Spectrahue’s Spiritual Portraits

portrait drawing of ParacelsusI am amazed that Julianne is now offering hand drawn portraits that’ll support a Lumalight user or metaphysical practitioner on their path. I just received her latest 2023 Blog article on her incredible drawing quest.

– Claire, Tarot and oracle card reader and healer, USA (check it out)

Animal communication and healing…

There are amazing protocols in “Color Therapy for Animals” handbook. Color therapy has helped me bond with rescue animals. Fascinated with the possibility of communicating with dogs, cats as well as horses telepathically, I’ve begun exploring more in the “Light Alchemy for Animals” program.

– Michele, spiritual energy worker and animal guardian, Canada (check it out)

Zeetumah: Queen of the Rainbow Honeybees

I had just come across this incredible children’s (actually adult story!) book on a heroic space bee that made me wonder about the origins of humankind. Such a wonderful adventure-packed sci-fi journey of these magical creatures that we couldn’t live without. Oh, and the illustrations are absolutely amazing too!

– Karen, an eternal booklover and spiritual seeker, Canada (check it out …)

Oh, I love my Lumalight!

For over seven years, Lumalight has become part of my self-care practice in so many ways, and using my “lights” enhanced my life’s work tremendously! The virtual classes are transformative and thought-provoking; bring on 2022 teachings.
– Carolyn O. Singer-songwriter and light & sound practitioner, New York City,

Ripples: A Novel

Ripples a novel by Bien

Julianne is brilliant as she weaves together various components such as past lives, incarnating soul groups and the magic of the goddess. The lives played out as they link into different dimensions.

How the ripples from one life in one lifetime can and do affect what has come before as well as the present and the future of so many other lives and lifetimes.

Reading Ripples has caused me to take a look at my own life and acknowledge the ripples flowing from my actions and decisions and how the actions of my past, I am now feeling the ripples of, and to ask myself, what type of ripples do I want to create for my future.

– Brenda L. Author, healer and entrepreneur, Canada 

Awesome Color & Geometry Game

Julianne introduced Spectrahue’s Geocolor Playdeck at a Lumalight class this summer in Toronto. This is an amazing card deck to strengthen intuition. I started using it in my healing sessions and at my meditation groups. Thank you Julianne for bringing us this extraordinary system.
– Terry L. RN, Energy Healer, Long Island NY USA

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geocolor-playdeckSpectrahue Geocolor Playdeck

After I received my Lumalight system, I began to explore the various decks included with my package. Now, this deck includes a 12-sided dice; it’s some sort of color psychology game that stimulates your perception of color, light and geometrical shapes. And, WOW! I’m finding the results amazingly accurate. Now, for the Spectrahue Universal Tarot…

– KL, Energy healing therapist, USA (check it out)

Color geometry dowsings chartsLumalight Dowsing Charts

I’ve always trusted my intuition with Lumalight, but these color and geometry dowsing charts give me the confirmation I sometimes need. They were part of my Lumalight package.

– Diana, Holistic Energy Healing, Ireland

Lumalight is the Cadillac of color therapy tools

Lumalight facilitates my patients to get in touch with their own core and heal their most profound issues. After experiencing that deep psychosomatic integration, I cannot imagine working without the Lumalight.
– Shoshana R., DDS, MS Ac., Long Island, NY, USA

Lumalight is the Alpha & Omega of light therapy

Lumalight is the most important aspect of every treatment that I give. It enhances the affect of my acupuncture needles in a different way than Moxa for example. I’ve been using chromotherapy for years and this is the only system that has such an expansive selection of colors and and sacred geometry filters. As a professional I am grateful that I can also easily use it on myself.
– Jeanne  D., MS, L.ac., L.M.T, P.C. NY, USA (check it out)

The book I’ve been waiting for…

I use sound and vibrational therapies in my holistic practice daily, and this handy guidebook provides the direction I needed for Lumalight use during sessions. Thank you Julianne, for this last piece of the puzzle in the the Golden Light Series, of educational materials.

– Debbie, Certified Sound Therapist and Energy Worker, USA (check it out)

Amazing results Lumalight

One of my clients felt so relaxed during a series of color light treatments that she believed it was a contributing factor to her finally getting pregnant! She almost lost hope after trying so many other treatments.
– Charlene, Psychotherapist, Rome, NY

lumalight-color-light-sessionWhat a joy to use Lumalight

A process that is non-intrusive, yet enables the recipient to immediately experience the balancing light energies gently working on various levels of their being.
– Sonia M., Sedona, AZ, USA

I love Lumalight. An essential for my first aid kit

I regularly use it for minor aches & pains, bruises and swelling instead of ice or heat and find it to be just as, if not more, immediate and effective. I also find it invaluable for maintaining emotional seven energetic balance under the most stressful conditions.
– Carol, Author of Everyday Energy, Ponte Vedra, Orlando, FL, USA

Julianne, I’ve taken many courses over the years

I’ve spent money on things and often it turned out not to be the best choices. I do have to say, I have always been grateful that I took your course and bought your lights. It was one of my best decisions. Thank you!!
– Jean, Nutritionist and Colour Light Specialist, Alberta, Canada 

spectrahue-universal-tarotWOW .. I love the Spectrahue Deck

Both my boys have had allergies this season. Each had a card reading and I used the colors and geometric shapes in the cards they pulled for a Lumalight session. Their allergies have improved dramatically and are clearing after just two days or so. They also had other readings which were on target. (Order by phone)
– Deborah P, RN, OCN, Stamford, CT, USA

I am so glad I was led to Lumalight

A friend had injured her toe so I invited her for a session. I shone the Indigo and Violet lights over her toe, followed by Green. I bathed her in Pink paired with OM Insert, then Gold and Expansion Insert. She was amazed her 6-month long pain was gone!
– Carolyn O, Color and Sound Therapist, Manhattan, NY, USA

My patient has been paralyzed in her legs for 30 years

She tried Lumalight colour light therapy and after that session she came to me and said, ‘look, look, feel my legs,I’m starting to feel the warmth in my legs.’ She was just amazed by it.
– Julian, Energy Therapist, Ontario, Canada

Lumalight spiritual lights changed my life

Lumalight techniques create a platform for growth and spiritual expansion. The more I explore Julianne Bien’s discoveries in her books, the more I develop a relationship with the language of color, sacred geometry and sound.
– Vanessa C, L.Ac., Miami, FL, USA

I was introduced to Spectrahue in 2005

And use Lumalight Colour Harmonics with Bache Flower Essences and YL Raindrop Technique in my practice. It is fantastic! The color energy enhances all my sessions and my clients keep on coming back for more. Thank you Spectrahue for such incredible technology and customer support. When are you teaching courses in Great Britain?
– Carolyn, Massage Therapist, London, England

My client’s experience after Lumalight Session

I’ve worked with many different kinds of healers. What I want to tell you about Bo’s work is that it has been the most effective healing modality I have ever encountered. I have never experienced sessions anything like his work. What I like about it is that the sound and the light are pure empathy.
– Bo N, Escondido CA, USA

Lumalight enhances my aesthetic, reiki & reflexology treatments

My clients are reporting better longer lasting results and feeling more serene during treatments. Lumalight has also worked well to clear a headache, relieve sinus congestion and diminish sciatic and fibromyalgia pain.
– Tamara P., Aestheticism, Reiki Master and Reflexologist, Anaheim Hills, CA, USA

Lumalight is an awesome addition to my spiritual healing practice

It is awakening the heart. Highly effective in releasing, restructuring and integrating physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Lumalight therapy enables me to address my client’s issues quickly.
– Barbara-Lynn B., Spiritual Healer, Chapel Hill, NC, USA 

 color therapy and essentials oils training bookI always have my lights and oils with me

You will always find me with my Lumalight and YL Essential Oil. The combination has changed my life since my healing journey began in 2008. Now I feel great and healthy and I educate others on how to incorporate Color Harmonics into their lives.
– Michael, Las Vegas, NV, USA

 Lumalight is amazing, it is more than just color therapy

I learned about Julianne Bien and the Lumalight system from a network of healers that I am connected to. After reading her book “Golden Light” it became obvious that she deeply understands both the scientific and esoteric frameworks of color harmonics, and she communicates to her readers and students alike in a clear and systematic way. I recommend her programs to anyone interested in greatly improving and expanding their healing skills.
– Robert B., San Rafael, CA, USA 

Thanks for helping me see the light

Lumalight has changed my life. It has really helped to move some deep seated emotion blocks as well help my thinking to be more focused. Lumalights are the creme-de-la-creme of light sets.
– Christopher, Energy Healer, Australia

My son is ADHD with learning disabilities has asthma

I apply a simple Lumalight Color Light Therapy treatment: green on the heart and lung area, indigo on the forehead and orange below the navel. He responded within ten minutes. He appeared much calmer with a clear mind. It also helped his asthma.
– Wendy S., Quantum Healing & Holistic Health Adviser, Bergen County, NJ, USA 

My Lumalights are in use on a daily basis

I use them to assist in the healing and health maintenance of my husband, me and a variety of animals, including fish!  We are so impressed with these color light therapy products, which include the Lumalight color illuminators, as well as instructional books, DVDs and related items.  These innovative, exceptional products are half the story.  Cheerful, accommodating customer service is the other half!
– Janet N., Westminister, CO, USA 

 Your ‘Lights’ have made a huge impact in my life

I worked on a friend who is under a great deal of stress and she had started having panic attacks. I did the stress release protocol on her this weekend and she has begun to calm down after one session. She will be coming back next week. I also give Lumalight and Reiki sessions at the Little Friends Animal Shelter. Thank you for creating such a wonderful healing tool!
– Jamie Lee, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Lumalights are phenomenal for bodywork and energetic face lifts

I also use them on myself and others to release past memories that have an impact on our physical and emotional well being and with great success! To my surprise, the Lumalight also enhances my spiritual readings and purifies my space, especially at large spiritual health shows!
– Carol B., Spiritual Advisor and Educator, Dillonvale, OH, USA

Don’t be fooled by the size of this novel

color-awakening-the-child-withinThis charming and clever novel packs a reality punch! Cover-to-cover it is nonstop action, both informing and entertaining. I haven’t had this much fun reading since ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! Thanks Julianne and the Galactic Pioneers.
– Jo-Ann V., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 

When on earth be still and listen to the whisper of the heart

And so I began my odyssey in Color: Awakening the Child Within. As my light consciousness expanded in all ten directions connecting with everything and nothing, I was gradually absorbed on a mystical, magical journey into self where all is one and one is all. There I rediscovered the alchemist in all of us, the dream within a dream and the colors in between. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red … BOOM! Thank you so much Julianne! I loved this book with all its many layered subtleties, a story within a story to be read over and over again. Brilliant!
– Maya W., Spa Professional, Toronto, Canada 

 I have been facilitating workshops on sound healing and mystery teachings

When I recently added the Spectrahue lights to my work I noticed a huge shift in my energy. The lights have a way of profoundly melting away any unwanted energies. I have found that my vision of nature has become much more vibrant and I am seeing a lot more colors all around me which makes life even more enjoyable. The Lumalight has shifted me deeply and I apply it often to keep me in a clear space of light, radiant health and love.
– Kat L., Color & Sound Practitioner & Educator, San Diego, CA, USA 

Julianne is a pioneer and the leading expert for color therapy in North America.

Her Lumalight series and book are ahead of the times and superior in quality. Her workshops are informative, highly experiential and a delight to attend!
– Kathy R., Co-founder, Transformational Arts College, Toronto, Canada

lumalight-chromotherapy-light-setChère Julianne et très chère amie, toutes mes félicitations!

Une fois de plus tu as su démontrer ton talent hors du commun et ton Génie, par ton style si nouveau et diffèrent, et par ta vision. Je me considère très privilégiée d’avoir la joie de te connaitre personnellement.

Je sais que ton livre ouvrira bien des perspectives nouvelles a tous ceux qui auront la chance de te lire.
– Sincères amitiés, Helene F, Orlando, FL, USA 

I had some very interesting insights using Lumalight

I used the portal filter with the star tetrahedron screen inlay. Intergalactic multi-dimensional infusion of energy. I felt it reconfiguring my patient’s energy system. I applied the lights over his chakras. I used this after applying the fear release protocol. Very cool!
– Susan S., M.Ac, Lic.Ac., Southborough, MA, USA

One of my dogs loves color light so much …

color therapy for animalsHe picks up Lumalight box and brings it to us! He has had ear problems for about six months until we began applying the green and orange light. It cleared up. Thank you for creating such a great color system.
– Linda, Intune Groom, Bolton, MA, USA 

Lumalight is my 1st aid kit – I never leave home without it

I felt blessed more than once to have assisted a few birds that had hit a window or wall. A feeling of awe and gratitude flowed through me as I witnessed the recovery of the birds within just a few minutes. Thank-you Lumalight!
– Debbie B., Reflexologist, Utopia, Ontario, Canada

Since incorporating color light therapy in my practice ..

I find that it has an amazing effect on my acupuncture treatment to my patients! All in all, major enhancement is observed in 30% and a moderate effect in 50 % and the rest has little or no effects. I incorporate Spectrahue’s color therapy system in 100% of my practice.
– Leo L., Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

Lumalight is fun, portable and it works!

Many thanks for the book, ‘Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks’ — it has also enhanced my journey.
– Jessica S., Middleboro, MA, USA

I am so thankful for the clean, clear and intense frequency your Lumalight emits.

They are an integral part of my chromotherapy work that continues to benefit so many dogs, cats and horses. I’m looking forward to trying some of the new colors!
– Lynn Y, Sedona, AZ, USA

Last year I was guided to Julianne Bien’s groundbreaking book:

golden-light-a-journey-with-advanced-colorworks-bienGolden Light, a Journey with Advanced Colorworks

This book is amazing and the Lumalight has become an indispensable part of my work. The mineralized color lenses emit quality, precision color energy! I combine it with my esthetic, reiki and qi gong treatments as well as protocols in the DVD series: Energetically Correct.
– Sue H, Big Qi Energy Medicine, New York City, NY, USA  (check it out)

I use Lumalight to enhance my esthetic treatments

I have found the Lumalight extremely beneficial for clients with migraine headaches and sciatic pain. Thank you for such an incredible tool for my practice and personal use!
– Mikki, Esthetician and Educator, Toronto, Canada

We all respond to the healing energies of color

Lumalight facilitates the healing process in a gentle, noninvasive manner that complements my energy practice in many ways. I am particularly drawn to the sacred geometric inlays and intrigued by their healing potential.
– Karen W, Meta-physician and Energy Practitioner of Axiatonal Attunement Therapy, Boone, NC, USA

My first experience with Lumalight was on my buddy Ebony, our black lab!

I flooded her hip areas with the yellow frequencies and it cleared up her urinary infection within a few days. I use my Lumalight in my practice and when I need to do personal inner work. Its a powerful friend!
– Paige, Energy Healer and Esthetician, Boise, ID, USA

I love my lights!

One of my clients had a cold sore and was on her way over and was really upset as she was having a first date that night. I told her to shine the violet light on it – and in a few hours it was gone.
– Alice, Specialized Kinesiolgist, Surrey, BC, Canada

“I am very pleased with the results I have received with  Lumalight

I have had incredible results especially with an application for children and their concentration. Light therapy and the Lumalight have a great future ahead of them because they help on not just the physical body but the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.
– Philip, Spiritual Healer, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Aside from our home, Lumalight is the best investment we have ever made!

I use them every single day and my clients love them as well.
– Sheila VH, DD, PhD, Richfield, MN, USA

I was working with a client who complained about pain her neck and shoulders

I then proceeded to apply indigo and red light in conjunction with essential oils on these areas. She came back to visit the following month pain-free!
– Kathleen B, Spa Owner, Syracuse, NY, USA

Lumalight is an integral part of my practice

My clients delight in the exquisite colors, clarity and positive results they experience. It is easily integrated in conjunction with any therapy.
– Irene Y, PhD, RNCP, Brantford, ON, Canada 

I use acupuncture and color light therapy combined together

And I have had amazing results! Especially with lympathic drainage patients.”

Dr. Zhang, Acupuncturist, Burlington, ON, Canada

I love having my Lumalights in my life!

I am not a practitioner or healer. I use them for my own well being, and I add them to the lives of my dear friends whenever possible. I am part of a long-standing women’s group. I bring the lights out at our gatherings and we intuitively shine the lights on each other and reap the benefits.
– Shirley H, Rapid City, SD, USA

Lumalight is an illumination for all forms of healing

I use it effectively with body work to help release soft tissue and promote faster access to healing. Clients enjoy the extra benefit of direct light healing.
– Kathryn R., Licensed Massage Practitioner, Alchemical Healer, Albuquerque, NM, USA

I applied a color reflexology technique to a lady with a cold sore ..

Especially over the inflamed area. Since then, the flare-ups have been farther apart and the pain is considerably less with I apply the indigo light on the area for 2-5 minutes.
– Kathleen B, Spa Owner/manager, Syracuse, NY, USA

I have been a holistic practitioner for the past 18 years ..

I work with the science of light and sound and have been exposed to many instruments over the years. I must say, the Lumalight is the most powerful single tool I’ve come across! These little light gems have created exponential healings on many different levels of my clients and myself.
– Rheannon R, Natural healer & Iridologist, London, ON, Canada

Lumalight eased my back pain ..

Upon returning to Virginia from Sedona, my back surgeon and physical therapist said I didn’t need any more treatment from them. I purchased a Lumalight and have been giving sessions to my friends and clients. This is really amazing technology. The future is now.
– Linda S, Centreville, VA, USA

I had finally found what I was so desperately looking for ..

I use the blue for pain and green to calm me down after a hard day. Those are the two colors that I use the most. I usually use the light after I’ve gone to bed because it is darker then. I really wouldn’t want to be without my light!
– Diane L, PA, USA

I took my Lumalight to Mexico to help people heal with other modalities that I practise

The results were very surprising to me. We help children with school challenges, just with the first treatment the children reported to us that their grades went up and they were concentrating more at school and everybody came back requesting more treatments.
– David C, Health Spiritual Healer, Livington, MT, USA


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Lumalight packages are a Canadian artisan product

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