Holistic Animal Care


Listen to The Whisper of Your Heart

Color therapy has increased in popularity with animal lovers worldwide. Light has mystical elements that can comfort and support even build bonds between us and all creatures; be it furry or feathered, large or small, a domestic breed, or a befriended animal in the wild calling your name…

Our training materials include techniques that focus on dogs, cats, horses and birds.*

Lumalight can complement holistic practices and home-care regimes at all stages of life.

Here are five great highlights of this gentle and versatile modality.

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#1. Light Dependent Beings


Like us, our beloved friends and companions have the same dependency on the nourishing aspects of light. We all need sunlight as a natural resource alongside good nutrition and exercise.

For example, it’s no wonder color and light therapies are popular during low light level seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

We’ve all heard of the seasonal blues during the dark days of winter.

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#2. Why Color Therapy Tools?

It’s quite simple: Lumalight’s intent is to mimic sun qualities by delivering pure multi-chromatic energy. Your aim is to support alternative therapy programs, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage.

The penlights are non–touch incandescent light emitters. This makes it ideal for distance work, for example, a horse in a fenced field.

Animal communicators love using these tools, such as a horse or dog whisperer…

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#3. Trust. Comfort. Bonding.

This method of supporting your friend’s comfort can be done in a professional setting, a barn, or at home after a grooming session.

holistic-animal-care-spectrahueExplore all the colors in your light set, here’s a few examples:

  • blue light therapy for separation anxiety when you’re back from a trip
  • red light therapy may help your senior buddy who needs more energy
  • pink or purple light for a heartfelt connection

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#4. Loving Home Care
  • perfect adjunct to most wellness programs
  • portable and durable color therapy sets
  • techniques are easy to learn and use

Probe into light’s mysteries as you harness its subliminal effects, akin to Reiki and other modes of non-touch energywork.

Set intent to strengthen your animal communication skills too.

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#5. Color Therapy for Animals*

color therapy for animals

This handbook is a compact how-to guide created for Lumalight users. It includes two laminated charts: The meridians and chakras of dogs and cats. There are suggested uses for horses and birds too.

It’s packed with easy-to-learn practical techniques for animal guardians, as well as animal communicators, that know the importance and benefits of color light therapy.

View store: This book is only available as an add-on with Lumalight packages.

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Important note: Lumalight use is non medical, non diagnostic, non LED laser, and does not touch the body. It’s important to consult your Veterinarian prior to beginning a new therapy.

Lumalight packages are a limited edition, Canadian product

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