Lumalight Loyalty Program


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Thank you for your interest in The Spectrahue Method, and Lumalight system. When you buy a Lumalight package from us, your purchase confirmation automatically enters you into our Loyalty Program.

There’s various package levels to choose from, with over sixty mix and match clip-on components.

lumalight-travel-light-case-storeMembership privileges

After you’ve made your initial purchase with us

  • Upgrade to a higher package level within three months of your original purchase date:
    • pay only the difference of what you’ve paid and list price
      (plus shipping, any applicable taxes)
    • you can thus buy an advanced package in two installments
    • Upgrades are based on product availability
    • Reach out for payment options
  • Package upgrades after three month period
    • Lumalight systems purchased between 01/2018 to present
      – Additional 15% fee will apply on purchase price, for each upgrade
      – Custom order pricing may apply based on original purchase price
    • Lumalight systems purchased between 01/2012 through 12/2017*
      – Custom order pricing only, reach out for a quote
    • Purchase new components upon their release
    • specialty filters and geometrics (limited editions)
  • Educational materials
    • we’ll keep you informed of new releases, and classes
    • receive Lumalight tips and updates, sent by email
    • check out our blog regularly to learn more
  • Your membership is automatically renewed every year

We’re here for you, with extended customer support

    • consultations, private training by phone, or zoom
    • hourly fee applies



I’m so excited … My Lumalight just arrived!

But where do I begin?

I received my light set and an incredible selection of materials.

This will help you get started.


Need a little more assistance?

Reach out and tell us about your situation.

We’ll do our best to help you.

A customer care specialist can help you get started, too.



lumalight sacred geometry shapes

More to mention

  • Individual components (color filters, geometry inserts)
    • components not sold individually
    • available in package upgrades only, or …
  • Oh … I broke a filter!
    • depending on year of purchase and model:
      – you may be able to order a new filter to fit onto penlight
      (custom order based on availability)
  • Oh … I lost a geometry insert!
    • you may be able to order a replacement geometric
      (custom order based on availability)
  • Lumalight penlights
    • unfortunately, they are not sold individually
    • available in package upgrades only
      (i.e. Premium System to Deluxe System, or higher)
    • in certain situations, by special order
      – based on availability for your specific light set*

*Important: Maintenance & operating tips for all models

  • Your membership benefits are not non-transferable, except
    • purchase a Lumalight as a gift, and the recipient will receive full benefits
      – include recipient’s name and email address, when placing order


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