Lumalight Tips & Care Guide


Let’s Get Started

My Lumalight package just arrived. Where do I begin?

Congratulations! Welcome to the Lumalight community. Getting the most out of your light set is an exciting learning process. Your insights and discoveries will evolve with practice.

Energy alchemy is spiritual chemistry of the soul.

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First, unpack and review package contents upon arrival.

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeYour package includes:

  • Lumalight system (light set)
  • Energetically Correct Series (DVDs, blue manual)
  • Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks
  • Spectrahue GeoColor Playdeck
  • Color and Geometry Charts
  • Customer support
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Plus, more materials that are part of your package!

Your First Steps

  1. Read Let’s Get Started brochure.
  2. Review Preliminary Information section in reference manual.
    – cleaning, maintenance and use instructions
  3. Familiarize yourself with your light set’s clip-on pieces.
  4. Watch EC DVD series and practice along.
    – perform penlight moves, switch colors/shapes, make diagrams
  5. Study Golden Light books in sequence:
    – practice exercises, techniques, etc…
    – strengthen intuition using card decks, dowsing chart
  6. Color Therapy for Animals (handbook) included?
    – first watch EC series
  7. Afterwards, register for a virtual class
  8. Need support? Reach out to us


Best Care Practice

Here is a quick guide on how to care for your light set.

Ensure your hands are free of creams and oils during handling.


  • Use quality AA Alkaline batteries
  • Only insert Positive (+) tips in first
  • Never use rechargeable batteries
  • Never use lithium batteries
  • Do not mix batteries brands
  • Do not mix old/new batteries
  • Take batteries out when not in use
  • Store batteries properly
  • Dispose of batteries safely

Penlight assembly:

  1. Remove battery cap, adjust coil spring (if necessary)
  2. Insert two batteries, positive ends (+) first into penlight barrel
  3. Replace battery cap, close gently
  4. Twist turn top portion of penlight into “ON” position (right)
  5. Bulb will light up when connection is made
    – ensure light bulb is secure in holder
    –  adjust slightly if it does not light up/flickers
  6. Clip-on filter cap, ensure its rim is securely on
  7. Twist top portion to turn light into “OFF” position (left)
  8. Adjusted bulb/battery contact if necessary.

Change light bulb:

  1. Twist off top portion of penlight
  2. Unscrew existing bulb in holder
    – also called miniature lamps
  3. Replace with new bulb
  4. Adjust bulb for battery contact


  • Never use LED’s in penlights
  • Only use 2.43 v miniature lamp with screw base (about 1/2 watt)
  • Life duration of bulb varies, depends on use
  • Never take bulb holder apart or remove from barrel
    – consists of white plastic sleeve, metal base, black O-Ring
  • Keep ‘O-Ring in white sleeve’s grove to change bulb
    – it can be fidgety at times


Trouble & Resolution

You’ll need to adjust the light bulb from time to time.

Flickering light ON/OFF

  1. Twist off barrel top part from main barrel.
  2. Gently adjust bulb until battery connection is made, and lights up.
  3. Test on/off mechanism, by turning barrel top in both directions.

Alternatively …

  1. Remove battery cap.
  2. Gently stretch battery spring, replace back in cap.
    – This spring ensures there is a connection with battery and bulb
  3. Ensure batteries go in with positive tips (+) first.

You may also need to …

  1. Adjust light bulb again.
  2. Now test ON/OFF switch.

Stuck battery cap

  1. If the batteries leak in penlight barrel, the cap will seal shut.
  2. Do not try to wrench it open to clean it inside, as battery fluid is a toxic substance.
  3. Unfortunately penlights cannot be refurbished after leakage.
  4. Depending on light set model, you may be able to order a new penlight.
    – see section below: How do I replace an item?

Note: Always remove batteries when not in use


Can I purchase a replacement item?

If you’re a Loyalty Program member, we’re here to help you.*

  • Battery spring
  • Light bulb holder
  • O-Rings
  • Filter or geometry insert
  • Light bulbs (20 per order)
  1. Please provide year of purchase from us, we may need a picture.
    – Age, weather and use can alter penlight/filter new fittings.
  2. We may have a replacement item for your model.
  3. If an item is no longer available, there may be an option.
  4. You may need to order a new light set for 2000-2015 models.

*Products and services are limited to Canada/United States

Important notice:

  • Do not leave in direct heat/sunshine
  • Handle with care, store properly
  • Keep out of children/animal reach
  • Follow batteries/bulbs practices (above)
    – take batteries out when not in use
  • Never submerge in liquid or water
    – only use recommended cleaning instructions
    – see “Blue Reference Manual” for complete details
  • No medical claims are made or implied more

Lumalight packages are a Canadian artisan product

Updated 2023

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