Lumalight Loyalty Program

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Lumalight Loyalty Program

Thank you for your interest in The Spectrahue Method.

By purchasing a Lumalight Package directly from us, you are automatically entered into this membership program, which offers benefits for upgrades, new product releases, classes, and client support benefits.*

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Membership Privileges

lumalight-color-therapy-store-imageAfter you’ve made your initial purchase with us

  • Upgrade to a higher package level within three months of your purchase date:
    • Pay only the difference between what you’ve paid and the list price
      – plus delivery, applicable taxes
    • You can thus buy an advanced package in two payments
  • Upgrades after this three month period:
    • Lumalight packages purchased after January 1, 2020:
      – upgrade price is the difference between packages
      – plus 15%; delivery; applicable tax
      – based on availability
  • There’s more…
    • Purchase new clip-on pieces upon their release
      – specialty filters, geometry inserts, product
    • Forever Diamond Geometry (Recent release)
      – limited edition, includes training
      custom order, email us



Need Assistance?

  1. Reach out and tell us about your situation.
  2. We’ll do our best to help you.
  3. Your Lumalight purchase from us includes support (limited time) afterward:
    • A fee will apply for all support
      – such as product training, services, mentorship sessions
    • Payment by Visa/MC, E-transfer (prepaid)
    • 30 minutes minimum; maximum two hours
      – appointments (phone or Zoom)

Note: Your original membership for upgrades rolls over automatically

    • There is no need to send in a registration form
    • Memberships are non-transferable



More to Mention:

  • Individual components (color filters, geometry inserts)
    • Components not sold individually
    • Available in package upgrades only, or
  • Oh, I broke a filter
    • Depending on the year of purchase and package model:
      – you may be able to order a new filter to fit onto the penlight
  • Oh, I lost a geometry
    • you may be able to order a replacement
  • Penlights
    • Not sold individually
      – available in upgrades only
    • In certain situations, by custom order

Note: Upgrades or replacement items based on availability for your model.

Important information:

*Delivery locations, terms of sale

Maintenance and operating tips


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