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Step up to Consciousness

The Spectrahue Method™ of light therapy is an innovative approach to what some people call ‘spiritual light therapy’ as it blends color light with geometry in its non-touch, gentle application. Lumalight by Spectrahue™ sets are chromotherapy tools for use in spas, spiritual and holistic practices.

Lumalight Elevates Lives

Lumalights have been introduced into settings that offer:


  • Acupuncture, color light acupuncture, acupressure
  • Vibrational and sound therapies: tuning forks
  • Massage, bodywork, chiropractic, reflexology
  • Kinesiology, muscle testing, tapping, dowsing
  • Aromatherapy, essential oils, blends
  • Energy medicine, color and energy psychology
  • Flower and tree essences and sprays
  • Homeopathic energetic remedies
  • Reiki, polarity therapy, energy and light work
  • Crystal and gem therapy, elixirs
  • Anti-aging regimes, esthetics, beauty home care

Lumalight can light the way in meditation and spiritual development.


Lumalight by Spectrahue™Sets

lumalight-by-spectrahue-penlightsAll Lumalight systems include various levels of learning for the novice to advanced user. Our packages feature over sixty interchangeable components for limitless combinations.

The good news is we have a Lumalight for everyone. Just send us an email or call. We can customize a light set for you. Upgrade any time.

It’s easy to get started with our classic Lumalight Spectral System

The Lumalight Series is only available on our website.


Lumalight Series Advantages


  • Canadian made, proprietary design and use
  • Quality chromotherapy penlight torches
    – Sleek ergonomic design, precision tooled
    – Superior finish for use in specialty practices
    – Durable, portable, hand-crafted case
  • 64-piece color filter and geometry insert selection
  • Incandescent light source – non LED source
  • Sets include learning materials
  • Customer support

The beauty of our system is that it is non-medical, non-diagnostic, non-touch with a gentle color light emission, safe for home users and perfect for professional practices that embrace energy-based modalities.


Exclusive Chromotherapy Training

spectrahue-color-harmonics-booksEducation is key to master your Lumalight potential. So we include training materials with your purchase. Plus, you are automatically enrolled in our Lumalight Loyalty Program.

Lumalight users can now explore 100s of protocols to complement and evolve his or her practice. Our home study program is expansive (DVDs, books, charts, cards, posters) for distant learning.

Prefer a live training experience?

Join us at a nationally accredited certificate course


Optimize your practice with The Spectrahue Method™

Expand your personal and professional potential in your field of expertise.