Holistic Animal Care

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Listen to the whisper of your heart.

Color therapy has increased in popularity with animal lovers worldwide. Light has mystical elements that can comfort and support, even build bonds between us and all creatures, whether furry or feathered, large or small, a domestic breed, or a befriended animal in the wild calling your name.

Using colored lights can enhance your animal care regime.

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Lumalight training materials focus on dogs, cats, horses, and birds at all stages of life.

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Here are key points about this gentle and versatile approach.


#1. Animals also depend on light.


The wonders of light bring nature to life. Have you ever felt a special connection or an instant bond to a particular animal, species or breed?

Before we go further, let’s recognize the spiritual connection at work. It’s more than just a feeling; it’s a profound connection that implies you and “someone” were meant to cross paths or interact at a specific moment.

Furry, feathered, or otherwise, this living being may instinctively seek your help.

Overall, Lumalight effects offer practical solutions like other forms of non-touch energy. They are perfect for distance work, whether with a feral horse on the move or a barn owl. These tools are embraced by professionals and home users, for instance, after a grooming session.

However, this skill, like clairvoyance (inner sight), develops with practice.

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#2. This involves trust, comfort, and bonding.


Here’s how it works: Lumalight introduces light’s subtle energies over energy points and reflex zones. During this process, you can engage your senses of feeling to seek out their highest priority.

One essential principle in this method is being open to intuitive subtle clues. This process requires more than practice; it also requires patience and a heartfelt connection. For example:

  • Blue light for separation anxiety when you return from a trip.
  • Red light may help your senior buddy who needs more energy.
  • Pink light for a heartfelt connection with a newfound friend.

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#3. Color Therapy for Animals Program.

color therapy for animalsThis experiential program can enhance your practice. You’ll learn about animal communication while sensitizing yourself to other species’ needs. This program includes:

Animal communicators like horse or dog whisperers love to use these tools.

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Important: Lumalight is a Canadian-made product. It is a non-medical, non-diagnostic, non-LED laser that does not touch the body. It’s essential to consult your Veterinarian before beginning a new therapy.

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