Symbols, Knowledge, and the Mystical

Ancient symbols are messages with deep and mystical power. Known as ideograms (pictures), their abstract qualities speak of an idea or concept. Emblems, insignias, and geometries have symbolic clout too. They ceaselessly tempt our curiosity. We seek hidden truths and the meaning of human evolution through them.

Whether the discovery of shiny, godlike coinage on a shore or a primeval papyrus scroll on a mountain peak, each has the same elevator pitch: “If you can look past my mask, I will tell you a secret.”

Knowledge is archived eternally in a language of light.

Its wisdom is conveyed in a thought, dream, art, script, and all human senses.

Your higher mind in action

conscious-change-chakrasArtifacts adorned with ageless wisdom have their own agendas. They are discrete about their purpose on earth. Like rough diamonds, they will surprise us with a magnificent appearance, but at their own leisure. What we call the mind is like a self-modulating apparatus; eager to evolve, learn, and discover their secrets. It’s innate in us.

The mind is part of an electro-chemical energy field called the aura: a luminous network that reflects memories and thoughts and cellular activity. Our aura is like an ideogram cloud, billowing with telltale hints of your eternal secrets.

Oh, this multi-dimensional world of ours!

Exercise your imagination faculty

In a moon-reaching lighthouse located in your aura, imagine your mind spiraling its way to the top. After a bumpy ride, you’re entering into the 5th dimensional level of consciousness. It is at the shore’s edge of the Aquarian Age.

During energywork, attune to this luminous field. Be open to receive as your mind invites incoming priorities. It translates these signals or symbols into a sensory data stream. This electrical pulse converts the information into an understandable message.

I’ve provided training tips below…

Eternal record-keeping

Your dream dictionary is ethereal; it’s in the mind. Everywhere. Access its archives readily. It’s for your own development as you perceive the aura with spiritual sight. You may encounter highly active archetypal symbols (images, colors, numbers) and thought (forms) clouding your view. They can be relentless memories or non-serving ancestral karma (energy transference).

dream-record-keepingAuric housekeeping is an intuitive art; useful during session and while creating conscious change!

Energywork is also a meditative process:

  1. Envision grounding Chi energy with earth center
  2. Attune mind for higher learning
  3. Register third eye into focus (spiritual perception)
  4. Translate pictures into meaning
  5. Align resonance, consult archives
  6. Evaluate, adapt, modify energy moves; and
  7. Make mental notes (ideograms!) for others to tap into.

Imagination fortifies spiritual perception

lumalight-componentsAll symbolic languages are a type of art­s-speech, meaning the picture drawn has a non-verbal purpose. A thought underlies its appearance. If you understand the sign, the command is sounded into active rhythm in your mind.

A call to action!

In your spiritual practice, see yourself as a gifted painter, creating a masterpiece of energetic pieces as you orchestrate your light moves in the aura, using symbol-generating tools such as Lumalight.

A thumbs-up Emoji is an ideogram saying: Lets go for it! Approved! Kudos!

Symbols are universal keys for unlocking the power of consciousness

Once upon a time all information was only televised by thought images. Thought-transference was the official unspoken language of the day. It was not a barrier, as it was universally understood among all inhabitants. Nowadays, wildlife species that roam the land thrive in the deep blue, or soar on the wind’s edge; retain this gift.

We had reached an era when access to the human broadcast channel was switched to a different bandwidth or restricted to a select few. This made thought projection a supernatural trait to be wary of.

Could a drawing possible be an incantation too?

From arts-speech to sound-speech

Yin Yang WorldThere are stylized elements used in ancient and modern writing system scripts called hieroglyphs, cuneiform, or pictorial characters that paint an image in the mind. Its symbolism evokes colorized thoughts, as your brain assigns vibratory color waves based on your perception!

Highly intuitive, this adaptive form of storytelling uses mind-sharing scripts so emotions and feelings are also made pictorially memorable.

Language is a symbolic system

We’ve learnt to translate the language of light into a denser form, such as writing, verbal expression, and body gestures. English, Spanish, and French are a phonetic writing system for example. Today, there are eight alphabet groups with thousands of languages, with light being the medium for its efficacy in mind-to-mind communication.

We’ve created ways to learn from eternal memory.

Hidden language of the Initiates

italian-cathedral-imageThroughout the ages, cultures built elaborate structures loaded with symbols. They spoke of astronomy, mythology, and ancient wisdom. Mindboggling tunnel mazes and towering stone deities, we insisted, were created by human ingenuity. Alone. Let’s ask the stars.

Simple scribble-like drawings preserved in a secluded cave, with treacherous, cleverly contrived traps…

  1. Were (primitive) cave dwellers sophisticated societies?
  2. Are ancient wall paintings frequencies of data streams?
  3. Are its messages highly advanced (Err…) human code?
  4. Were caves a façade for a subterranean civilization?
    – with a palace, a waterfall, a city square…

Got it! So, where was the hidden passage? Was the doorkey a wall symbol? The abracadabra kind? This archaic word means: I create as I speak. If we could sound this word in perfect pitch, tone, vibration, with the will­power it was drawn in in a wall painting… What would happen?

ABRACADABRA to symbols that make everything up!

You’re the lamplighter on a quest

color-filters-lumalightThere’s more to daylight than meets the eye. The sun and the moon and the stars ceaselessly cast light upon us. What we see and feel as brightness targets every point in the universe. Light has a fourfold presence, meaning there are four mystical (unspoken) qualities to it.

They permeate into what we call the visible spectrum: red to violet light, squeezed in between the Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared light (IR). Beyond these life-sustaining ranges is a vast solar emission that includes e-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, etc.

I’ll go into this fourfold concept in a future article or class, more about chromotherapy.

Geometries are in the eyes of the beholder

Lumalight has plenty of color attachments as well as ideogram-style light shapers. We call them geometry inserts. They are a mathematical arrangement of line-forming images, etched into a round disc.

  1. geometries fit into the color filter caps
  2. pairings clip onto light emitter (penlight)
    spotlighted into aura over chakras etc.

Lumalight’s symbolic geometries

There are 28 light shapers in total, from simple to complex designs. For example, the 7-PT Star to Metatron’s Cubes’ elaborate configuration. It contains the five platonic solids (shapes) described further on.

Pull out your dream dictionary

Make note: Geometrized “thoughts” siphon knowledge from its source or its archive in universal light. Geometry can emulate and translate this wisdom as they are the keys to unlocking, opening, understanding, and evolving faculties of the higher mind.

These symbols are used during a session, meditation, and contemplation for your own development.

The element theory in the healing arts

geometry-shapes-lumalightCosmology, meaning the science and origin of the universe, is a geometrical construct. First catalogued by Plato, five polyhedral shapes called solids, are the building blocks of the universe. They also represent the elements throughout nature, and are used to describe the interactions and relationships between all things, such people, flora and fauna, and the atmosphere.

The noted five are:

  1. Cube represents the earth
  2. Octahedron, air
    – called metal (TCM)
  3. Tetrahedron, fire
    – Star Tetrahedron in Lumalight system
  4. Icosahedron, water
  5. Dodecahedron, ether
    – called wood (TCM)
    – ether is an atmospheric substance (between cells, molecules, atoms)

Missing links in evolution

I’ve recently come across information that alludes to two missing elements (ideograms!) in the above theory. If true, this would make a total of seven. This power number (7) appears everywhere in spiritual sciences. (Go ahead make a list!)

  1. Were two keys hidden from human consciousness?
  2. What do the missing links symbolize?
  3. Will they reveal their place between all things?
    – during 5th dimensional work….

Using thought and understanding, let’s explore this together in a class. 

The Spectrahue Higher Learning Academy

The Spectrahue Method

What I call spiritual light therapy blends universal principles and the healings arts. It is honeycombed with mystery as it sprung out of the lens of the sun. It makes life expressive, challenging, and rewarding. It tempts our curiosity to seek a bit further… looking for another OMG! Chin-nod. This work is about fine-tuning your intuitive perception during fifth dimensional work.

Who uses Lumalight?

On a personal note

Evolving with the times, we are guided by the symbolic clues of the past even the future. In this quest for knowledge, we experience human emotions that keep us in ebb and flow – yin’ing and yang’ing; wax’ing and wan’ing – with the shifting tides of consciousness.

“Tell me your secret,” I asked a heavenly star as the starfish on a coral reef replied…


End of Part I. Reach out with your ideas for future articles of interest.


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