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Step Up to Consciousness

The Spectrahue Method of light therapy is an innovative approach to support a wide range of holistic practices. It’s also described as spiritual light therapy for its blending of colors and shapes in its non-touch applications. Light beams are introduced into point locations on the meridian channels.

Chromotherapy (color light therapy) entered the mainstream of alternative thinking, just as the art of acupuncture did long ago. Colors are frequencies of light, and like acupuncture, they are based on universal principles.

With its brilliant colors and geometrical designs, Lumalight is the professional’s choice in spiritual-energy tools.

Lumalight Elevates Lives


Introduce the ‘lights’ into settings that offer:

  • Acupuncture, acupressure
  • Bodywork, energywork, reflexology
  • Kinesiology, muscle testing, dowsing
  • Sound and vibrational therapies
  • Aromatherapy, essential oils
  • Color energy psychology
  • Flower and tree essences
  • Crystal gem therapy
  • Rejuvenation, spiritual development

Lumalight can light the way during spiritual development.

To support your interest in the mysticism of consciousness and spiritual breakthroughs of self discovery, visit our higher learning academy, for advanced metaphysical studies.


Lumalight Advantage

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeChromotherapy light sets

  • Canadian made, proprietary design
  • Quality penlight illuminators
    – superior finish for use in specialty practices
    – durable, portable, hand-crafted case
  • Over 70 color and geometry clip-on pieces
  • Incandescent light source (non LED)

The beauty of this light set is that it is non-medical, non-diagnostic, non-touch. It has a gentle color light emission; is safe for home users, and is perfect for practices with a spiritual undertone.


Original Training Materials

spectrahue-color-harmonics-booksThis is key to mastering your Lumalight potential

We’ve included home study programs with your purchase from us.

It’s easy to get started. Check out our store display

Spectrahue Higher Learning Academy NEW

  • Original interactive series
    – using Lumalight and intuitive aids
  • Virtual class schedule (2022/2023)

Lumalight packages are a limited edition, artisan product


Optimize your practice with The Spectrahue Method

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.