Spectrahue Universal Tarot

Inspirational Creative Tool


Awaken your Higher Senses

These wondrous oracles are for anyyone with a desire to become a discoverer of universal mysteries. This deck depicts color energy and form. Intuitively, it was designed for the seeker yearning to attune to the messages carried in light. Card wisdom guides Lumalight users as they deepen their skills and extrasensory perception.

Each person is unique and so is their need in a Lumalight session.

Let the cards support you in your choices, in a simple three card spread.

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Symbolic Archetypes

Explore the geometrical shapes that creates structure in our universe, influencing our every thought and action. This card deck is a mind-strengthening tool, reflective of most Lumalight colors and shapes.

yin-yang-symbolNow, here’s how these images can exercise your intuition as well as higher perception.

The reveal card or three card spread:

  1. provides insight and wisdom: past, present, future
  2. offers guidance on priority color/geometry pairing in Lumalight session
  3. reflects subliminal state of consciousness, using light language

In additional, a deeper understanding of light language can reflect life challenges, rewards, and direction.

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The deck was designed to strengthen intuition and inspire creativity during Lumalight use

Chromatic Though–Forms

lumalight color therapy equipmentThe cards become alive in a trained hand and a reflective mind. The chosen cards have a story to tell or suggested application. This deck was created through a compilation of decades of research and discoveries of spiritual phenomena and the use of colored light as a mystical form of energywork.

Its meanings are also based on the components of Lumalight.

Card readers are also drawn to these mysterious oracles and their relationship to thoughts and actions.

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Expand Consciousness

Spectrahue Universal Tarot follows the format of the original 14th century cards. This intuitive aid is based on universal energy and ancient mysteries of the Tree of Life. Moreover, it can reflect our individual quests or life journeys.

Color geometry dowsings charts

This intuitive strengthening aid contains simple yet powerful card faces, such as:

22 Structure Cards

Illustrated with geometric shapes to embrace the essence of the Major Arcana Cards in a Tarot deck system, symbolizing the 22 paths on the “Tree of Life.”

32 Creation Cards

Illustrated in vivid color and categorized into eight dimensions. Each dimension (stages of development) contains four colors and each color holds the essence of one of the following elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

You can also confirm your findings with our color and geometry Dowsing Chart, which is now included in all packages.

Note: This deck includes a guide booklet, only available in English.

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Spectrahue Universal Tarot will spark insights as you gain confidence with your intuition.


The Lumalight system is a Canadian made artisan product

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.