Lumalight and Essential Oils


Lumalight and Essentials Oils

This fourth book of the Golden Light Series explores an innovative way of combining Lumalight and essential oils in your life. This text offers concepts and suggested uses that can enrich most energywork and mystical practices.

These teachings offer a unique approach to practices that use aromatherapy.

Learn more about light as a universal source through our blog articles.

This program offers original insights on encouraging spiritual development using the mystical arts.

Learn more about chromotherapy in a bodywork practice.


Lumalight your aromatherapy practice.


Spectrahue’s training materials offer a captivating exploration of two distinct systems, lights and oils, that can be blended into a session.

This book set includes:

  • educational material (illustrated book)
  • color and essential oils (wall chart)
  • color and essential oils card deck

Page after page, this book provides unique insights to the metaphysical thinker. These suggestions, shared in this book, result from the author’s unique insights into light shades and the higher senses.


Essential oils, light, and consciousness.

Lumalight color therapy meaning and uses

This book, with its two distinct parts, offers a wealth of unique and intriguing content that is sure to pique your interest.

Part A is the foundation and theory that covers incredible topics about light, human senses, and consciousness, with insightful tips for your practice.

Part B, Lumalight Color Vibrations, presents practical uses for filters such as Universal Sky, Silver, Grey, Sea Green, and Purple. It demonstrates their real-world application and engages readers in these techniques. These filters introduce new techniques and enhance previously described protocols in this series.

Once you’ve explored this book’s techniques, modify and adapt energy-moving protocols demonstrated in the Energetically Correct Series, which are part of all Lumalight packages. This provides you with an even broader understanding of advanced filters.

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