Color Therapy for Animals


Our connection with animals is rewarding.

Step into the vibrant world of color therapy and interspecies communication with the Color Therapy for Animals handbook. This guidebook offers insights and techniques based on The Spectrahue Method, using Lumalight tools.

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Color light is a frequency, vibration, and life-giving energy.

This modality welcomes all who are curious about the mystical.

Learn more about interspecies communication.

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Lumalight chromotherapy use.

Lumalight color therapy for dogs with green light

The energy and color from sunlight can benefit our furry and feathered friends at different stages of their lives. Similar to acupuncture, light and color therapies can have a positive impact on animals.

For example, warm-blooded animals have a meridian system that transports light’s Qi energy. Introducing chromotherapy into their auras can support their journey.

There’s an intuitive ability within all of us, whether you call it telepathy or simply a heartfelt connection. However, like all mystical arts, it takes practice and commitment to access them.

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Color Therapy for Animals Program.

This handbook contains a quick reference guide, meridian and chakra charts for dogs and cats. It is also the foundation of this program, which includes lessons and virtual sessions. Handbook topics include:
color therapy for animals

  • What is Color Harmonics?
  • Four Principles of Color Harmonics
  • Treating Warm-blooded Animals
  • Color Attributes
  • Energy Moving Techniques
  • Raising Energy
  • Calming Energy
  • Balancing Energy
  • Clearing Energy
  • Shock Clearing Techniques
  • Chakra Applications
  • Common Physical Issues
  • Intuitive Color Applications
  • Color Reflexology
  • Just For Birds
  • Building Bonds with Dogs, Cats and Horses
  • Telepathy and Animal Communication
  • The Connecting Process
  • Meditation to Connect to Your Pet
  • Body Scanning: Hands-off Method
  • Body Scanning: Hands-on Method

Lumalight is ideal for animal communicators, self-care, and energyworkers on the go.

Note: This program is an add-on with Lumalight packages.


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