Lumalight and Essential Oils


This thought-inspiring text is the fourth book in the Golden Light Series. Page after page, it offers original theories and techniques created for the metaphysical thinker who introduces vibrational essences in their practice. This informative book set offers insight on how essential oils can elevate consciousness and the healing potential.

These teachings offer a unique approach for practices offering aromatherapy with lightwork.

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Lumalight Aromatherapy Practice

As with all Spectrahue insights, these training materials offer a fascinating look at two independent systems: lights and oils, harmonically used together during a session.


Book set includes:

  • educational material (illustrated)
  • color and essential oils laminated wall chart (13″ x 19″)
  • color and essential oils card deck

The suggested techniques were designed for holistic practices and spiritual use. The discoveries described are based on the author’s observations including her own theory on memory and the senses as well as spiritual and meditative exercises.

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Light and Consciousness

conscious-change-chakrasAs you have discovered in your studies, all living beings respond to light vibration. Everything in nature is within the earth’s atmosphere, including plants, animals, and us.

In fact, all forms of water and the air, as well as their inhabitants, are influenced by the sun’s energy; even in its subtlest form as seen in a rainbow.

In fact, there are millions of visible hues around us.

Most Lumalight packages include this training material.

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Higher Learning Opportunity

Lumalight color therapy meaning and uses

Once you’ve had the opportunity of exploring these techniques, begin to modify and adapt energy moving protocols demonstrated in the Energetically Correct Series, which is included in our Lumalight packages.

All Spectrahue protocols now include combining the filters with geometry inserts, using our signature two-penlight technique during a session.

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