can have a positive influence on every living creature be it furry or feathered, large or small.

Lumalight training materials include animal care techniques with a focus on dogs, cats, horses and birds.

Learn how in the original color therapy for animals book


Light dependent beings

We all have the same need for this natural resource.

Lumalights are designed to support holistic wellness programs, for both people and animals, that also may include acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and aromatherapy. It can be used in professional practices as well as in home-care regimes at all stages of life. A color session is also a beautiful way to build bonds with your furry and feathered friends.

Animal communicators love using Lumalight, such as a horse or dog whisperer…

What other practices use color light therapy?

Comfort of colors

This approach to support your animal’s comfort can be done in a professional setting or in a barn, field, even at home after a grooming session.


Explore all colors in your light set, for example shine:

  • blue light therapy for separation anxiety when you’re back from a trip
  • red light therapy may help your senior buddy who needs more energy
  • pink or purple light for a heartfelt connection

Lucy loves green light article first published in Animal Wellness Magazine

Lumalight for home care

  • perfect adjunct to most wellness programs
  • portable and durable color therapy sets
  • techniques are easy to learn and use

Color therapy for dog article – a success story!

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