Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life


Vibration and Thought: Blueprints of Life

This program explores the 24-piece geometry set in book format included in most Lumalight packages. Throughout the pages, you will study these shapes’ symbolic, spiritual, and practical significance while gaining insight into light language and the mystical realm of sacred geometry.

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This 2013 book is the second installment of a five-book series. With three more to look forward to, readers can eagerly anticipate continuing their golden light journey.

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Lumalight Geometry’s home study program.


This book set includes training material, a meditation CD, and a journal for recording your experiences. Its format is designed to help you unlock the potential of the 24-piece geometry included in most Lumalight packages.

Lumalight’s geometry set (pictured) includes:

  • life basics (4 inserts)
  • platonic solids (5 inserts)
  • cosmic designs (15 inserts)

Note: Spectrahue Universal Tarot is an intuition-strengthening deck. Notably, card images depict most of these geometry designs.

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More Lumalight light shapers.

lumalight-light-set-2Spectrahue released several more light shapers after this publication. This advanced training is only available through virtual classes and private sessions. They are:

  1. Sero-Discs (2)
  2. Metatron Cube Set (2)
  3. Forever Diamond Generator (2)

You can order these separately of you are a member of Lumalight Loyalty Program.

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