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On the Verge with Violet

Like a whispered secret, violet is on the verge of two worlds. Between the deep blue indigo of the visible spectrum and the invisible-to-humans ultraviolet, it’s rarely seen in nature. From the deepest purples to the softest lavenders and mauves, the violet ray invokes appreciation for earth’s unconventional surprises. Striking and exotic, it also hints at unimaginable mysteries in the unseen universe.

Incredible creatures

color yellow meaning spectrahueSome of the most fascinating creatures happen to showcase violet while straddling different worlds. While the purple sea star resides on the ocean floor we associate simple five-pointed shapes with celestial images. There is a sacred geometry of ratios in this shape that is seen throughout the natural world and in the heavens. With its five eyes located on the tips of its limbs, the sea star views its world from a very unique perspective. Some species have many more than five arms (and eyes)! Another sacred geometric pattern, the spiral incorporates the golden ratio found throughout nature. The vibrantly violet sea snail has a spiral shell with these divine proportions.

The complementary color of violet is yellow

Violet in our world

violet-flowerFrom the time it’s born this practical marine creature starts building its own raft using its very long foot to agitate the surrounding water and create bubbles that it encases with a hardening mucous. With its bubble raft facing the sky and its head facing the ocean depths this snail floats along upside down feasting on jellyfish and hydrozoans. Other dazzling marine animals like sea urchins, coral reefs, cuttlefish, and jellyfish can display violet to purple hues, and sometimes use it for camouflage purposes. Some birds and insects have violet aspects. Violet sometimes even appears in the human world. The legendary film star Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her otherworldly mesmerizing violet eyes that were the result of a very rare genetic mutation.

Earthly beauty

In the plant and mineral worlds violet is also rare. The colors violet, lilac, lavender, and grape are named for their respective plants. Rare lavender roses are the floral symbol for magical “love at first sight.” Due to the difficulty in reproducing lasting violet hues from natural sources the color became associated with those of the highest nobility, wealth, and position who wore it proudly. Sometimes darker purples were achieved by combining red and blue pigments. An ethereal color, violet is also associated with wisdom, bravery, peace, and spirituality. It’s often seen in the branding of alternative, holistic, and “new age” practices as well as artistic endeavors.

Treasures for wellness

sky blue humming birdsSome violet colored crystals include amethyst, tanzanite, and sapphire. The properties traditionally associated with amethyst are sobriety, meditation, wisdom, which all have their place in spiritual healing practices. The purplish mineral manganese was used in ancient cave paintings and occurs naturally in the body.

Some food sources of it include grapes, beets, cabbage, and blackberries. Research has indicated that manganese may be beneficial in the management of PMS, inflammation, metabolism, and more. Its neighboring frequency range is ultraviolet light. With its shorter wavelengths, it’s commonly used today to manage certain skin conditions.

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Nikola Tesla & Edgar Cayce

Violet light has also been purported to be beneficial for addressing certain ailments, based on anecdotal evidence going back to the late 1800s. The electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla invented a medical appliance called the “violet ray”. One manual for the device suggested applying the violet ray over the forehead and eyes to clear “brain fog”.

spectrahue-chromotherapy-beginningThe famed American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce recommended very specific instructions for the application of the violet ray in almost 900 of his remote healthcare readings and their related treatments. While these primitive devices are no longer manufactured in North America, their popularity illuminated the potential health benefits of violet light. Today more advanced related instruments are used to treat psoriasis, acne, and promote hair growth, primarily in the violet to blue range of the visible spectrum.

Crown of Glory

The color violet is associated with the crown chakra located at the top of the head. It’s associated with a spiritual connection to a higher self. Shine violet light over this area, and along the back with the intent to realign the energy flow of the meridians back into a state of harmony. This energetic ray can also be applied to any area that feels emotionally or physically wounded.

These actions may help restore a sense of wholeness as the body transcends its physical limitations and connects with higher states of consciousness and opens to spiritual awareness. Its spiritual shade is lavender in a Lumalight set.


Next in the spectrum is ultraviolet. Outside of the visible spectrum for humans, UV light is visible by some creatures such as bees, insects, and marine animals. Its existence is evident by its powerful effects. Learn more about this filter in the Golden Light Series.

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Rosy Pink

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