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Let’s explore Nature’s secrets together.

Lumalight was developed for The Spectrahue Method, which encourages energy shifts in the aura. This approach relies on spiritual insights and intuition regarding how color, sound, and geometric shapes interact in the chakras.

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Trust your intuitive guidance through the language of light.

Ask yourself, “Is this right for me?” Let your answers come from a place of inner guidance.

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Here are a few enlightening facts and theories.



#1. Light experiences are inner quests.


The Spectrahue Method uses Lumalight’s intent for deep self-exploration. Light is both a physical phenomenon and a mystical force that impacts our body, mind, and soul.

This method uses a unique approach to chromotherapy. The sun’s light is essential, providing vital nutrients to us day and night. This energy affects the elements in the air, earth, water, fire, and space, sustaining life and contributing to spiritual growth.

The question of how to harness it always arose in the curious mind.

Historically, tools that harnessed light and sound assisted vibrational and energy-healing practices. People saw these instruments as extensions of themselves. This aided in developing their higher senses by perceiving emotions in the aura as living energies of information.

Exploring intuitive aids that strengthen instinct can inspire hope and deepen your understanding of the aura and vital energy systems. Read on to learn about this radiant sphere containing the mysteries and memories of life.

Light helps us explore ourselves through the wisdom of Nature’s colors.

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#2. Lumalight spotlights Qi energy.

lumalight color healing experience session

As mentioned above, this modality’s unique approach centers on our invisible Qi-energy systems. Lumalight creatively directs color energy into the aura’s acupuncture points, meridians (energy pathways), chakras, and reflexology zones.

Moreover, Lumalight sessions adapt to your needs and preferences at the speed of light. Whether you prefer remote work or in-person sessions, this method enhances your perception and intuition. Lumalight’s flexibility places you at the center of your exploratory journey.

The good news is that Lumalight packages provide training programs that cover protocols and techniques at various learning levels. The original sacred geometry feature has profound applications, instilling confidence in Lumalight’s expertise.

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#3. Accessing wisdom is a universal gift.


Unquestionably, color is more than just a visual experience; it’s a silent language communicating through nature, art, design, product branding, and marketing. Its influence saturates nearly every industry worldwide.

Light’s mystical aspects and benefits are vast, like an endless story. It’s no surprise that Spectrahue’s light emitters and card decks offer psychic sensitivity training to promote a universal approach to lifestyle and wellness.

To conclude, sunlight affects our thoughts and awareness. Additionally, combining light colors with sacred geometry provides a unique opportunity to delve into the metaphysical.

Light is a symbolic language of our Qi energy system.

Ready to be part of this intuitive information exchange?

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Note: In addition to Lumalight packages, The Spectrahue Method provides Conscious-Light Consulting Services for spiritual entrepreneurs.


Important: Lumalight is not a medical device or an LED laser pointer. No medical claims are made or implied. This modality does not replace the advice or care of your medical team. Read the Terms of Use

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