Holistic Animal Care

Shine On! Furry and Feathered Friends


Color Therapy for Animals

The Spectrahue Method™ is a practice embraced by people and animal lovers worldwide. Color therapy for animals is a popular modality in holistic animal care, as it is now accepted that colored light can have a positive influence on every living creature – furry or feathered, large or small.

Light Dependent Beings

We all have the same need for this natural resource – Color is energy and carried in light.

Lumalight Builds Bonds

Lumalights have been used to support acupuncture, massage and bodywork, reflexology, chiropractic, aroma and vibrational therapy wellness programs.

This non-touch, non-laser method of working with the energy system of animals (meridians) has been explored by professionals and individuals as a complement to home-care regimes.

When the penlight is shone over an acupuncture point or reflex zone, it has demonstrated the capacity to encourage calm in dogs, horses, cats and birds and other animals.

Comfort Colors

Colored light applications support holistic care at all stages of life. It is also used by animal communicators. This approach to support your animal’s comfort can be achieved in a professional setting or in a barn, field, even at home after a grooming session.

Explore all colors in your set, for example:

  • holistic-animal-care-spectrahueBlue light therapy for separation anxiety when you’re back from a trip.
  • Red light therapy may help your senior buddy who needs more energy.
  • Pink or purple light for a heartfelt connection. Just shine into the aura.

Lucy Loves Green Light Article – Wellness Magazine

Lumalight Advantages

  • Supports home care, and as an adjunct to wellness programs.
  • Lumalight tools are portable and durable.
  • Lumalight techniques are easy to learn and use.
  • Color Therapy For Animals guide book.

Lumalight Color Light Therapy for Dogs Article – Whole Dog Journal