Lumalight and Essential Oils


Lumalight Aromatherapy Practice

Lumalight and Essential Oils is the fourth book in Golden Light Series. Its theory and suggested protocols were created for Lumalight use with essential oils. The teachings offer a unique approach for aromatherapy, acupuncture and holistic practices that would like to introduce chromotherapy into their services.

lumalight-color-light-geometry-setAs with all Spectrahue insights, this book set offers a fascinating look at two independent systems: lights and oils, harmonically used together during a session.

The techniques were designed for professional practices and spiritual use. The discoveries described are based on the author’s observations including her theory on memory and the senses, spiritual and meditative exercises,


Book set includes:

  • Educational book (illustrated)
  • Color and essential oils laminated wall chart (13″ x 19″)
  • Color and essential oils card deck

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Advanced Teachings

You’ll the opportunity to explore the modifications to protocols and techniques first described in Energetically Correct Series, and Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks which now include combining the filters with geometry inserts, using our signature two-penlight technique during a session.

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(06/2022) Only available in Lumalight packages

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