Exploring the mysteries of light with chromotherapy.

The sun continues to captivate us with its intriguing secrets of creation. For centuries, people have utilized its light energy, including the seven color rays, for healing, spiritual regeneration, and transformative therapies.

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Chromotherapy is an ancient term for using sunlight’s colors.

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Here are a few tips on some of the sun’s gifts.


#1. Light is a mystical energy exchange.


Nature’s sunlight is a precious gift that nourishes us spiritually and emotionally. As the ruling star, the sun has life-giving and restorative properties.

The impact of light on our world is diverse and profound, serving as a vibrant reminder of our connection with all living beings.

As this solar star journeys across the sky, illuminating our world, it also brings about changes within us. For example, the sun’s path through the twelve constellations forms the basis of astrology horoscopes.

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#2. Explore rainbow light colors.

yin-yang-symbolThere’s a timely reminder: The sun shines, “I’ve got this!” Then, this star delivers vital energy through luminous shades as it gracefully blends into the scenery.

Reminiscent of the night are cool shades such as violet and indigo, balanced by the warm hues of red, orange, and yellow that dominate the daytime, creating a breathtaking palette of sunlight.

Green, in the middle of the spectrum, is abundant in Nature, offering more than chlorophyll in various landscapes. Its harmonious energy is rare in the sky during sunrise and sunset.

Our sky’s atmosphere is like the Earth’s aura.

Its seasonal emanations interact with all of us.

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#3. Universal energy nourishes us.

lumalight-light-set-2Nature’s mastery of light alchemy is a captivating spectacle, orchestrating a symphony of energies that operates subtly behind the scenes.

The sunlight that reaches us carries influences from other stars, planets, and moons. These influences blend to form magnetism and Qi energy, saturate our aura, travel through our energy pathways, and affect our chakras.

Besides, light’s attraction is a natural part of our daily lives. It fills the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume, connecting us to a bigger picture.

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#4. Nature’s colors nurture life.

flower-sun-imageLet’s consider an example. We see only a fraction of the sunlight’s energy as colors in the landscape. An object’s appearance is due to the interaction between sunlight and the object itself.

A rainbow after a spring shower: Light reflects off water droplets, displaying colors.

Yellow sunflowers and green leaves: Their vibrant Nature absorbs specific color elements and reflects yellow and green energies, which is how our minds perceive them.

Similarly, our aura’s energy field absorb, process, and emit color light particles.

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#5. Chromotherapy in our lives.

conscious-change-chakrasThis universal link between color shades and our minds helps us to interpret and understand the world, influencing our moods, emotions, and ideas. Here’s why:

  • Color is a sensation & information
  • Color persuades & repels
  • Color dictates fashion trends
  • Color creates perspective in art
  • Color denotes religious symbolism
  • Color qualifies edible fruits & vegetables
  • Color carries nutritional value
  • Color protects & attracts all living things
  • Color influences emotions & thoughts
  • Color creates & animates life experiences
  • Color inspires creativity & innovation
  • Color enriches & permeates everything
  • Color moves with the speed of light

Sunlight’s influence on us is inspiring and transforming.

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