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Thank you for your interest in our color therapy products and courses.

When you buy a Lumalight System from us, your purchase confirmation automatically enters you into our Loyalty Program.

There’s are five package levels to choose from with up to 66 interchangeable clip-on components

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Membership privileges

After you’ve made your initial purchase with us

  • lumalight-travel-light-case-storeUpgrade your existing Lumalight System to the next package level or higher within three months of your original purchase date
    • pay only the difference in their retail prices (plus shipping)
    • you can thus buy an advanced system in two installments
  • On all upgrades after three months
    • you’ll get preferred pricing on the additional components and materials in the new package
  • Purchase new products upon their release (clip-on components)
    • we’ll send you a custom link to pay online
  • Educational materials
    • you can always purchase items individually online
  • Customer support
    • included on the training materials in your package
  • Receive early registration pricing on all our courses
    • up to two week before workshop
  • You’re eligible to become certified in the Spectrahue Method of light therapy
  • You can arrange a consultation with Julianne Bien by phone
    • hourly fee applies
  • Your membership is automatically renewed every year
    • no need to send in a registration form mentioned on DVDs

More to mention

  • lumalight-color-wheel-spectrahueIndividual components (color filters and geometry inserts)
    • unfortunately they’re not sold individually
    • available in package upgrades only
  • Ooops … Did you break a filter?
    • depending on year of purchase (after 2010), you may be able to order a new filter that’ll fit onto your penlight
    • Lumalight has evolved over many years; so a penlight / filter fit can change over time too
    • reach out and tell us about your situation
    • we’re here to help you
  • Did you lose a geometry insert?
    • contact us; we’ll create a custom order for a new one
  • Your membership benefits are not non-transferable, however ..
    • if you purchase a Lumalight as a gift, the recipient will receive full benefits
    • ensure you mention this on your online order, with the name of recipient and email address

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And most importantly, our customer care specialist can help you get started.

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