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Golden Light: Journey with Advanced Colorworks

The Golden Light Series focuses on addressing Qi energies in the aura. “Color Harmonics” is an advanced term for color light therapy. This groundbreaking text explores color, light, and universal patterns called sacred geometry.

If you want to understand the mystical side of light, this is your first step.

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This first Golden Light book (2004) is included in all Lumalight packages.

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The power of light is a mindful expedition.


This first Golden Light book introduces the concept of light language, which the author describes as a unique form of communication that transcends traditional linguistic boundaries and carries mystical and transformative energies.

This text, a cornerstone of The Spectrahue Method for decades, goes beyond mere content. It’s a trusted source that provides a deep understanding of the principles and knowledge of this modality.

Its original release enlightened the New Age movement by introducing original content from different angles. The text stirred our curiosity about the higher realms located over the rainbow. It also has practical content, such as chromotherapy protocols and meditations, and color meanings for Lumalight exploration.

It’s also a perfect starting point for energy workers of all levels. Each chapter takes us on a journey across the color spectrum, explaining how various colors produce different outcomes. Such as:

  • What is Color Harmonics?
  • The Spectrahue Theory
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Frequencies of Light, Sound, Matter
  • Geometry and Form
  • Higher Self Connection
  • Advanced Applications
  • Higher Frequencies
  • Spectral Light Patterns
  • Holographic Applications

Overall, this text can enlighten you and give you a new appreciation for chromotherapy. 

The next book in this series, Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life.


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