Curious about the mystical appeal of symbols?

Ancient symbols like the Eye of Horus or the Yin and Yang are not mere drawings. They are messages with deep and mystical powers. These ideogram–style pictures describe abstract qualities or silently speak of an idea or concept. Emblems, logos, and geometries, like the Flower of Life or Metatron’s Cube, have symbolic clout, too.

They subliminally tempt our curiosity. We seek hidden truths and the meaning of human evolution through them.

Knowledge is archived eternally in the language of light.

Its wisdom is symbolically part of dreams, art, structure, script.

Whether the discovery of shiny, godlike coinage on a shore or an ancient papyrus scroll on a mountain peak, each has the same elevator pitch: “If you can look past my mask, I will tell you a secret.”

Now, let’s look briefly at ten aspects of this mystery.



#1. We have a diamond star connection.


Naturally, artifacts adorned with ageless wisdom have their agendas. However, they are discrete about their purpose on Earth. After all, like rough diamonds, for instance, they’ll surprise us as if we had made a fantastic discovery.

But a diamond’s timely debut is as secret as the stars watching on; perhaps its guidance comes from above.

Once we grasp the legendary figure Hermes–Thoth’s ‘as above so below’ duality phrase, its understanding not only tempts us to seek out universal mysteries but also reveals our hidden depths. This personal relevance of ancient symbols empowers us to explore our spiritual journey.

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#2.  Life’s like a mind-over-matter chess game.

thinking mind

Therefore, let’s start close to the beginning….of perceived time. For instance, what we call the mind is like a self-modulating apparatus. Likened to a diamond, a mind’s Nature is to evolve and discover the secrets of all secrets through its faceted mirrors.

Now, this desire is in all of us.

The mind, not to be confused with the brain, is part of an electrochemical energy field called the aura. The aura is a breezy atmosphere home to our chakras and meridians, energy centers, and pathways in our body.

Above all, the aura is a luminous network that reflects our memories, thoughts, and cellular activity on an energetic level. Subsequently, it’s like an ideogram cloud, billowing with telltale hints of our eternal secrets.

Like the stars that cast light into a diamond’s facets on Earth, your higher self reflects downward into your aura with its shimmering halo of cryptic data.

This mystical saying goes: as above, so below; as below, so above.

A thumbs-up Emoji is an ideogram saying: Go for it. Right on.

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So, who takes notes of this multi-dimensional world of ours?



#3. Deep down, we are aware of our universal record–keeping.

color handprint spectrahue

Eternally, all memories reside as a supernatural energy in the abovementioned ethereal cloud. Now, keep in mind that your archetypal dictionary interprets its stories. So, when you work with others, you’ll need a super clear, receiving mind to guide you in your spiritual practice.

This data cloud permeates our higher mind, a field also part of a more extensive network in the atmosphere around us.

All memories of past civilizations and present experiences surpass our perception of linear time. Their originating thoughts also have a magnetic quality.

Forever active and energized thoughts form into an energized force. In addition, this invisible form has a purpose while intermingling with other like-minded vibrational currents around the globe.

Thought–forms are influential forces of Nature. They are the energetic imprints of our thoughts and emotions that can affect our surroundings and physical health.

Moreover, your aura-based record-keeping ledger updates in the blink of an eye because it instantly creates imprints of your footprint journey. In the right light, and of course, with the right “mindset,” explore accessing its archives of stored archetypes and memory currents for a revitalizing experience.

It stands to reason that a strong thought’s magnetic charge can create a lingering thought form in the aura. For instance, persistent fear can form an idea that affects our energy and behavior. In other words, all energized thoughts continuously form substances that follow the Greek God Hermes–Thoth’s ‘as above, so below’ principle.

Memory can also be encrypted into ancient symbols and coins.

Nature’s inanimate objects have auras with their own thought–forms.

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#4. We are spiritual artists using aura colors.


Visualized symbols or symbol-generating tools such as Lumalight are instinctually introduced into a light energy practice session. For example, using your intent for clearing, your symbols can dissipate and clear away discordant patterns during energy work.

Thought–forms can have an imposing patterned effect that no longer serves a person.

Moreover, all types of energy work, such as Reiki or Pranic Healing, include a meditative or mindfulness process. So, it stands to reason that auric housekeeping is also an insightful color energy artwork during a session.



#5. Are you a lamplighter on a life quest?


There’s more to daylight than meets the eye. For instance, the brightness of the sun, the moon, and the stars target every point in the universe. All of this light influences us day and night.

Furthermore, ancient texts alluded to light has hidden mystical qualities. That is to say, mysterious aspects of the universe permeate our visible spectrum, from red to violet light.

These seven rays squeezed between Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light have healing and spiritual attributes. Beyond their life-sustaining ranges is a vast solar emanation that includes e-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, etc.

Overall, light is a vast subject that’s mostly a mystery within Nature.

The language of light is the A, B, and Cs from the sun’s rays.

It underlies all spoken language, symbols, forms, and life.

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Now, I’ll demonstrate briefly various types of telepathy.



#6. Universal telepathy skills has no borders.


Firstly, all thoughts and innovative ideas funnel down from universal light. For example, during an inspiring moment when you are struck with a creative idea, once upon a time, all information was only televised through thought images. This form of communication is called thought transference, a silent act of sending and receiving messages midair via the mind.

It was the official unspoken language of the day. Fortunately, it was not a barrier because all inhabitants understood and accepted it.

Nowadays, wildlife species that roam the land thrive in the deep blue or soar on the wind’s edge and retain this gift. However, there was a time when access to the “human broadcast channel” was switched to a different bandwidth or restricted to a few… which made thought projection a rare supernatural trait.

The language of light uses other ways of communicating.



#7. The voice of Art–Speech in everyday life.


There are many types of symbolic languages, including art­s–speech. This phrase means the picture or symbol drawn has a nonverbal or even mystical purpose.

By accessing or “turning on” your spiritual intuition, your focused intent can examine the original thought that underlies a physical symbol. For example, the creator’s intent speaks silently through the object’s aura. Even an engraving on a rock, crystal, or tree has its vibratory field.

In addition, by being open to an object’s presence, you can synchronize your mind with its aura. For example, you can be open to receiving a silent message from an ancient relic observed in a museum or an antique store. It’s fascinating that this type of telepathy uses non-touch psychometry, as most things have an originating thought—a form of energy.

To sum up, art and speech received from an object are symbols and keys to unlocking the power of consciousness. This article will teach you more about geometry as a symbol in a healing practice.

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#8. Let’s go from arts-speech to sound-speech.


Naturally, we’ve learned to translate the language of light into a denser form, such as writing and speech. Aside from arts–speech, we’re all familiar with sound–speech that echoes from a written script.

Here’s a simplified explanation:

  1. Thought–forms contain light, energy, etc.
    – visualized as slow-moving vibrations of relatable shapes.
  2. Stylized elements (art) were common in ancient and modern writing system scripts:
    – such as hieroglyphs, cuneiform, and pictorial characters.
  3. Understanding a communicative script:
     – paints a mental picture or unravels a story
    – evokes other structured thoughts, ideas, etc.

Remember that “universal memory recall” is based on your higher faculty abilities.

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#9. Ever wonder about the hidden language of initiates?


Throughout the ages, cultures built elaborate structures loaded with symbols. They spoke of astronomy, mythology, and ancient wisdom. Have you ever wondered about ancient tunnel mazes and towering stone deities? For instance, did humans create these, or a guiding thought–form from above?

Let’s ask the stars about scribble-like drawings in a cave, with its cleverly contrived traps…

  1. Were cave dwellers sophisticated societies?
  2. Are ancient wall paintings frequencies of data streams?
  3. Are these messages advanced human code?
  4. Were caves a façade for an underground civilization? – with a palace, a waterfall, a city square…

Got it… So, is there a hidden passage? Is the door key a scribbled drawing? The abracadabra kind? That is to say, this archaic word means: I create as I speak.

Let’s take it one step further: What would happen if you sounded this word in perfect pitch and vibration, along with the will­power energy it was initially drawn or created in?

Well, that’s an ABRACADABRA to symbols that make everything up.



#10. Our view of the healing arts’ element theory.


In brief, cosmology, meaning the science and origin of the universe, is like a geometrical construct. Long ago, the Greek philosopher Plato cataloged five polyhedral shapes called solids. They are the building blocks of the universe.

But more importantly for your spiritual practice, they also represent the elements of Nature and describe the interactions and relationships between all things, such as people, flora and fauna, and the atmosphere. The five solids are namely:

  1. Cube represents the earth
  2. Octahedron, air
    – called metal (TCM)
  3. Tetrahedron, fire
    – Star Tetrahedron in Lumalight system
  4. Icosahedron, water
  5. Dodecahedron, ether*
    – called wood (TCM)

*Ether is an atmospheric substance between cells, molecules, atoms, etc.

Geometry Light Shapers

Therefore, Lumalight systems have color filter attachments and ideogram-style light shapers with simple to complex designs. Moreover, these geometry discs fit easily inside the filter caps, allowing for ease during a session.

Above all, these are universal symbols or ideograms in a spiritual practice.

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The Spectrahue Method of Light Therapy

What I call spiritual light therapy blends universal principles and the healing arts. In our quest for knowledge, we experience human emotions that keep us in ebb and flow – waxing and waning – with the shifting tides of consciousness reflected in a diamond.

“Tell me your secret,” I asked a heavenly star as the starfish on a coral reef replied.

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