Chromotherapy: A Bridge to Higher Consciousness

People have been drawn to using aspects of solar energy as a healing modality since antiquity. As a pure and gentle therapy, rainbow light is a universal gift. The sun has an awe-inspiring effect on humanity for good reason. By enlivening nature, its hues attempt to reveal their mysterious beauty through our physical and higher senses.

Introduce chromotherapy into your lifestyle, exploring the deeper meaning of this universal source.

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Briefly, Spectrahue spotlights the mystical with a few clues.


Light is an Alchemical Substance

spectrahue-beautiful-rainbowChromotherapy is an ancient term used to describe the use of the visible colors of sunlight. By nature, it’s a heavenly gift of spiritual nourishment and healing qualities. Needless to say day in day out, we’re under its guidance.

Albeit, our life-giving sun is a celestial star. Sunlight’s luminous interplay affects our moods, emotions, and thoughts. In fact, solar emanations affect the existence of all of nature.

But, there’s so much more….

While this sunny presence moves across the sky with earth by its side, other things are happening within us.

During the sun’s annual trek through each of the twelve constellations (astrological signs!), our own intuitive senses and chakras with ancient wisdom are illuminated. And, hopefully, awakened.

Light enables us to perceive the coloration of objects and nature around us.

This scientific theory is based on the impact of light upon them.

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Human Aura, Life Energies, Whirling Chakras

conscious-change-chakrasIn addition to our sun, other starry emanations blend into earthbound sunlight. All in all, together they serve up the vital force of magnetism we call Qi or Prana energy.

Now, this is the nourishing light substance that travels through our meridian energy pathways. Amazingly, all these creative energy streams permeate our atmosphere.

In fact, a cloudy atmosphere is likened to Earth’s own auric field. Needless to say, its seasonal breezy emanations interact with everything under its dome.

That’s the nature of things, but here’s what happens next…

  • All the above meet up with another mysterious energy.
    – And, it’s from the earth!
  • This is called Kundalini energy.
  • All intermingle with purpose:
    • streams enter into chakras
    • and other aura energy points

And, it is the auric field that Lumalight sheds light on in session.

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The Wisdom of Ancient Healers Within Us

chromotherapy-faceLong ago, heliotherapy which means “sun therapy” benefited the people of ancient Greece. In short, this so-called treatment was the act of curing sickness with sunlight exposure.

In addition, in ancient Egypt, Greece and China “color halls” or rooms were painted with different colors to achieve similar results. As well, crystals and gems were placed in the windows to separate the nutritional potential of the sun’s rays.

Simply put: Capturing or harnessing the essence of color rays was common practice for wellness. And thankfully, over the last century or so, this method started to gain renewed recognition.

Fortunately there’s ongoing research that supports light theories as well as evidence of this ancient art. This explains why and how color light works in certain situations.

Or, do we just need to remember who we are.

Our ancestors understood the power of light alchemy on all living beings.

Since time immemorial light therapies remained a life necessity.

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Nature’s Rainbow Light In a Lumalight Practice

lumalight-light-set-2Above all, the visible spectrum contains light photons (energy particles!). Now this delivers life-giving energy. And, under the right conditions, we perceive this substance in luminous shades.

But, this is only a fraction of the sun’s emission that includes x-rays, radio waves, and more.

For example, the cooling shades of light under the starry night skies reside in the violet and indigo range. And, at the other end of the spectrum daytime colors are warming shades of red, orange and yellow.

For instance, an apple tree contains elements of sunlight. In fact, it is the key (Qi) ingredient that makes its fruit nutritious. And, a denser form of this energy would be the colors in clothing and home decor.

Under sky-blue skies, green is Nature’s great alchemist.

Lumalight kits offer an array of luminous light colors and patterns.

Who uses Lumalight? Energyworkers utilize light alchemy wisdom



Light Tempts Us to Spotlight Ancient Mysteries


By human instinct, we are drawn to light. Along with its magnetism of Qi vital force described above, light is in the air we breath; the water we drink; and the food we eat.

And, thanks to light’s interplay with nature’s creative process, its vibratory currents also inspire us. This energy enables our thoughts as well as dream and vision recall.

Fortunately, the mind is a great translator of light language.

From telepathy to telecommunications, color energy is really light alchemy! It’s an intangible resource. Needless to say, its adaptability and creativity is always in cahoots with imagination.

  • Color is a sensation & information
  • Color persuades & repels
  • Color dictates fashion trends
  • Color creates perspective in art
  • Color denotes religious symbolism
  • Color qualifies edible fruits & vegetables
  • Color carries nutritional value
  • Color protects & attracts all living things
  • Color influences emotions & thoughts
  • Color creates & animates life experiences
  • Color inspires creativity & innovation
  • Color enriches everything it permeates
  • Color moves with the speed of light

Light as a whole remains a mystery as is our vital force energy.

Sunlight’s influence on consciousness is inspiring and transforming.

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