The Spectrahue Method is continually evolving.

The Spectrahue Method is the foundation for all our chromotherapy products, including Lumalight sets, accessories, and educational materials. For decades, we have explored the mystical properties of light.

By creating these tools, my eyes opened to the mystery of life.

The results are fascinating insights into Nature. – Julianne

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A sparkly-idea becomes a reality.


Embarking on a personal journey in the 1990s, Julianne Bien’s fascination with light birthed The Spectrahue Method and its versatile color delivery system, Lumalight.

This unique approach to self-discovery combines color light therapy with sacred geometry to create an aura for spiritual rejuvenation.

At the same time, she began writing her “Energetically Correct” and “Golden Light” series, resulting in a decades-long commitment to book publishing.

The Spectrahue Method is based on ancient mysticism, color psychology, and spiritual sciences. Its fusion of wisdom and techniques provides a gentle yet profound path to self-discovery by unraveling life’s mysteries.

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Creativity inspires and transforms.

yin-yang-symbolTo sum up, The Spectrahue Method offers Lumalight packages designed to empower individuals. These packages consist of an ergonomic light set, self-paced programs, classes, and coaching tailored to address various needs and interests in the holistic and spiritual sectors.

In addition to her work as a professional Lumalight coach and “Conscious-Light” advisor for spiritual entrepreneurs, Julianne creates hand-drawn portraits that vividly depict her evolving journey. Her inspiration comes from past philosophers, composers, artists, and mythological figures.

This website invites you to delve into her rich and engaging world.

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Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.