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A Journey with Advanced Colorworks

Everything in the universe is evolving in vibratory rhythm. Basically, all is vibration as a form of energy that’s constantly re-creating itself. Naturally, the sun’s visible spectrum emits color’s energy that alchemically influences us physically, emotionally, spiritually. Lumalight focuses on working with this energy in a natural and gentle way.

If you have a keen interest in understanding the mystical side of light, this is your first step.

Light vibrations form the language of the mind; we just have to remember its alphabet.

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The Spectrahue Method

– The Language of Light

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienIn 2004, this book launched the Golden Light Series for Lumalight studies. Its content-rich text provides you with an understanding of the principles and knowledge of this modality.

This is the first book in a five part series that will set your thoughts in motion, through your curiosity of the higher realms and our multi-dimensional reality. You’ll soon be thinking about color in new light, with a whole lot of mental vigor.

It’s also a perfect a starting point prior to a class that’ll take you to a higher level of learning that goes beyond this text.

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Book Review

David Gersovitz, Toronto
New Life Magazine New York, 2004

The publication of Julianne Bien is certainly timely. As color light therapies are being embraced by alternative and even some holistic integrative practitioners, she reminds us that the potential of harnessing color energy for our own betterment is infinitely greater than the commercial pain-relieving tools more commonly used.

Of course there is nothing wrong with relieving pain, but color light therapy has the advantage of being non-toxic, non-radioactive and non-invasive and thus remarkably easy to apply.

Some people will conclude there is nothing more to it than shining a red light on an aching joint, when in fact a shade of red is just one color frequency among millions, and each frequency or vibration, has its own innate potential for humanity.

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We’re Light Beings Too!

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeThe universal power of light energy, color harmonics, as Bien calls her holistic and far-reaching application of color energy, is the giver of all life. We exist under (and within) a full spectrum rainbow.

This book will give you a whole new appreciation of color.

  • Red somehow gives us the get up and go feeling.
  • Orange is cheerful, but blues, for example, are cooling and soothing and calming.
  • Greens are balancing, nurturing and peaceful.
    – And, don’t all of us need more green in our lives?

Harnessing this power opens us up to almost limitless opportunities to improve our spiritual, emotional and physical existence.

And, the next book in this series is: Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life.

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Imagination is Power

Lumalight colour therapy for horsesImagine a power so great that it empowers us, and in so doing increases our power of self-determination. For example, it’s a healing energy that lets us rid ourselves of old emotional and spiritual scars at the root of current and as yet unidentified future problems. Bien’s quest is to help each of us harness this power through a new understanding of universe as multi-dimensional and energy-based.

Bien takes us on a journey of exploration across the color spectrum, explaining how different colors produce different outcomes while providing us with protocols with which to harness the power of each, individually or in combinations.

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Lumalight in Action

This book suggests basic uses that can improve outcomes for novice and even experienced color energy users. It deals with down-to-earth issue of everyday life in an approachable manner.

If you want nothing more than to explore specific physical or emotional upsets on an energetic level, the book has much to offer. And the good news is that it is included in all Lumalight packages listed on our website.

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