Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life


Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks was the first book in the Golden Light Series. This powerful book is embraced by practitioners and spiritual seekers alike. It wasn’t long before its long-awaited compendium saw the light. Delve into the symbolism, mysteries, and the importance of geometry through your own life journey.

And, three more books in the series followed years later…

This is the 2nd Level of training for the advancement of Lumalight studies.

It’s a must read for those who are passionate about exploring sacred geometry mysticism.

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Lumalight Sacred Geometry

– Geometry piece set (24)


This 24-piece geometry set are what we call light amplifiers. This book set provides the foundational training of their potential.

Set consists of: life basics (4), platonic solids (5), cosmic designs (15).

Lumalight penlights are designed to emit color light. These beams are influenced by these shapes. The original intent of their creation was to unlock universal principles and life mysteries for spiritual growth and awareness.

The following geometrical discs are a limited edition, with separate training:

  1. Sero-Disks
  2. Metatron Cube Set
  3. Forever Diamond

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The Power of Light

lumalight-courses-homeAll living beings exhibit a meridian system and chakras, which act as an invisible operating system in the aura. So naturally, the idea that we are first and foremost beings of light makes sense, as we are all residing within a holographic realm of universal energies.

We thrive in a fast-paced world with technology powered by the sun. It’s a radiant star that never really sets. So, both day and night, this source intermingle with what we call Qi or Prana energy in a spiritual practice.

We believe it’s important to record your experiences as your awareness expands.

Book set Includes:

Color geometry dowsings charts

  1. training material (book format)
  2. meditation CD
  3. blank journal

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Color Light Trivia

Here’s an enlightening act that can bring everything into awareness.

Sunlight rays sieve through the atmosphere of lingering memories (energies). Whether it is a past, present or future thought vibration, they are somehow geometrized into invisible form.

For example, a snowflake is a pattern-generated shape that might depict DNA of long ago.

Are emotions and inspirational thoughts are pattern generated forms in the aura?

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Inspirational Concepts

lumalight color healing experience sessionLet’s journey back to the spiritual science and wisdom of universal light.

You’ll explore exercises for:

  • Strengthening your higher perception and intuition
  • Learning original color & geometry uses
  • Practicing breath work for increased awareness
  • Awakening consciousness to attain higher aspirations

*Use your intuitive aids such as our cards decks and dowsing chart (pictured above).

Explore conscious breathing exercises, light activations, step-by-step protocols and meditations for heightened perception and spiritual guidance.


Lumalight is a limited edition Canadian artisan product

Unlock your spiritual potential. Dare to succeed.