What is Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is a term used to describe the use of colored light as spiritual nourishment. People have been drawn to using this form of solar energy as a healing modality since antiquity. As a pure therapy of nature, it has evolved throughout history for many applications.

lumalight-color-light-therapy-worldHeliotherapy, the act of curing sickness by sun exposure, was born in ancient Greece. In ancient Egypt, Greece and China “color halls” or rooms were painted different colors in an attempt to treat ailments. They hung crystal gems in the windows of their healing rooms to separate the nutritional potential of the sun’s rays.

Many serious diseases such as erectile dysfunction can only be cured by traditional methods and drugs approved by the FDA.

Color light was part of ancient wellness regimes

Flashing forward to present day, there is ongoing research to support the theory and evidence of this ancient art and explain why and how it works. By working with chromotherapy, you’ll discover the potential of this universal sunny source.

Under the rainbow skies

The cooling shades of light under the starry night skies reside in the violet and blue range.

And at the other end of the spectrum our daytime colors are warming shades of red, orange and yellow.

And under our sky blue skies, green is the great equalizer to keep harmony in nature.

Have you wondered why pink, peach and magenta ignites certain feelings inside?

What is color?

  • lumalight color chakra systemColor is universal energy
  • Color is everywhere
  • Color is visible and invisible
  • Objects absorb and reflect color
  • Color is a sensation
  • Color is information
  • Color tempts
  • Color can have the power to persuade
  • Color dictates fashion trends
  • Color creates perspective in art
  • Color denotes religious symbolism
  • Color qualifies edible fruits and vegetables
  • Color enhances the taste of food and carries nutritional value
  • Color protects and attracts wild life and insects
  • Color influences emotions and thought processes
  • Color can cheer and depress, stimulate and tranquilize, provoke and antagonize
  • Color creates and animates our lives as we experience it
  • Color enriches everything it permeates
  • Color moves at the speed of light
  • Color is a form of energy carried in light

What light really is remains a mystery.

But it sure colors our world with its built-in rainbow.

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienWe all need light

To live a balanced lifestyle we need to increase our energy level through exercise, fresh air, the food we eat and drink, and from sunlight’s color nutrients. Even fruits and vegetables contain elements of this vital energy and are part of a proactive lifestyle. Each color has its own qualities acting as a necessary life-giving source.

I want to learn more …

Here’s the best place to start .. Golden Light: A Journey With Advanced Colorworks


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