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The Spectrahue Method is an innovative approach that supports a wide range of holistic practices. In addition, the use of color as healing energy entered alternative thinking as the art of acupuncture did long ago. We also describe chromotherapy as spiritual light therapy or light alchemy as Lumalight blends colors and shapes in its uses.

With its brilliant colors and geometry designs, Lumalight is an ideal choice in color–energy tools.

Furthermore enlighten your practice and embark on a spiritual quest of self discovery.

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#1. Lumalight Elevates Lives

As with the ancient healing and mystical arts, tapping into aspects of the visible spectrum is based on universal principles as well as light in general which is an essential part of life.


Energywork is light alchemy which is heartfelt spiritual chemistry.

For instance, here’s how it works. Firstly, color light are photons which are invisible particles that carry the sun’s energized nutrients. Secondly, simply by using a light emitter with intent, you’re directing light streams into point locations on the meridian channels and reflex zones.

And thirdly, this gentle modality works through the aura of people and animals. In fact, all living beings exhibit energy fields. In addition, there’s many aspects to this multi-dimensional aura. For instance, you’ll learn a lot from our training materials included with your Lumalight set.

Introduce the ‘lights’ into settings that offer:

  • Acupuncture, acupressure
  • Bodywork, energywork, reflexology
  • Kinesiology, muscle testing, dowsing
  • Sound and vibrational therapies
  • Aromatherapy, essential oils
  • Color energy psychology
  • Flower and tree essences
  • Crystal gem therapy
  • Animal communication and healing

Lumalight can light the way during spiritual development.

Sunlight colors are frequencies as well as energy with a vibration.

Overall, universal light delivers information from the stars to our cells.

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#2. Lumalight Tools

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeChromotherapy light sets

  • Canadian made, proprietary design
  • Quality penlight illuminators
    – superior finish for use in specialty practices
    – durable, portable, hand-crafted case
  • 70+ color and geometry clip-on pieces
  • Incandescent light source (non LED)

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#3. Sacred Geometry Amplifiers

lumalight-sacred-geometryIn addition to an array of color filters, there’s geometry amplifiers. Most importantly, these discs are designed to fit into the color caps. When paired together, they can create an alchemical reaction as the light emitted projects the shapes into the aura.

Furthermore with mix and match pieces, the combination of possibilities are limitless. That’s especially so if you are working with two penlights in tandem.

Ultimately as a lightworker, you are also a modern day Leonardo da Vinci. creating a masterpiece in the energy field. This incredible artist was also a scientist, mathematician, philosopher, and light alchemist.

Meanwhile, are you already using sacred geometry in your practice?

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#4. Training Materials

This is key to mastering your Lumalight potential

spectrahue-color-harmonics-booksIn addition, there’s also a selection of home study programs and virtual classes with your Lumalight purchase from us. Furthermore, you can advance your studies through our academy below.

Spectrahue Higher Learning Academy

  • Original interactive series
    – advanced classes (zoom)
    – using Lumalight and intuitive aids
  • 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Golden Light Mentorship Program
  • Light Alchemy for Animals Program

Light alchemy is spiritual chemistry of all living beings.

Advance your practice with The Spectrahue Method.

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Important note: Lumalight use is non medical, non diagnostic, non LED laser, and does not touch the body, making it the ideal choice for spiritual and holistic practices, meditation and retreat centers.

Lumalight packages are a limited edition Canadian product

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.