Holistic Animal Care


Listen to The Whisper of Your Heart

Color therapy has increased in popularity with animal lovers worldwide. Light has mystical elements that can comfort and support even build bonds between us and all creatures; be it furry or feathered, large or small, a domestic breed, or a befriended animal in the wild calling your name.

Our training materials include techniques that focus on dogs, cats, horses and birds.*

Lumalight can complement holistic practices and home-care regimes at all stages of life.

Here’s a few highlights of this gentle and versatile modality.

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#1. Light Dependent Beings


Light’s alchemical secrets bring Nature to life. Needless to say, all living beings need the sun’s nutrients for emotional and physical wellbeing. But, have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a particular animal species or breed?

There’s spiritual chemistry going on as it’s more than a feeling.

For instance, perhaps this magnetic allure is a catalyst for your own spiritual growth. For instance, you were both meant to cross paths or interact at a moment in time. In fact, we are probably drawn to certain energies meaning: personalities and experiences that can help us evolve.

With Lumalight in hand, guide light’s transformative energies; spotlighting the aura’s acupuncture points and reflex zones. During the process, communicating telepathically with the animal world is possible. But like clairvoyance, it’s an intuitive skill that develops with practice.

Needless to say, our beloved friends and companions have the same dependency on the life-giving aspects of light as well as its communication network.

A sea urchin in the deep blue and an eagle on a mountain peak,

both thrive because of light’s miraculous feats in the nature of things.

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#2. Trust. Comfort. Bonding.

holistic-animal-care-spectrahueAbove all, Lumalight penlights are non–touch light emitters. In other words, they are ideal for distance work such as working with a feral horse on the run or a barn owl. In fact, this method of supporting an animal’s comfort can be done in a professional setting, or even at home after a grooming session.

  • perfect adjunct to most wellness programs
  • portable and durable color therapy sets
  • techniques are easy to learn and use

Simply select a filter in your light set, for example:

  • blue light for separation anxiety when you return from a trip
  • red light may help your senior buddy who needs more energy
  • pink light for a heartfelt connection with a newfound friend

Similarly, Lumalight’s subliminal effects are akin to Reiki and other types of non-touch energywork. No wonder animal communicators love using these tools, such as a horse or dog whisperer…

Learn more in our Light Alchemy for Animals Program (below)

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#3. Light Alchemy for Animals Program NEW

color therapy for animalsThis experiential program is truly original and a must for all animal lovers. It includes:

  1. Color Therapy for Animals*
    – training-style handbook, meridian/chakra charts
  2. 1:1 interactive lesson(s)
    – Lumalight training, exercises, animal communication
    – 75 minutes each, phone or zoom
  3. assignments (optional)

*This how-to guide was created for Lumalight users. It offers practical techniques and tips for animal guardians as well as interspecies communicators whose clientele is at sea on land or in the air.

Animal Communication

Ready to deepen your connection while sensitizing yourself with non-verbal skills? Good news! We offer virtual one-on-one sessions, with your Lumalight purchase.

Your custom package can include 1–4 interactive lessons, and practice assignments.

View store: The above is only available as an add-on to Lumalight packages


Important note: Lumalight use is non medical, non diagnostic, non LED laser, and does not touch the body. It’s important to consult your Veterinarian prior to beginning a new therapy.

Lumalight packages are a Canadian artisan product

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