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Portrait art radiates life-changing energy

The world of light constantly interacts with our consciousness. Still, despite relying on its power daily, we must understand more. When the sun’s radiance filters through the darkness, it envelops us in a mesmerizing energy substance. Known as “The Great Memory” or Akashic Records, it remains a mystery.

Artists can tap into their subjects’ true essence in portrait art.

This reflects higher wisdom as part of the “Great Memory.”

Thank goodness I had faith and an imagination when this part of my journey began. As the old saying goes, it’s easier said than done. But why now?

So, I scratched my head and began an uncharted path.

The following describes an experience that changed my life.



Spiritual history vs. vision board

An emty vision blackboard
A vision board

For decades, ancient manuscripts and rare books from original thinkers and “those who dared to be different” nourished me. Looking back, these learning experiences influenced my creation of The Spectrahue Method, and the Lumalight.

More recently, the stars shuffled and re-aligned in the blink of an eye. At that moment, I had nixed the idea of a “planned” vision board. Then, it was as if I was spiraling back (and still am) in remembering the secrets of my spiritual history.

My life turned into a mystical whirlwind.

In other words, I am tapping into The Great Memory and intuitively using guiding messages in my drawings. Let’s take a step back: I believe this so-called memory or universal “recall” makes us all who we are today. And, I’ve come to think that all remembered thoughts (spiritual energy sprinkled in imagination) vivify life’s experiences.

To this day, I often need to find out whose portrait is next in my sketch pad.

Clearly, there were no templates or tracks to follow, But one thing was for sure: I had to trust my feelings.

So, from the get-go, wholeheartedly, I looked up to the stars.



Graphite drawings of my influential writers.

Nikola Tesla Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Nikola Tesla Portrait

It all began when the universal clock struck: Out of the blue, an unusual urge overcame me. Instinctually, I took action and bundled up.

So, I braved a Canadian winter storm on foot to pick up a quality drawing pad, a graphite pencil set, and accessories such as erasers and measuring tools. Next came colored pencils, which soon captured the auras’ hidden messages within my portraits.

My first graphite drawing attempt was a unicorn I saw months earlier in a night vision. At that moment, I had a hunch it was a sign….

I was right. Simply referencing a Leonardo da Vinci sketch of this mystical creature, something strange happened with each pencil stroke.

I was drawn (literally) into a process of spiritual initiation through art. Eagerly, day in and day out, using the ancient Hermes–Thoth saying, “As above, so below,” I drew with unyielding willpower.

Further along in this article, I’ll explain more about the “graphite” in pencils that form diamonds, too. Hint: It’s a crystal-like form of carbon from the stars above.

Discover more: Nikola Tesla inspired the writings of my Golden Light Series.



A pencil in hand captures inspiring ideas.

Manly Palmer Hall Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Manly Palmer Hall Portrait

I was filled with creativity while drawing portraits of great minds that came to my mind. Using graphite pencils in a range of darkness from light grey to black and rich starry colors stirred up my curiosity about the deep blue universe.

First and foremost, they were all literary, poetic, and artistic achievers who had left an impression on humanity, which I began remembering in this quest. Here’s how:

  • My writing instruments quickly made way for drawing tools.
  • Then, their portraits were filtered out of the shadows and into the shine.
    – Metaphorically, they are all symbolic steps on my life journey.

My hand–drawn portraits glow with spiritual energy & ancient wisdom.

Even Lumalight tools create energy-patterned art in the aura.

Coincidently, I wrote about starting over in my book Ripples: A Novel.



Life-changing memories came back to mind.

Arthur Edward Waite Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Arthur Edward Waite Portrait

At first, this was a very daunting and laborious task. Only after a specific drawing did the answer to “why” come in a dream.

Once I began trusting my intuition, each portrait somehow revealed insights. Each acted as a guiding light.

The good news is that you can learn my secrets at my drawing classes, which are offered as part of The Spectrahue Method.

Here are more of my ancestral threads.

However, I was captivated by the lives of incredible philosophers, mathematicians, astrologers, astronomers, and Kabbalists—as well as discoverers, artists, musicians, and composers.

Special praise goes out to Arthur Edward Waite’s spirit for his lifelong work of brilliant poetry, essays, and translations of ancient manuscripts.

I’ll demonstrate briefly how their memory unfolded even more.



They were all heartfelt, wishing on a star.

Count of St. Germain Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Count of St. Germain Portrait

Now, as for the alchemists and mystics searching for life mysteries (and the philosopher’s stone), I found their wisdom concealed in their work. Albeit cleverly disguised, they sometimes gave clues to decode their ciphers, a type of cryptic writing or symbol that hides a secret.

My portrait drawings of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Comte de Saint Germain, Moses, and Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare) emanate their energy as great teachers throughout the ages.

All are equal in brilliance, including Manly Palmer Hall and Madame Blavatsky, and of course, rival inventors such as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and even Benjamin Franklin, all of whom found their rightful spot in my drawing pad.

You may wonder how Joan of Arc, Giacomo Casanova, Cleopatra VII, and Christopher Columbus also entered this puzzle.

And, that’s my cipher–signature in the bottom corner of these portraits.



The New Age Movement in North America

Henry Steel Olcott Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Henry Steel Olcott Portrait

My drawings depict incredible 19th-century Freemasons and Rosicrucians, such as:

  • Henry Steel Olcott, author and co-founder of The Theosophical Society;
  • Annie Besant, British socialist and activist, celebrated author;
  • Charles Webster Leadbeater, a mind-bending clairvoyant author;
  • Alfred Percy Sinnett wrote Esoteric Buddhism, as ancient wisdom filtered into each season.

But I’ve drawn so many more portraits, each with its wisdom weaved throughout the others’ work.



The craft of spiritual art for healing.

Alfred Percy Sinnett Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Alfred Percy Sinnett Portrait

Here’s another piece of this puzzle: I mentioned earlier that ancient manuscripts and rare books have occupied my time for decades. So, naturally, while drawing, I’d listen intently to the subject’s centuries-old writings and history online through the book-to-audio mode (Worldwide Library Archives).

Constantly, I was seizing the moment while digesting the author’s knowledge and universal insights.

Faithfully, as mentioned earlier, I trusted my “I can do it” attitude. It’s as if I am making a “how-to guide” to teach this skill to you.

Learn more: Spiritual light development.



More authors with life-changing guidance.

L. Frank Baum Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
L. Frank Baum Portrait

Here’s my stroll down memory lane: My art portfolio illustrates L. Frank Baum (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and Alice Ann Bailey, whose 20th-century works include “Esoteric Healing” and “A Treatise on the Seven Rays.”

Through her prolific writings, 19th-century theosophist Mabel Collins lived in the present and the eternal. Her treasured words moved me: “Open your soul to the eternal with inner strength, and desire only that which is within you…”

To me, this means an idea must be within us first before it comes to fruition later. So, I set the intent to nourish the possibility.

Below, learn about a genius called Paracelsus. His words still inspire me to this day.



My first spiritual mentor portrait.

Paracelsus Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Paracelsus Portrait

Swiss-born 15th-century Paracelsus was a physician, alchemist, and philosopher. Later in life, he declared his spiritual energy through his self-given name: “Para,” meaning beyond, and “Celsus,” after the 1st-century Roman encyclopaedist known for his medical work.

In light of the obvious, this mystical healer was my first graphite portrait while listening (at least five times) to Franz Hartmann’s 1836 book The Life and the Doctrines of Paracelsus and Mary Anne South Atwood’s 1856 book A Suggestive Inquiry into Hermetic Mystery (Pictured below).

Note: A Hermetist is a person who practices hermetic doctrine, which is the teaching of Hermes Trismegistus. Also known as Thoth, Hermes was supposedly a contemporary of Moses in ancient Egypt.



Paracelsus understood universal laws.

Franz Hartmann Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Franz Hartmann Portrait

As a Hermetist, Paracelsus knew the secrets of the ethereal “Book of Nature” and received its knowledge from the leaves under his feet. Rustling through the fallen foliage instilled all of Nature’s wisdom into his mind.

Paracelsus also knew how to access animal magnetism for its therapeutic healing energies. Notably, his awareness of this substance’s power was centuries before Franz A. Mesmer coined the same method and named it “Mesmerism” after himself.

I’ll clarify his gifts further; Robert Browning’s 1835 epic poem Paracelsus reminds us that knowledge is also gained through intuitive perception.

Franz was brilliant and an extraordinary doctor, theosophist, astrologer, and author. I wrote his words on a Post-it note that helped me along:

“If we want to know what life is, we must look not merely at its surface but into its depths; we must behold it as it is and not merely admire the picture we have formed of it in our imagination.” – Franz Hartmann.



Universal energy constantly recreates perceived reality.

William Blake Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
William Blake Portrait

Amazingly, my mind had lit up through the lives of Pythagoras and Isaac Newton and Romantic Poets William Blake and William Butler Yeats.

Concentrating intently, I sensed a remembrance of each one stir in the energy of The Great Memory during the layering of light’s shadowy concealed side.

That is, as each layer of graphite and colored pencil impressions blended and swept across the paper, I became more aware of a higher calling.

In addition, Charles Gardner’s 1919 book William Blake The Man breathtakingly illustrated how Blake pushed the limits of creative liberty in art and poetry. This prose charmed me into a higher understanding of my destiny.



Poet Yeats’ words awoke something in me.

William Butler Yeats Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
William Butler Yeats Portrait

A bit obscure and mystically written, Yeat’s 1925 book A Vision influenced my understanding of perceived time and astrological chemistry in universal symbols.

“Let’s seize the moment between ripe and rotten,” Yeats writes, metaphorizing an apple snapping from its life source branch.

When I caught it in midair, I thought smartly, “I’ve captured an important fleeting thought from a great memory.” Now, that feeling inspires me from dawn to dusk.

For instance, if I draw your portrait, you might discover your hidden mysteries and wonders.

You’ll find out how this is possible in a few moments.



My drawings profoundly inspire me.

Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare) Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare)

I first needed a “neuro–esthetics” rewiring for my hand to draw what my eyes perceived in the reference photo. (The image sources were mainly from the public domain.)

It felt like I was filled with the sun’s wisdom, nourishing my skills of capturing light and dark tones that bring a picture to life.

However, I’m not surprised that the ancients called the sun Sol (soul). Indeed, we’ve always had this starlight within us. With this in mind, the sun is not defined by what it is made of; for example, it is mainly made of helium and hydrogen.

After all, aside from the sun’s annual pilgrimage through the star signs and with all its nourishing earth tasks, it’s a good time to ask yourself: What’s driving its mission throughout space and time?

Could our creative process be a part of it? Maybe. So, let’s look at “The Great Memory,” which the sun is most likely privy to.

Regulate your imagination in eternity by accessing your starry power for healing and creativity.



The Great Memory is the Akashic Records.

Mary Ann South Atwood Portrait Art by author Bien
Mary Ann South Atwood Portrait

Instinctually, I know sun-filled inspiration is received through respiration (breathing). In doing so, this great memory is supplied with updated data.

Even though this so-called “information stream” is eternal, its access is only through energy resonance, thanks to our bioenergy fields or aura.

In brief, all of life’s mysteries have one thing in common: energy. Energy is a universal substance and a carrier of information, mingling with everything it has an affinity for.

This data also drifts through our higher senses, which shirls around the chakra system. So, imagine we are sailing the seven seas through them. Intuitively, it’s up to us to decode these feelings or messages.

But whatever your belief, we’ve taken direction well, thanks to the sun’s persistence. Here’s more about the language of light as it influences every artist’s move.



Thought ideas are sun-drenched brainwaves.

Alice Ann Bailey Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
Alice Ann Bailey Portrait

It’s important to realize that thinking does not create ideas but only perceives them. The sun’s millions of colors trigger your thoughts and sensations around you.

All conceivable and inconceivable ideas exist in a world of possibilities. Now, this place is part of the magnetic flow of The Great Memory around us.

When the apple is ripe, it’s all out there for the picking. In other words, be open to a universal thought or idea. It might give you an answer or a clue.

For this reason, writers, poets, artists, sculptors, and architects have reached for the stars for an inspiring brainwave (idea) throughout history. In doing so, they have accessed their creative channels while exalting what their minds perceive into reality.

Read more: The meaning of Akashic Records and its symbolism.



Lumalight energy work can initiate change.

Lumalight Color Therapy Set

Alongside writing, drawing, and engraving tools, Lumalights are light wands. In brief, these penlights creatively influence the Qi energies of all living beings, which are a part of Nature.

An important point to remember is that observation comes from all senses during a creative process.

Have you ever wondered why common sense is far from ordinary?

Learn more: Interested in color and light therapies?



The “nose,” like the sun, “knows” everything.

John Dee Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
John Dee Portrait

Here’s another great “A’HA moment in my process: Shortly after I had acquired my art supplies, I had a profound vision of this sensing mechanism. Ultimately, the nose can access higher vibrations or dimensions – subliminally and undetectable. However, this concept goes beyond medical sciences as its mechanism is intermingling with other telecommunication frequencies in the energy fields.

Moreover, this sense moves into a higher gear (octave) through the sun’s rays during a creative initiative. It’s an enlightening experience.

Today’s healing arts practitioners know subliminal hunches from the “nose knowing.” While giving a treatment or session, this guiding sensation registers in the intuitive receptors. In other words, it’s that moment of knowing what to do next.

All of our physical senses (smell, taste, etc.) have their extrasensory counterparts in the aura, which are called our clairsentience abilities.

Let’s jump up and reach for the stars in a virtual class.



Graphite comes from the Earth and the stars.

Madame Blavatsky Portrait Art Drawing by author Bien
H.P. Blavatsky Portrait

To conclude, we are transitioning from an everyday carbon-based existence to a higher state of mind akin to the shine of a star diamond.

In essence, the birth of natural diamonds is a wonder unfolding deep beneath Mother Earth’s mantle. This process, spanning billions of years and transpiring under immense pressure, is akin to an alchemical miracle. It transforms the once-blackened carbon (graphite) into a sunny, radiant clarity. Earth’s offspring, diamonds, sparkle like their own starring ancestors above.

Consider this: graphite, the very substance found in pencils and ancient writing tools, is also the mineral that, in its crystallized form, we call a diamond. Just as the stars are composed of carbon atoms, so are we.

So, it stands to reason that I draw my portraits with diamond energy. And why a Diamond Geometry Insert has its place in the Lumalight system.

Learn more about mystical art: Discover light alchemy in portrait art.



© February 2024. Julianne Bien for Spectrahue Light & Sound Inc. Canada. All rights reserved, including artwork. No medical claims are made or implied. The opinions and experiences expressed are based on the author’s viewpoint. This material is for informational purposes only.

Portrait credits: Original artwork by the author Julianne Bien, Canada

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