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My Lumalight System just arrived. Where do I begin?

Welcome to the Lumalight community. We want you to get the most out of your light set. To begin, it’s best to review the Preliminary Information section of the Energetically Correct Series’ Manual, and go from there. It’s part of your Lumalight System purchase from us. Feel free to contact us if you would like to order an updated copy.

lumalight-chromotherapy-systemAll packages include

  • Energetically Correct Series
  • Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks
  • Laminated Color and Geometry Wall Charts
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Loyalty Program Benefits

And there’s more ..

The additional range of training materials included in your package depends on the Lumalight system you’ve chosen.

Getting started

  1. Review the ‘Preliminary Information’ section in the blue reference manual.
    – maintaining and care for your Lumalight.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your light set and all its components.
  3. Watch Energetically Correct DVDs first, in order as you follow along in the manual.
    – This 5-program series is equivalent to a 16 day course with hands-on practice.
  4. Experience the protocols as you practice along with your light set.
    – Perform penlight moves, switch colors/shapes, take notes and make your own diagrams.
  5. Learn about the theory of color harmonics in the first level of the Golden Light Series of books.
    – Explore the protocols and meditations in this book.
  6. If your package includes more levels of the Golden Light Series:
    – It’s best to practice the exercises, protocols and techniques of each book in sequence.
  7. If your package includes: Color Therapy for Animals:
    – It’s also recommended to watch the Energetically Correct Series, first.
  8. Join us at a nationally certified course in the United States or Canada to advance your learning and use.
  9. Your Lumalight purchase includes customer support, feel free to reach to us. Contact us


Best care practice

Here is a quick guide on how to take care of your light set

Chromotherapy light tools by Spectrahue

First, ensure your hands are relatively clean and free of creams and oils (i.e. essential oils) when handling your light set components.


  • Use quality AA Alkaline batteries only
  • Do not mix batteries brands together
  • Do not mix used and new batteries together
  • Never use rechargeable or lithium batteries
  • Take out batteries when not in use
  • Keep out of reach from children
  • Always store batteries properly

Penlight Assembly

  1. Remove battery cap, adjust coil spring, if necessary
  2. Insert both batteries, positive ends (+) first into penlight barrel
  3. Replace battery cap, close gently, but not too tight
  4. Twist turn top portion of penlight into “on” position (right)
  5. Bulb will light up when connection is made*
  6. Clip on filter cap, ensure its rim is securely on penlight
  7. Twist top portion to turn light into “off” position (left)

*Ensure light bulb is secure in holder––adjust it slightly if it does not light up.

Change light bulb

  1. Twist off top portion of penlight
  2. Unscrew existing bulb in holder
    – also known as miniature lamps
  3. Replace with new bulb
  4. Slowly adjust bulb until it makes contact with batteries

– Life duration of each bulb varies depending on use.

– Ensure black O-ring remains on rim of white sleeve of bulb holder when changing bulb.

– It’s a little fidgety at times, but it’s worth it for the benefits of this light source.


  • Penlight requires 2.43 v miniature lamp with screw base (about 1/2 watt).
  • These bulbs (lamps) can be sourced in specialty lighting stores, online, or ordered from us.
    – Limit 10 bulbs per order. Lumalight Loyalty Program
  • Do not take bulb holder apart, which consists of white plastic sleeve, metal base, O-ring.
  • Do not use LEDs as the penlights are not made for this light source.


Trouble shooting

Flickering Light

  1. If the bulb begins to flicker on/off, remove top part of penlight.
  2. Next, gently tighten bulb until connection is made to batteries.
  3. Test on/off mechanism, by turning top portion of penlight in both directions.


  1. Remove battery cap and gently stretch the spring and replace back in cap.
    – This spring ensures there is a connection with battery and bulb.
  2. Next, insert batteries with positive ends (+) first.
  3. Twist off top portion of penlight to adjust the light bulb.
  4. Now replace part and test on/off switch.

– Minor bulb adjustments are required from time to time.


  1. The black rubber O-ring, which holds the filter in place (top of penlight), and on top of light bulb holder, may need to be replaced over the years.
  2. The filters are made to snap on and stay on with normal use with an O-ring.
  3. If the rubber expands due to weather condition, use a needle point of Vaseline on it, so the filter will slide on/off with ease.

– Replacement O-ring sizes may vary and offer different fittings (tension) on penlight.

Stuck Battery Cap

  1. It’s best practice to remove batteries when not in use.
  2. If the batteries leak in the penlight barrel the cap will seal shut.
  3. Do not try to wrench it open to clean it inside, as battery fluid is a toxic substance.


Lumalight Components

Color Filters

  1. With proper care your filters should last for many years.
  2. Do not get oil on the filters, avoid abrasive cleaners or cloth (see cleaning instructions below).
  3. Be careful not to drop them on a hard surface.

Geometry Inserts

  1. The inserts are delicate and should be handled with care.
  2. Store them under the foam where penlight rests in the box, in the metal case, or in a plastic sleeve.
  3. If the inserts becomes wedged under the C-Ring in holder, just tap the filter on a soft surface.
  4. If necessary, use a fine edge to gently flick it out of filter cap.


Cleaning Instructions

Filter & Insert Components

Clean with a flannel cloth and rubbing alcohol only
* Do not use eye glass cleaner or any other type of cleaner as it can damage filters


Use a flannel cloth and rubbing alcohol only
* Take out batteries first, and avoid the light bulb area

Artisan Crafted Boxes

  1. Take out all components to clean the inside of box
  2. Wipe it with a little water on a cloth
  3. Avoid getting water on inside labels

Lumalight Travel Carrying Case

  1. Take out all components to clean the inside of case
  2. Wipe outer shell with a little water on a cloth



Just send us an email if you would like to order a replacement part or item:

  1. Battery Spring
  2. Bulb Holder
  3. O-Rings
  4. Penlight

To provide you with replacement parts, we will require the year of purchase from us. We’ll do our best to ensure a proper fit with other components on Lumalights purchased after January 2010. We’ll also let you know if an item is out of stock or is discontinued. If so, you may need to upgrade your Lumalight to the most recent model. Thank you for understanding.



  • With proper care a Lumalight can last for many years
  • Do not leave in direct heat/sunshine for a long time
  • Take the batteries out when not in use
  • Do not submerge in liquid or water
  • Only use our recommended light source
  • Travel with light set in your carry-on luggage
  • Keep out of reach from children
  • No medical claims are made or implied. Read Disclaimer


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