Transformative Healing Energies in OZ Land

“Do you think Oz could give me courage?” said the Cowardly Lion. He thought this virtue could only be found outside of him. In 1900 L. Frank Baum’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was an instant bestseller. it soared in popularity with all ages, as it lovingly told the meaning of life. Similarly, all of Baum’s stories had themes of self-development and alternate realities.

wonder-oz-bookAbove all this fairy tale, dramatized on the silver screen as The Wizard of OZ, was a heartfelt inspiration for generations to come.

Making heartfelt memories

Meanwhile, the production of MGM’s 1939 film took the liberty of omitting and adding scenes with musical scores that lured you to sing along.

Naturally, it’s adaptation called for a wizardly team of writers and directors. Equally important, it was released in the greatest year of film history where hundreds of movies captivated audiences, including Gone with the Wind.

In addition, a Tarzan movie was playing nearby the theater where OZ was first premiered.

This occurred in New York City 83 years ago today.

tarzan-johnny-wIn fact, chest–beating actor Johnny Weissmuller with his Tarzan jungle call used breathwork to awaken the vital energy around his Heart Chakra.

Tarzan showed the potential of being heartfelt.

Simultaneously an inspiring star, Judy Garland (Dorothy) with her feisty dog (Toto) looked out a bedroom window that would magically transport the duo into another dimension.

Meanwhile this relatable story had only just begun.

Dorothy’s wishful song in the barnyard,

to see where happy little blue birds fly, came true…

Now, I’ll describe briefly the importance of this book to me.



Aspiring ideas spark when the time is right


Most importantly, this story was created in the mind of a genius. Baum’s themes tugged at our heartstrings over and over again. “I’m so glad to be home again, or there’s no place like home….” True. And after each viewing, we learned something new about ourselves and the people around us.

Needless to say, we are all on this journey together. Each of us has an unfolding chapter that’s part of a bigger picture book inside us.

Baum said the idea was an inspired gift.

In other words, he followed his instincts with a pencil in hand. Surely victory sparkled in his eyes upon its completion. His intent on writing an American fairy tale far surpassed even his imagination.

At 43, he had written his whole life experience into it.

And, he wasn’t alone in the creative expression of his day.



The new age movement influenced the creative arts

L Frank Baum Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
L Frank Baum Portrait

Cleverly, Baum weaved in concepts of his understanding of spiritual metaphysics and ancient wisdom during a period in history where esoteric Buddhism drew interest on the American shores.

For example, prominent figures such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla (pictured above) had plunged into the higher realms of the use of light and energy.

No doubt, they all explored the mysteries of evolution and its symbolism, through scientific, mystical, and meditative practices.

It was the awakening and revival of an era for self empowering books and therapies.

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Here’s a life-changing move into a parallel world

dorothy-totoBreathtakingly filmed in black and white, scenes of conflict and struggle shadowed the homestead. Moreover this set a bleak and sad tone. In other words, it was a gray morning on the dry prairies with a little girl feeling blue.

But no wonder… Storm clouds darkened as a cyclone funnelled wildly and whisked her house into the next scene far far away,

“Beyond the moon, beyond the rain….”

For instance at any age, it made our hearts race with anticipation just watching her miraculous landing.

In spite of it all, our minds joined in on the adventure.



Magical awakenings start with a feeling

All of a sudden sunshine poured in as Dorothy awoke to Toto’s cold nose. Without a second thought, she swung open the door into beautiful Munchkin Land.

After that, she was in awe because everyone was jolly and dressed in blue.

The musical score, ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, was created as a bridge or segue from turmoil into the colorful land of OZ.

In short, the action scene triggered a throat gulp as we clutched our chair or the person next to us.

Let’s look at what made our imagination ignite into a sense of reality.



The book-film adaptation was a destined success

mystical bookIn spite of all technical challenges, a sepia-tone tint was applied onto the black and white film for effect. It softened the illusion of transitioning into a vivid scene of this fantasy world, using Technicolor film. This was an innovative process of mixing three colors of film: Red, Green, Blue.

Similarly it’s an interesting fact that the color cones in the human eye are the same three (RGB) needed for color vision. And, thankfully, technicolor cinematography was perfected just in time for this adaptation.

Meanwhile, fast forwarding to the scene of Dorothy’s celebratory victory for knocking out a menacing witch like Mrs. Gultch back home…a good witch named Glinda appeared dramatically in a floating violet orb.

After that, Glinda lovingly instructed Dorothy to put on the deceased’s silver shoes. Needless to say, the glistening pair was sticking out from under her fallen house.

Baum wrote, the witch of the north kissed the girl on the forehead and left a mark. In other words, a seal of protection for her journey. But, I have a hunch it awoke her (all–seeing) third eye too.

We cheered her on, as she couldn’t go back the way she came.

It’s life’s forward–thinking instinct against all odds thing.



Friends are life teachers at every bend in the road

oz-mapAfter that, and with Toto’s cheering bark, Dorothy stepped courageously onto the yellow brick road because it led to the capital called The Emerald City. In other words, it was time to seek outside the help from a wizard. Meanwhile the long road went through dangerous territory in the Land of OZ.

I believe writer Baum was making an important point here, that is, to first look inward for answers before taking a long and winding road outside of yourself.

To illustrate, the OZ landscape was mapped out with four cardinal points like a compass: north, south, east, west; where each was ruled by either a good witch or a bad one.

Note: In this film adaptation only three witches were scripted in. The north and south good witches became one called Glinda.

Meanwhile merrily on the journey, Dorothy surprisingly won over three friends: the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. Together, they united in a quest for resolution from (internal) conflict.

But all Dorothy wanted was to go home or so she thought…

Sounds like a healing journey to me.

Now, for a little of the story’s mystical undertones



Baum’s captivating themes still stir in our hearts

lion-wizard-oz2Most importantly, this story used (universal) archetypes as elements in the storytelling. In other words, Baum’s characters appeared to have similarities with the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana cards, along with the situations they encountered.

That is to say, Tarot reflects the steps on a seeker’s journey. Whether this was a coincidence, intentional or intuitively guided by the higher mind, we will never know.

But, what I’ve come to realize is that life can play out (more or less) on the path described below.

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The ancient Tarot are life mirror cards

To clarify, this obscure deck called Tarot appeared around the 14th century. The main cards numbered 0 to 21 are called the Major Arcana. Evidently, they are likened to stepping stones on a path that represents eternal life lessons. So, it stands to reason why the word “Arcana” means secrets or mysteries.

Furthermore, the original card names and pictures reflected society of the times. No wonder centuries-old deck variations up to the present, diligently follow the same themes of experiences and emotions.

A deck can have more cards, but these are the keys to The Emerald City.

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Spectrahue Universal Tarot is a self discovery aid

This modern deck was created in Canada (2010). It’s illustrated with geometry and vivid colors (see image).

These cards are an intuitive aid in a Lumalight practice and color psychology practice.

Now, let’s compare the Major Arcana names:

Original names vs. Spectrahue’s name:

  • 0 – The Fool – Rainbow Orb (image below)
    *Innocent seeker on a quest
  • 1 – The Magician – Dodecahedron
  • 2 – The High Priestess – Infinity
  • 3 – The Empress – Conception
  • 4 – The Emperor – Infinity Reversed
  • 5 – The Hierophant – Flower of Life
  • 6 – The Lovers – Star Tetrahedron
  • 7 – The Chariot – 9-PT Star
  • 8 – Strength – 4-PT Star
  • 9 – The Hermit – Focus Point
  • 10 – Wheel of Fortune – Icosahedron
  • 11 – Justice – Pyramid
  • 12 – The Hanged Man – 7-PT Star
  • 13 – Death (transformation)– Octahedron
  • 14 – Temperance – Fibonacci Spiral
  • 15 – The Devil – 5-PT Star
  • 16 – The Tower – Ascension Ladder
  • 17 – The Star – Star or Diamond
  • 18 – The Moon – Moon Phases
  • 19 – The Sun – Sphere
  • 20 – Judgement – Cube
  • 21 – The World – Micro Cosmos

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OZ Land adventures nourish heartfelt possibilities

Above all, Baum must have written this story by heart; here’s what I believe he’s hinting at. Firstly, let’s look at the word OZ that found its place in the dictionary. Supposedly, this two–letter name was inspired by Baum’s personal filing cabinet lettered O-Z. Or, so he says but I think there’s more to it…

  1. “O” is the 14th card: Temperance
  2. “Z” refers to the 21st card: The World

Meaning: Spectrahue Tarot depicts the above, with two geometry symbols (pictured).

Secondly, the above tells a story but so does the following in The Spectrahue Method:

  1. Spiral: addresses energy imbalances
    – resolution by clearing, letting go
  2. Micro Cosmos: journey complete
    – a new adventure awaits

Thirdly here’s how this hero’s journey plays out.

  1. Conflict: Physical or mental traumas, unresolved issues or desolate feelings.
  2. Resolution: The word OZ is about will power and self healing with higher guidance.

*Note: See Tarot guidebook and Vibration and Thought for more information

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Tarot archetypes are reflected in the Oz Land characters

Now, certainly Baum was guided in naming his magical world and characters:

Fool Card Spectrahue Tarota) Dorothy (life seeker): Greek word for God’s gift

Gale (her last name): means strong wind
– weather conditions are emotions: drought, storms, hurricane

Dorothy is depicted as:

The Fool card: symbolic of a quest (pictured)
– traditional Tarot: innocent seeker with a dog
– Spectrahue’s image: rainbow orb (light language)


b) Toto (beloved dog): means totality, all-knowing

Toto is depicted as:

The Magician card: reflects skill, power, ingenuity
– Toto guides Dorothy throughout journey
– Spectrahue’s image: Dodecahedron (powerful ability)

Hidden Aspects of Self:
  1. strenght-card-tarotCowardly Lion sought courage, strength
    Strength card: a person and a lion (pictured)
    – Spectrahue’s 4-Pt Star image: universal strength
  2. Tin Woodman lost his heart from love
    The Chariot card: seen as warrior
    – Spectrahue’s 9-PT Star image: determined mind
  3. Scarecrow desired to learn everything
    The Hierophant card: spiritual guidance
    – Spectrahue’s Flower of Life image: creative process (higher self)

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Transformative energies of OZ benefits us on many levels

Moreover, the message Baum meant to deliver went beyond his written words because Dorothy only becomes self–conscious of her own will power after her three friends find resolution. After that, and thanks to Toto too, they all became aware of their eternal gifts.

In other words, by moving the curtain aside, Toto revealed each one’s eternal virtues. Metaphorically, it was hinted at as being cloaked in the wizard’s hiding place.

Here’s a few of Baum’s color psychology tips:

  1. Blue Munchkin Land vs. Dorothy’s feelings
    – etheric body (aura) out-of-body experience
  2. Yellow brick road; color of solar plexus, the intellect
  3. Green Emerald City; heartfelt harmony
    – players wore green eyeglasses (book)
    – green sun rays (book); 3rd soul ray (active intelligence)
  4. Ruby slippers vs. silver shoes (book)
    – silver mirrors astral light (higher perception)



It’s about trust as spiritual intuition is alway within us


Consequently, in this emotional and weepy ending, Glinda the good sorceress tells Dorothy that she has always had the power to go home. After that, she became empowered from doing right by OZ Land for the good of everyone.

More importantly, Dorothy realized the answer to her dilemma was inside her after all. For instance, all it took was will power and three heel clicks of her magical shoes.

Miraculously, her eyes opened wide at a fretting auntie Em and uncle Henry.

As a finale, Toto sprang excitedly out of her arms.

  • In addition, the good witch’s light wand was crowned with a “N
    – See letter “N” atop wand (adjacent image)
    – 13th Tarot card: Rebirth, transformative energy
    – Spectrahue’s image: Octahedron (air, breath, Tarzan’s jungle call)

Never give up on your dreams as they only have your voice. – Julianne

Similarly I had also befriended a dog that changed my life. The year was 1996. I named him Maxi. Actually, it was this Libra puppy who taught me how to find my own Mojo: my purpose in life. Above all, today he continues to light the path from, a place somewhere over the rainbow

Here’s his story: The Adventures of Maximojo: A Warp in Time



Adventures of Maximojo (2)We all have a story to tell that’s inside us

To sum it up, there’s no question that we are all seekers on a quest.

  1. Firstly, this desire is in us as it’s part of human instinct.
  2. Secondly, we all know of that little voice inside us.
  3. And thirdly, it’s our feelings and desires that edge us onward…just a little more.

“You have plenty of courage, I am sure,” answered Oz. “All you need is confidence in yourself.”

― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

“You can say that again; a quest can be challenging.”

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