Spectrahue Universal Tarot


Spectrahue Universal Tarot

This 54-card deck follows the classic 22-step journey of the Tarot. It includes a guidebook that offers insights into the universal mysteries depicted in each card. Each card also visually represents color shades and geometric forms to enhance Lumalight users’ spiritual intuition.

This deck’s wisdom provides a transformative experience.

It’s also a learning aid that strengthens intuition and inspires creativity.

This deck is for readers who grasp the principles of “tapping” into the cards.

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Let’s dive right in and review this deck.



Lumalight’s one-of-a-kind deck.

lumalight color therapy equipment

This deck includes a variety of colors and shapes found in a Lumalight set. Each card spread tells a story or suggests a Lumalight technique based on the spiritual phenomena of sunlight hues as a mystical form of energywork.

This intuitive aid can be used during our virtual classes to enhance your understanding of the Tarot.

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Lumalight geo-colors revealed.

ChakrasThe Spectrahue Universal Tarot is more than just a deck; it’s a portal to the ancient wisdom and universal energy of the 14th-century cards. This intuitive tool reflects our quests and life journeys.

22 Structure Cards

These cards are illustrated with geometric shapes to embrace the essence of the Major Arcana Cards in a Tarot deck system, symbolizing the 22 paths.

32 Creation Cards

The color cards are separated into eight dimensions, each representing one of the following elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.



Lumalight Dowsing Charts

Color geometry dowsings charts

In addition, this tarot deck works in harmony with Spectrahue’s color and geometry dowsing charts, which are included in all Lumalight packages.

When used in a Lumalight practice, these cards go beyond just being guidance tools.

They serve as a gateway to understanding personal universal messages, igniting inspiration and potential in your journey.

Spectrahue’s intuitive aids include:

  1. Universal Tarot
  2. GeoColor Playdeck
  3. Dowsing Charts
  4. Color and Essential Oils Deck

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