Animal Communication using Higher Perception

Animals enable us to look more closely at ourselves. They mirror our emotions and give us the pure unconditional love we long for. Most domestic animals are very attuned to our emotional states. Naturally, it’s all about animal communication.

Our furry and feathered friends televise their thoughts via the airways.

Explore communicating non-verbally using your higher perception.

animal-communicationFurthermore, because of our own unresolved issues, dogs, cats and horses for example, can telepathically voice their support in a more subtle way. We just need to attune our invisible antennas to their inner thought–messages.

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Briefly, I’ll illustrate a few facts to get you started.



Interspecies telepathy is a mindful act

Lumalight colour therapy for horsesWith all of Nature’s alchemical feats; surely it does not produce non-essentials around here. Look around, we probably know less than a percent or two of its mysterious creations in the deep blue on land and in the air.

And like us, all living beings have a purpose that they are trying to discover or fulfill through instinct or by duty.

But there’s one thing for sure: We all communicate through an Alpha Theta state of mental activity.  Simply put it’s a certain brainwave rhythm deeply in sync with higher perception.

This is a mindful act of relaxed focus.

In brief, our furry and feathered friends liaise or interface amongst themselves through a method of telepathy in this dreamy state. This ability silently expresses their needs, opinions, feelings.

Thought–messages means the ability to send and receive messages.

This is done telepathically, using your extrasensory perception.

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Rhythmic flow is in all living beings

spectrahue-spiritual-reflexology-lightInstinctively, all creatures utilize their telepathic mindset from birth. It’s an evolutionary thing! This process is a rhythmic flow of energy.

However, most of us are unaware that we are also equipped with similar abilities. And, utilize the same vital source! This is called higher perception which is described as:

  1. clairvoyance
  2. clairsentience
  3. clairaudience

“Clair” is a french word meaning “clear.”

To simplify the above in an Alpha Theta state:

  1. clear seeing (mental images)
  2. clear feeling (inner knowing)
  3. clear hearing (inner voice)

However, the above are only a few ways of higher sensing. And, it’s tele–provider is light which is universal energy. Now imagine light acting as the deliverer of our thought projections zipping across the airways.

After all, sunlight is instrumental with everything everywhere right? Now, that includes our deepest thoughts.

Ready for a thoughtful interlude? Hitch a ride along a light wave.

Create a stronger bond with understanding of a deeper meaning.

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Here’s 7 great tips to advance your practice.



#1: We’re all hardwired to explore telepathy

light bulb ideaKeep in mind that no two living beings are exactly the same. As well, each situation has its own unique variables and circumstance. But, here’s a general idea of how it works with an animal communicator.

The aim for both sender and receiver is to entrain with each other’s thoughts.

  1. Relax your body and mind
  2. Introduce yourself to receiver
    – think a simple greeting or question
    – mindfully project it outward
  3. Feel clear, calm, compassionate
  4. Sense for empathy (synced feelings)
  5. The receiver will broadcast a reply
    – images, feelings, sound*
  6. Attune to non verbal, vocal, physical reply
    – translate meaning if necessary
  7. Welcome their trust with sensitivity

And so, the conversation is initiated and the relationship of understanding deepens.

*Needless to say, both minds use their own sensory translating mechanism as described above.

Here’s a few more key points:

  • Telepathy is a message delivery system.
  • This is called thought–transference.
  • All beings want to be heard, understood, respected.
  • Trust is essential to establish a “meeting of the minds.”

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Tip #2: Foundation established: Lights. Camera. Action.

Dog-color-booksNeedless to say, these abilities go beyond a shout–out with a woof a meow a lion’s roar or an elephant’s trumpeting call in the wild. However these vocalized thoughts are also used in serious conversation.

Now, if you already know this animal’s history…

During telepathy, the messages you receive are usually visual: a one– two– or three– dimensional impressions. Still life snapshots! And this sudden images that come to mind are usually a recognizable picture or a symbol.

Interspecies communication goes beyond a whinny or a hawk’s cry.

Energy-thoughts travel in a flash of light, far and wide.



Tip #3: Global animal communicators

If you are hired as a communicator for in-person or remote work, you’ll need to become acquainted with the subject. Transmitting mindful questions through a picture can build bonds with the understanding such as:

“I’m here to help you.”

“What’s happened here?”

“I’m your friend, trust me.”

Bear in mind that in any situation, once the connection is made, the story unfolds in fast-moving bits through your higher senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing.

Ultimately you’ll piece together the picture through understanding.

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Tip #4: Energywork has a bonding feel

color light therapy for animalsIn the right atmosphere and while conversing, introduce energywork techniques. After all, this is mutually beneficial and healing as well.

That is to say, it’s best to stay open-minded during the process because a visual received can represent a bigger picture of the animal’s situation.

You’ll feel a loving bond as your inner world expands into receptiveness and compassion, while your analytical ideas or objectives slowly fade away.

Here’s a few common projections:

  • They may share what is troubling them
  • They’re worried about someone else
  • They’re concerned about your health
  • They want to go out and play
  • They’re curious about strangers
  • Refresh my water bowl
  • I want another treat
  • Or, there’s sad news…



Tip #5: Energy magnetism moves in all directions

thinking mind

It’s common knowledge that all living beings exhibit energy magnetism to a certain degree. We all have an electro-magnetic make-up – That’s our bioenergy system!

Now let’s take thought–power one step further…

Example A:

The one-on-one approach:

  1. The transmitter and receiver are close by.
    – or thousands of miles apart
  2. Intently, a telepathic message forms.
  3. It’s mindfully sent with magnetism/light.

Note: This is described in detail above)

Example B:

The collective consciousness approach:

  1. You’re contacting a group species.
    – around the globe
  2. They live independent as well as collective lives.
    – described as “group consciousness”
  3. There’s a concern for their overall wellbeing.
  4. Your telepathic broadcast is:
    – a one–for–all and all–for–one message

In fact when birds, raptors, whales and dolphins are ready to embark on their trek, they broadcast their intention across the ethers or airways. And, so can you.

Isn’t it incredible how each species magically entrains with their own kind?

Access this form of communicating with higher awareness.

Alpha-Theta brainwaves are a meditative dreamy state.

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Now, there’s something to that saying: Birds of a feather flock together.



Tip #6: Light is key in accessing higher consciousness

dorothy-totoNeedless to say, studies have shown that light is essential for all living beings in nature. In fact, sunlight interacts with earth’s atmosphere which is like an aura. And it permeates our auras and chakras too.

Actually, this interplay of light’s photons influences us on all levels. This takes place within the body’s cells as light readies us to absorb, process and respond to its subtle light frequencies. Or cues.

Now, this affects all living beings including crawling and winged ones too.

For example instinct rules! Airborne species have a special ability through their own “group consciousness” tele-channel described above.

From raptors to butterflies, their minds navigate the airways for addressing travel plans, atmospheric dangers, honing in on a mate over long distances, as well as accessing information for the survival of the whole species.

Like us, all living creatures make necessary wardrobe changes.

It’s incredible how most wildlife species possess the ability to change their appearance seasonally. They transform by blending into the landscape for safety and hunting reasons.

Or, stand out with appeal to attract a mate, like the pheasant bird peafowl.

That is to say, nature’s survival depends on a wardrobe change. Now that includes flowering plants and cold-blooded creatures such as reptiles and insects too!

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Tip #7: A Lumalight exchange is heartfelt

This article primarily focusses on warm–blooded animals as they exhibit an aura outfitted with a meridian system and chakras.

Although their energy fields are slightly different than our own, introducing aspects of light in a healing practice can have similar energy raising and clearing techniques, akin to Reiki.

Lumalight tools can also aid in the bonding of a newfound friend. For example, a rescue horse, or a foster dog or stray kitten from a shelter.

Once your auras are in resonance, you may discover your furry friend has a few questions or issues to resolve with you.

Therefore, by sensitizing yourself onto the same wavelength of understanding; a mutual bonding occurs with a free flowing information exchange.

Here’s a great example:

  1. Now your beloved dog’s aura can also act like a sponge.
  2. In fact, it’s an instinctual duty of canines to take care and protect their guardians.
    – they do the best with their abilities
  3. In fact, our furry friends may be taking on the energetic weight of our own burdens.
    – animals have their own meridian system
  4. That is to say, our emotions are affecting them.
    – this can impede their own Qi energy flow

But the good news is that as you’re working on others you’re also working on yourself. Needless to say, this time together can become mutually healing and rewarding.

With love and loyalty, our beloved friends are trying to help us too.

It’s all about heartfelt trust; feeling safe to express yourself.

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Light plays a role with everything under the sun, even through stormy clouds.



This whale of a story was an inspiring idea

ship-whale-1800sCould non–human species possibly be more in touch with the environment than us? Maybe. Just ask a whale about the seven seas.

Although 70% of the earth’s surface is underwater, its streaming motion alchemically retains information from the atmosphere.

That is to say: There’s hidden secrets imprinted in water. Throughout history, explorers yearned to discover its treasure maps under the starry skies.

Needless to say, whales are also instilled with universal secrets passed on from their own ancestors. In other words, all telepathic messages as well as experiences are part of this universal memory even in the deep blue.

Now regardless of the official language barrier, let’s reach out to other species remotely, exchanging thoughts while also asking them for guidance in an ever-changing world.

Here’s an incredible example of an 1858 drawing (pictured image). This realistic scene is of a whale crossing the line, while the H.M.S. Agamemnon was laying the Atlantic Telegraph Cable.*

Take a moment while using your imagination:

“What is the whale televising to this fearless crew?”

Now, let’s explore light and color use in the following sections.



Spectrahue’s color psychology teachings are inspiring

lumalight-light-set-2To sum it up, the good news is that medical and holistic communities worldwide have researched the psychological and therapeutic aspects of individual colors, but let’s touch on an important subject.

The study of color psychology can help you understand subliminal messages. Actually this strategy’s use affects us day in day out.

This complex subject stems from a natural science we call: The language of light. Color persuasion rules over marketing, branding, manufacturing.

Here’s an example keeping with this article’s theme.

For instance, look around a pet store but from a different viewing angle. Now look closely at the colors used in this industry. For example, food packaging, animal essentials, decorative accessories, and trendy apparel. Keep in mind:

  1. Color persuades our mental processes.
  2. Take note of the color shades and patterns.
  3. See color as a language that our mind knows well.

Do you ever wonder why you’re faithful to a brand’s look?

Now, certain color shades are not only visually appealing, but stimulate our senses. They’re saying: “Pick me up…read my label… take me home I’m yours!”

Telepathic communication is an intuitive skill that’s innate in us.

It takes practice, will power and a desire to tap into life mysteries.

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© October 2022.  Julianne Bien  All rights reserved. No medical claims made or implied. The opinions expressed are based solely on the author’s viewpoint and studies. For informational purposes only.

* Photo credit: Public domain image via Wikimedia Common, Gift of Cyrus W. Field, 1892

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